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Rue Lesbroussart, 13, Brussels, Belgium

Friendly place

AMi as a straightforward menu: burgers (small and delicious, you need two for a meal),toasted sandwiches, salads, soups. It's uncomplicated but healthy, tasty and fresh. it's a good option for a cheap meal (10 to 12 euros + drinks)in the neighborhood.
Restaurant is small but cosy, service very friendly.

Avenue Adolphe Demeur, 36, Brussels, Belgium

Creative neighborhood spot

This is not a restaurant. It's a "comptoir": they serve two dishes of the day that change everyday. One is made with meat or fish, the other one is vegetarian (6 to 8 euros). The quality of ingredients is great: they used local ingredients without pesticides. You can eat your dish on the premices or re-heat at home.
It's always inventive and tastefu!
Vegans should check their facebook of website to see what is the veggie option of the day: it's updated systematically.

Schildknaapsstraat 36, Brussels, Belgium

Delicate food

You have the between a meat dish, a fish dish and a veggie one or for appetizers which are for the most part vegetarian.
I had the latter: 5 small dishes (soup, salads, dips) for two persons for a total of 20 euros:the food was really great, very delicate and full of flavors. I will go back!

25 Rue des Ursulines, Brussels, Belgium

Safe veggie bet

I am a frequent customer at Recyclart.
It is not your usual restaurant. Recyclart is a non profit organisation located in the abandoned train station Brussel-Kapellekerk/Bruxelles-Chapelle. It is a multidisciplinary arts centre and a training centre for wood and metal construction and catering. The train station have been converted into a bar andrestaurant, technical and artistic work spaces, a concert venue, etc.

Menu is changing every week, and because they take part in "Veggie Thursday", they only have vegetarian option on Thursday.
They always offer 1 or 2 kind of sandwiches (4 euros) and 4/5 salads and warm dishes (9-12 euros). It's tasty and quite inventive.
I love the atmosphere and the laid back feeling of that place. You can have tap water for free (which is not common in Brussels) or great beers (more common!).
Updated from previous review on Thursday June 19, 2014

Detlev-Bremer-Strasse 16, Hamburg, Germany

Good Breakfast place

Went there twice for breakfast/brunch. First time was during the week so I order one of their many vegetarian/vegan options. Second time was on a Saturday which is a buffet day (all you can eat for 8.90 euros). They have a selection of breads, spreads, fruits, yogurts, cereals, vegetarian charcuterie, cheeses, etc.
Great address, will go back!

197 Meserole St, Brooklyn, USA

Terrific Diner

It's a terrific diner that served all the classics (burgers, sandwichs, all day breakfast, shakes, etc.)Perfect if you are in the mood for American food but are frustrated in regular diners.
Went there twice in two days: first time for lunch: had one of the greatest sandwich ever (a classic one but very flavorful, loved the vegan mayo!) and a to die for sunday.
Went back for breakfast: red velvet pancakes with chocolate chips and whipped cream. It was PERFECT.
I will definitively go back next time I'm in town.

Parvis de St Gilles 24, St Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

Falafels, pakoras, hummus

Not much choices on the menu: as the name of this snack states: "Falafels and Pakoras". I had one pita with hummus, 4 falafels and salad for 6.80 euros. Which is more expensive than in your usual neigborhood snack.
The falafels where quite good but not to die for, the (homemade) hummus was delicious as well as the babaganoush. The pita bread was also good and probably fresh (way better than the packaged ones!).
It is a small, quiet little snack place, perfect for a quick bite between two beers on the "parvis de Saint Gilles".
Update June 16: tried again but it was not as tasty as in my memory, quite bland to be honest even though the hummus was good, the sandwich as a whole (bread+vegetables+falafels) was very disapponting.

329 Chaussée d'Ixelles, Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Key veg' restaurant in Brussels

Known by all the vegetarians in Brussels, it's a must.
Menu changes everyday and I have never beeen desappointed. They always have salads, soups and warm dishes.Always nicely spiced and delicious. Price include one desert as well. It's quite expensive (22 euros for dinner) but it's worth it... especially if you can eat a lot.
It's one place I can take my non-vegetarians friends knowing they will like it, and even ask to go back!

Updated from previous review on Sunday January 06, 2013

Update 01/2016:
Owner has changed in 2015. the concept stays the same (all you can eat for 19,50 euros in the evening, 24,50 euros if you have a desert). Went there with 12 non-vegetarian friends, everybody loved it. Quality is still there, atmosphere is very warm.

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary

Lunch spot

Located within a stone's throw of the castle, it was the perfect stop for a quick lunch during a day of tourism.
Only tried once but it was very satisfactory. It a canteen, you can choose from a dozen soups/dishes/salads.
It's good value for the price and I like the quiet atmosphere.

No 73 rue du Trone, Brussels, Belgium

Turkish gem

Went there for dinner and was happily surprised by both the food and the range of choices for vegetarians and vegans.
Picture the best of what Turkey can offer food-wise and here it is!
Stuffed vine leafs, imaginative salads, flavorful dips (hommous, bean, beetroot, etc), yaourt-based dish, eggplants, you name it.
Will definitively go back.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 27, 2015

48 Cours des Dames, La Rochelle, France

Just the best ice cream you will ever get

Ernest is a La Rochelle's institution. No visit to the city is complete without a stop at this ice cream parlor.
There are two locations on the vieux port (second one is Rue du Port).
A lot of flavours, it will be hard or you to choose one!
Pricey but worth it (3 euros one flavour, 4 for 2).

Quai du Bois a Bruler, 43, Brussels, Belgium

Downtown Brussels Bio Store

Färm has a good and extensive selection of bio (and local) products. You will find everything you need: bread, biscuits, vegetables and fruits, drinks, grains, tofu and derivatives.
Probably one of the best and biggest stores in downtown Brussels. However, I find it a little more pricey than other similar stores of the city.

23/25 Nantwich Rd, Crewe, England

Good lunch spot

I went there between two trains for a quick lunch. They have a lot of vegetarian and a few vegan options (pizzas, pastas, ciabattas, salads, the like). Lunch is quite cheap. It was very filling and good.
The waiters were very nice. Always a plus!

Papnovelde utca 1, Budapest, Hungary

Nice canteen

Only tried once for a lunch but it was very good. It a canteen, you can choose between 10 or so soups/dishes/salads.
It's good value for the price and the food was pretty good! My friend has a super tasty Fozolek! They have both indian and hungarian dishes.

ul. Szpltalna 6, Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland

Simple and good

Nice, cheap, good food. I had "kotlets". It comes with rice, sauce and three salads. I liked it so much that I can the following day for a spinach pancake. Again a win.
It's a no-pretentious place, perfect for a quick, warm, filling meal. The food is based on polish classics (pancakes, pierogi, etc).

462 36th St, Brooklyn, USA

Cosy neighborhood café

The green fig bakery is a neighborhood café, the kind of café where you can stay for a while reading, working, etc.
I had a sandwich (they have a lot of options for vegetarians and vegans), it was good and filling. Good little unpretentious little lunch spot.

255 W 43rd St, New York City, USA

Perfect if you are on the go

Green symphony is a great vegetarian option if you are in the neighborhood (that has mostly big chains and touristy places). We went there for a hearty breakfast before catching a bus at port authority (around the corner).
They have a buffet but not for breakfast. Food is made with quality ingredients and smoothies are really tasty!

25 rue des Renards, Brussels, Belgium

Hot water

L'eau Chaude/Het warm water is a co-op, a little place in the heart of a traditional Brussels neighborhood called Les Marolles.
They serve food from Thursday to Sunday: no menu but a changing dish of the day and soup on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, they make breakfast and Sunday brunch.
I had the brunch (8€ for a small plate, 12€ for the big one), it was simple yet good food: pita bread, hummus, seitan with mushroom, mashed vegetables, gazpacho and a almond pastry. It's cheap and the small plate was enough for me!
A big plus is their selection of drinks and especially their beers: artisan beers from small Belgian breweries! Excellent selection!
I liked the spirit of the place that perfectly fits the neighborhood. I will definitively go back!

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