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5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Excellent value vegan thai lunch buffet!

Araya's is my favorite Thai place anywhere. I love their set price, all you care to eat lunch buffet and try to eat there every time I am in Seattle. The University District location they have is fairly central and offers the highest concentration of vegan & vegan-friendly places in Seattle. If I was able to do so I would give Araya's a 4.5!

10122 SW Park Way, Portland, USA

Great concept, mediocre delivery

While I'm glad that there is a veg*n friendly place on that side of town, Leeth's unfortunately fulfills most of the negative stereotypes about veg*n food. My family decided to give it a try as we had a 50% off coupon from the Portland Chinook Book - if we'd been paying full price, we would have asked for a full refund...
I like the idea behind Grandma Leeth's, the place looks nice and the service was decent but
- prices were exceptionally high,
- vegan options were limited,
- portions were decent, just not for the price
The food itself was ok at best, bland and overcooked at worst. The staffed play area for kids is a great idea but doesn't come cheap.
If you are already in the area, feeling desperate AND have the 50% off Chinook Book coupon it *might* be worth stopping in - otherwise, there are far too many better options in the Portland area to enjoy.

487 Cambridge St, Allston, USA

Maybe the best vegan pizza I've had yet!

Having eaten vegan pizza for years in spots around N. America I have to say that the only place that might be better is Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon. But back to POP: I just had one slice but would love to eat there again! The space is nice, there were a good number of other folks eating there & the slice I had was very tasty. It was the first time I remember having had vegan cheese & sausage in a pizza place. The price wasnt cheap: $3.50 for a smallish slice but it was worth doing at least once and I believe the whole pies are a better deal. It is also great that they are so close to Grasshopper, another vegan place!

111 Dogwood St, Campbell River, Canada

A nice find

Despite only being a food cart with a somewhat limited menu and a fairly out of the way location, Rawk On offered the best vegan options I found anywhere in Campbell River. I'm very glad the "cafe" is there!

5013 NE 11th Ave, Portland, USA

Different is good & THC is both!

I just finished eating at THC & want to write a review while my memory is fresh.. I enjoy street food & trying new places that offer unique dining options so when I saw a great Groupon offered for the all vegan & gluten free THC, I jumped at the chance to check them out. It is a good thing that I didn't wait - the offer sold out promptly! THC has many things going for it: tasty & unique food, an excellent downtown location & friendly staff. I tried all three of the weekend brunch options & now look forward to coming back for lunch during the week. I definitely hope that you get a chance to try out The Heart Cart soon!

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

On the better side of average for Vegan Chinese

I have eaten at Vegetarian House a couple of times now and while I enjoyed doing so, I am also in no rush to return.

The service has always been friendly and prompt. The space is right downtown by the "China-town" main gate and is well-lit with almost always available. The food is good though pretty much of exactly the same greasy and heavily sauced variety that you are likely to find at the majority of vegan chinese places. I find the prices to be on the high side for the quantity and quality of the food.

Overall: good, just nothing to write home about. I'd say to check Vegetarian House out if you are fond of this style of place or if you are already going to be in the area.

Otherwise, skip it! This is Portland and there are so many better vegan/vegan-friendly options nearby plus so many better vegan/vegan-friendly Chinese and Asian places around town that you don't need to settle for this place.

Ps. In a standard "China-town" type fact-of-life you have to walk right past charred animal carcasses hanging in the window of the non-veg place next door to get to Vegetarian House so be prepared for that. :(

1290 W 7th Ave, Eugene, USA

Definitely my favorite place to eat in Eugene!

While Eugene has considerably more vegan dining options than many much larger cities, Cornbread Cafe is the *only* place I plan to visit every single time I am down there! The new location is in my favorite Eugene neighborhood, the staff are wonderful, the crowd is nicely varied, the diner decor/style is fun & the food is great too.

I give Cornbread Cafe 5 "cows" not because it is perfect or that it couldn't improve but because I feel that it is the best restaurant of it's type that I've seen yet.

I hope things only continue to grow well for the Cornbread Cafe crew!
Updated from previous review on Monday September 26, 2011

477 6th Street, Courtenay, Canada

A Classic Natural Foods store!

After finding about it here on Happy Cow, I made Edible Island one of my first stops when I visited Courtenay. Tucked one street back the main downtown business strip, this store is surprisingly large for a small town, independent natural foods place. It offers a wide selection of organic / natural food staples as well as health and hygiene products. The staff and overall vibe is friendly and down to earth. I'll definitely stop in again whenever I visit the area!

8438 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, USA

Excellent vegan Mexican food!

This great food cart is run by a friendly family & is set up in their front yard. There are several picnic style tables, including some in a covered tent that keeps the rain off. While animal products are served here, their vegan menu is extensive and includes items that I'd never previously seen offered anywhere.

I recommend El Nutri-Taco highly!!!

100 Winslow Way West, Bainbridge Island, USA

Friendly folks & Tasty food!

Emmy's Vege House offers the best food I have had on the Olympic Peninsula, has reasonable prices (avergage entree $7-9) for the area it is in and is very convenient if you are en route to/from the ferry to Seattle. The quiet town of Winslow offers a pleasant, quick escape (and easily car-free!) from Seattle and Emmy's makes it all the better of an option for veg folks!

1 N Beacon St, Allston, USA

Tasty food, Large Portions & Reasonable prices!

I ate at Grasshopper twice while visiting Boston and I wish it was here so I could eat there often! The food was not only all vegan and tasty but they also have one of the most extensive & varied menu's that I've seen. It is also just a few steps away from the Peace O' Pie vegan pizzeria which is also great!

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

One of my favorite places anywhere!

I really like Green Cuisine! It was the first fully vegan restaurant I ever visited many years back and I always make a point of stopping in whenever I am in Victoria. It is very warm, relaxed & generally pleasant. I like how GC seems a bit stuck in time in it's historic, hidden away sunken plaza. The food is healthy and tasty. GC makes their own line of packaged products such as tempeh, tofu and seitan. They have a fairly large divided into several cozier rooms plus some outside seating. GC has a nice kids/family space off in a quiet side-room. Definitely give Green Cuisine a try if you get the chance! :-)

2643 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Nice natural foods cooperative in a nice area

The Kokua Co-op packs in a ton of great items and includes a small deli area. They had some of the best prices that I found on Oahu for many natural foods items. Kokua is located in a pleasant area near the local Humane Society shelter, the main University campus, a variety of veg-friendly restaurants and just a couple of blocks down King street from the "Down to Earth" all-vegetarian natural foods market. This area was my overall favorite part of Honolulu and this co-op played a major role in forming that opinion.

404 Fourth Ave, Olympia, USA

Good, Not Great

I really liked that Le Voyeur has good vegan options and is open late. I didn't care for how noisy it was or the price I paid relative to the quality & quantity of the food I ate.

All in all, it's not high on my list but I would visit again.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA

My favorite place for vegan donuts!

Mighty-O donuts taste great and are about as healthy for you as great tasting donuts can be. The location can be a little tricky to find but the neighbourhood is a pleasant one for walking off those calories you just wolfed down!
One particularly neat thing about Mighty-O is that you can watch as the donuts are made. The fact that the donuts are not only vegan but also organic and free of trans-fats, chemicals, etc is also pretty awesome!

Ashland & surrounding areas, Ashland, USA

Very active Vegan group in a lovely region!

I learned about Rogue Valley Vegans when I recently visited the Rogue Valley and found their flyers and cards in every town that I visited. Great job RVV!

This beautiful corner of Oregon is one of my favorite areas anywhere and will undoubtedly become all that much better with the addition of this active Vegan advocacy, education and support group.

So RVV - when we will we see the first Rogue Valley Vegan Fest? ;-)

4121 NE Halsey St, Portland, USA

Good for what it is, Same as any other TJ's

This is pretty much identical to every other Trader Joe's I can think of. The selection of vegan & natural products that is much better than your average grocery store at prices that are also usually at least a little better than average. Its kind-of cool the first time you see one and is a dependable option. PLEASE NOTE: While TJ's frequently indicates when store brand items are Vegan, sometimes an item that is veg*n virtually everywhere else, are NOT at TJ's for some weird reason.

Main St, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The best vegan option in Puerto Viejo by far

Veronica's offers good food with friendly service and a nice atmosphere. It is in just about as central of a location as you can get in Puerto Viejo. I was very happy to have this all vegetarian and very vegan-friendly place in a town (and country) that is otherwide very meat/seafood centered. I would give Veronica's 3 1/2 cows if I could as it is certainly better than average.

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