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Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Best vegan food in Barcelona, best bravas in Spain

21 Sep 2012

The interior of the Cat Bar is young and bright and the staff are much the same. Welcoming, friendly and they speak to you in perfect English if your Spanish or Catalan is less than perfect. A giant cat face adorns the wall as you go in. The interior is slightly quirky without trying too hard.

They welcome the four-legged ones into the restaurant - which always wins favors with me. Sweep was treated like just another human customer, and lavished with water and tickles. And they also have free wi fi.

I've always had little respect for the clichéd English people abroad for a fortnight sitting eating egg and chips and watching football whilst they read red topped newspapers, but Cat Bar is something far different from that. And when you've been in Spain for over a year, a bit of marmite on toast is exactly what you want. Sweep loves it too.

Lovely restaurant with a great ethos in a lovely area of the most beautiful city in the world. Thumbs and paws up.

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C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Colourful cheap vegan fodder with massive menu

21 Sep 2012

The menu del dia is amazing and comes recommended. You choose one of four or five starters - such as hummus, mixed salad, gazpacho (cold Spanish soup) or normal (warm) soup. Following that, you choose from the likes of an Indian thali, or vegan cheese and vegetable pie. For dessert you can pick from Indian kulfi ice cream, cake of the day, or chocolate pudding. A glass of wine or water is included.

Menu del dia II consists of a main dish and a juice and costs about €9. (Great for raw vegans)

In addition there are a range of sandwiches that are made on a choice of breads and filled with the likes of avocado, hummus, sundried tomatoes. My favourite is tofu, ginger satay and avocado with grated salad. Tastes sublime.

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Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

Crazy vegan 'meat' and other comestibles

21 Sep 2012

You can get chicken nuggets €4.75, nachos with jalapenos and cheese €3.85, paella made with brown rice (integral), pinchos (Basque country tapas) made with vegan chicken and empanadillas - all for €5.90.

There are more than ten types of veggie burger including seitan and vegetables; quinoa and olives; and tofu.

There are a number of menu options such as: quinoa burger, patatas bravas, a drink and a dessert. Or salad, burger, patatas bravas, a drink and a dessert. These menus both cost €6.90.

The strangest thing about Gopal is the vegan charcuterie where you can buy rolls of vegan chorizo, mortadella and polony. Not really my kind of thing but quite unique.

Calle Flassaders 30, Barcelona, Spain

Cosy quirky vegan food in Barcelona.

27 Sep 2012

La Bascula is a lovely little vegetarian cooperative run cafe with a quirky and fun old interior that is typical of Barcelona: red walls; the lighting is low; the table tops are doors; and there are chairs stuck to the walls. That is so Barcelona. And lots of big windows.

See pics and read more about La Bascula here:

C/ Dels Angels 3, Barcelona, Spain

Cheap, colourful, friendly vegan loveliness!

21 Sep 2012

The juices are what do it for me. There are loads of options other than the green ones mentioned above.

The staff are lovely. They gave me extra green juice and the chef (Ramesh) is Nepalese and smiles constantly, making you feel very welcome.

They also have wi-fi and even a terrace outdoors so doggy friendly. They also allow dogs downstairs (because "we are vegans and believe all animals are our equals").

I was already hooked after one visit and one green drink.

I love Veggie Garden.

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