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C/ Zorrilla, 11, Madrid, Spain

Ok for vegetarians, not a lot for vegans

12 Jul 2008

I emailed this place prior to vising and asked if they catered for vegans, I was told 'Yes'. However, when we visited the only thing that was vegan was a vegetable paella (and you do get a bit bored of those in Spain!!). Other dishes, I was told, could be adapted by removing the sauce (ALL sauces contained cream) but then they would have been rather dry.
The paella was fine and the salad starter was nice but nothing to get excited about. My partner, who ordered vegetarian, said it was 'nice' but they did not bring him the dish he ordered! No desserts for vegans.
The decor was nice though and the staff friendly enough.

Manor Farm Barns, Holt, England

Great vegggie cafe with good vegan main courses.

18 Aug 2014

Lovely little cafe within a delightful, arty, gift shop. A daily menu of light snacks and full lunches with lots of choice for vegans in the main course (all labelled). I had a really tasty courgette curry which came with a gorgeous,spicy, homemade,carrot chutney, it was a good size portion too and a reasonable price. Dessert choice was limited to one, a coffee and walnut cake, but it was one of the nicest cakes I have eaten in a long time. I think they do need widen their vegan friendly cake range though.
The cafe has a good choice of drinks, both soft and alcoholic, including some lovely local pressed juices and a great choice of coffee also locally roasted.
Service is friendly but was a little slow, maybe it was the Saturday staff working on the day we went?
Toilets are a few doors up in another building,which might be a pain in poor weather.

Geldmunt 32, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Excellent and very busy vegan restaurant

20 Jan 2011

Vegan food is surprisingly easy to find in Gent, there are three vegan places and several other veggie ones but this, to me, is the best. Very near the castle, so easy to find, this is a busy restaurant with a frindly amosphere. The staff all seem to speak English and they have an english menu. There seems to be different menus for summer and winter so for us it was the winter one. We didn't bother with the starters but had a wonderful Tofu Pie with salad and other vegetables, very tasty and a huge portion. For dessert I had a delicious Tofu Cheesecake but there was also apple crumble or rice pudding to choose from. Everything was freshly prepared and beautiful to look at as well as to eat. The place was very busy, even on a cold and damp weekday lunchtime in January so it might be a good idea to book. The place also is very child friendly and there were quite a few families eating there. We paid just over 30 euros for two main courses, two soft drinks and dessert which seemed prety reasonable.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best vegan desserts in the world?

01 Jul 2007

Totally great find, went there five days runnine when in Amsterdam. The main courses are cheap, huge portuins and very tasty but it's the desserts where this place amazes. Vegan cakes, sweet pies and the like that is better than anything I have ever eaten..just as well I don't live here I'd be there every day. Very friendly and chilled...wonderful. Cost is great, main course, dessert, orange juice and a coffee for less than 13 euros.

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Great, laid-back, vegan cafe

09 Jul 2007

Brilliant, friendly, attitude free cafe in a central location (five minutes from where I live!!) All food is vegan and is tasty and fun. It's good, solid food not fancy 'mucked about' stuff and the muffins are to die for. Run, I think, as a co-operative and well worth supporting.

13 Cheap Street, Frome, Frome, England

Coffee bar with amazing vegan ices

05 Feb 2011

Beautiful little shop in an amazing old street which has a tiny stream running up it's middle. Reported to be the oldest building in a town of gorgeous, old, buildings. The coffee is great, with soya milk for vegans and the menu is a mixture of meat (sadly) and vegetarian. The main reason to go there though is the ice cream because, along with dairy ice cream, they sell a range of delicious water ices (sorbets) which are totally vegan friendly. So far I have enjoyed 'Gin and Tonic', 'Cherry' and 'Melon' but it is an ever changing range so you are never sure what you will get. The place is very child friendly (except the toilets which are up a bit of a rickety staircase) and can get very busy on sunny days and weekends. I will only give this place four stars, as it sells meat, but it deserves five stars for the coffee and, of course, the water ices.
Updated from previous review on Friday February 04, 2011

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Brilliant vegan pub with great 'comfort' food

22 May 2012

This place is now up in my list of favourite vegan places to eat in the world. No, it's not fine dining or health food but good, honest, vegan pub grub at a brilliant price. For 10.50 euros (cheaper weekday daytime) we got a bowl of delicious courgette soup and lovely herby bread, a huge veggie burger, a pile of chips and mushrooms and a wonderful chocolate rice pudding plus a large beer (we could have also chosen from water, soft drink, wine or juice). We were also told we could have another beer if we wanted. The service was really friendly and helpful, the menu is in English and the background music is great. Do not go here if you want fancy food or 'health food' but if you want a filling vegan meal at a great price then this is a must. Do note though that they do not open until 2pm on Sundays, we got there just after 1pm and had to sit in the square around the corner to wait.

32-40 Sandhill, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Great veggie pub grub

13 Sep 2011

Firstly it's not really a 100% veggie pub as this place is two pubs in one, one serves the veggie food and the other side the meat. This obviously means that the kitchen is not 100% veggie and I think people need to be aware of this.
However, the food is briliant. Lots of choice for vegans for both starters and mains sadly no vegan dessert (except soya ice cream) but overall I was really impressed with the place. I had Mushrooms on Garlic Bread for Stater (vegan) and my husband had deep fried brie (vegetarian). Both were very tasty and the only complaint is both were served on side plates and the large portions kept falling off as we tried to eat it! For main I had a veggie curry, very tasty and as the Naan Bread wasn't vegan(at least they knew) I had chips as well as rice. My husband had a veggie lasagne.
This place has real character and friendly staff and I recommend it for anyone needing to eat cheap and cheerful pub grub in a very convenient location of Newcastle.

Manuela Malasana 3, Madrid, Spain

Useless for vegans

12 Jul 2008

This place is not vegan friendly at all. Despite having my 'Vegan Passport' (which translated my requirements into Spanish) they still seemed to have no knowledge what a vegan required. They claimed dishes were ok and then bought meals covered in cheese. Probably fine for vegetarians but vegans should avoid.
They also brought items at the wrong time, starters as main courses and vice versa!!

4 Calle Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Best vegan food in Madrid

13 Jul 2008

Well, after three visits to Madrid and always failing to find a decent meal, I was really pleased to find these cheap, tasty and really filling felafels in such a central place. Salad selection is great (especially the chick pea one) and even some organic decent beer.

40-42 Slater Street, Liverpool, England

Friendly veggie pub with good vegan options.

08 May 2013

Lovely place with really friendly staff and a proper menu of good, hearty, vegan and veggie food (nearly all vegan friendly or a vegan option available). This place has so much choice I didn't know where to start but I went for the 'Curry of the Day' which was served in a huge portion with a large flat bread and pickle, it was delicious. I was too stuffed to eat any of the cakes so I had a takeaway piece of vegan carrot cake that was so moist, possibly the best ever. The prices were really low and the drinks (alcoholic and non) were all good value. I recommend all vegans check this place out when in Liverpool.

190 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, England

Decent fast food but terrible soft drinks choice

12 Sep 2010

Decided to give this place a visit and was initially disappointed by the lack of vegan dishes, less than a third of the menu is vegan (and only one dessert, a rather average chocolate cake) and, as this place prides itself on its 'carbon/eco friendliness' then logically it should be all vegan. The foods we tried, Spicy Noodles and a Field Mushroom Burger, were tasty, though the burger bun seemed rather stale. The fries were average but the portion was miniscule and very expensive at £2.25 for around ten fries!! I still would have given this place four stars but the drinks available are shocking, no fruit juice and, apart from water, just 'Coca-Cola' manufactures soft drinks!! This in a place that claims to care for the planet is just wrong and until this is changed this place is really just a mockery of what it claims to stand for. There are hot drinks but I didn't try them as others had already told me they have no soya milk.
To recap the food is fine but expensive for what it is and something must be done about the soft drinks.

14 George Street, Bath, England

Not a lot vegan

07 Aug 2008

Very basic pub grub with very limited range of main courses for vegans (chilli, pasta). Tasty enough but not mind blowing. No vegan desserts. Really only ok for lacto/ovo vegetarians or vegans who are desperate.

21 Gardner St, North Laine, East Sussex, UK, Brighton, England

Very dirty

01 Jul 2007

Visited this place mid afternoon (had been there last year and loved it) but this time I left. I was filthy. Food all over the floor (even behind the counter), papers and half rolled cigarette on the counters and just very grubby. No staff to be seen in the few minutes I stood there and looked around amazed. Just what has happened to this place?

33 Silver Street, Bradford-on-avon, England

Great selection of fairtrade wholefoods

23 Apr 2010

Friendly little wholefood shop with a real focus on fairtrade and sustainable development. Small selection of takeaway snacks (sadly not a lot is vegan) and a chilled cabinet with tofu, some frozen food,soya yoghurt etc. Large messageboard with community news.

Calle Amnistia 6, Madrid, Spain

Tasty vegan food, cheap with good size portions

22 May 2013

We ate twice here on a short stay in Madrid, the price was 12 euros for Sunday lunch plus the cost of the drink and 9.50 euros for a weekday lunch which was three courses and a glass of wine/water/beer or tea. This is amazing value, especially when the food is so tasty and the portions are a good size. There are some people complaining here that they serve fried food and non-wholefood items but this is a restaurant that is vegan for the animals not for some health fad, note the photos of saved farm animals on the wall. I became vegan to save animals and though I eat healthily most of the time I have no problem with being served chips/fries or white rice in a restaurant. This is the sort of place I want to eat, not somewhere that serves salad with everything whether it goes or not. To those moaning please remember there are many vegans who just don't want to eat dead animals and their by-products, they enjoy good, hearty food as long as it is vegan.
Anyway, the food we had was great, the starters were huge, I had risotto one day and a lentil stew the other and both came with lots of bread. For my main, one day I had a 'tasting plate' which had a bit of everything on it (including some lovely kebabs) and the other day I had meatballs with chips (fries) that was equally delicious. My husband had a carrot burger which he really enjoyed, also with chips. The choices are quite limited, both days there were three starters, three mains and a couple of desserts and on both days we both opted for the 'flan' for dessert. In the UK a flan is a kind of open pie but here it is more like 'Creme Caramel' so it came as a surprise when it arrived but it was really delicious so it wasn't a problem.
Overall I cannot recommend this place enough for vegans when in Madrid, it's very easy to find (just around the corner from Opera), it's clean and bright, has very friendly staff and great food. What more could you want?

Largo, Martins Sarmento, 89, Guimaraes, Portugal

Tasty food but limited vegan choice

06 Dec 2012

This restaurant is situated in a gorgeous building in the heart of the city right by the Castle/Palace. The staff are friendly and helpful and the portions are a good size. Sadly it is not brilliant for vegans as the choices are very limited, just a couple of mains and no desserts. They did offer to make me a vegan dessert, which was very nice, but the service was quite slow anyway and we couldn't wait longer for a new dish to be made. For vegetarians the place is great, there is a good menu with lots of dishes based on traditional Portuguese meals. I had a dish of Seitan, potatoes and spinach (described as 'greens') which was very tasty. There is a good choice of wines and soft drinks. My companions had vegetarians meals of mushrooms and sweet potato and a Filo Pastry dish with aduki beans and soya sausages, they both enjoyed their meals a great deals. Over all still worth a visit for vegans (there isn't anywhere else to eat vegan in town) but don't expect a huge choice.

33 Silver Street, Bradford-on-avon, England

Very basic

19 Apr 2010

I cannot comment on the food as we didn't get any! Entered this cafe at 1.55pm on a busy Saturday afternoon to be greeted with 'Food's Finished'. Hardly welcoming, no 'Hello', just that grumpy statement. We thought we could just have a coffee and a cake but all the cakes contained eggs/dairy (I'm vegan) so we didn't bother. As we were there we did glance at the menu at it all looked very basic, cheese on toast and jacket potatoes seemed to be the main 'highlight'!! It all looked a bit grubby anyway so I suspect we weren't missing a lot. Anyway, on the plus side it looked child friendly (we spotted a family having the aforementioned cheese on toast who seemed happy enough) and it seemed quite cheap but if you are looking for friendly service and something vegan I suggest you look elsewhere.

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