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13 Zarchin Street, Ra'anana, Raanana, Israel

Vegan Menu

28 Apr 2014

If you are a vegan who is eating out with vegetarians or meat eaters, you might find Air Caffe to be a good solution. They have a separate vegan menu with many options, including appetizers, mains, salads, and a dessert. For breakfast, try the delicious and generous shakshouka, officially served until noon, but they have been willing on occasion to serve it for dinner. The salads are quite good. There is a business lunch available Sunday through Thursday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There's an outdoor area next to a fountain which can be pleasant in the late afternoon and evening. Lunch reservations are recommended, as the place tends to fill up from the local hi-tech companies in the area. Suitable for a date or business gathering. Kosher. Meets the Israeli "Vegan Friendly" standard. I give it three "cows" because of the unsatisfactory service that I have experienced too many times.

8 HaGdud Haivri Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Best Shakshouka!

10 Feb 2014

Super casual café a few blocks away from the Levinski market. The menu is limited, having a small selection of vegetarian items of which most can be veganized on request.

The vegan Shakshouka is unusual and one of the best in the city, being made with lots of greens, potatoes, and black-eyed peas cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and is brought to the table in the traditional sizzling hot pan, and served with thick slices of Israeli bread, olives, and techina. This is one of the few cafés whose cakes and cookies are almost all vegan.

Definitely worth going out of your way!

165 Ibn Gavirol St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Amazing Artisan Vegan Cheeses! Don't Miss It!

23 Jul 2015

I had the good fortune to receive a lovely gift basket from Alegria, a mostly-vegan gourmet deli. There were gourmet chocolates, a cake, spreads, and artisan cheeses - all vegan! One cheese was Roquefort made from cashews and it was just devine - it tasted exactly like the French cheese. I also loved the labaneh made from almonds - it's a Middle Eastern creamy spread with a lemon tang and with olive oil and za'atar (hyssop). This place has the best selection of vegan cheeses in Tel Aviv - don't miss it!

There's also a selection of prepared food like lasagna, quiche and more.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 20, 2015

12 Marmorek, Tel Aviv, Israel

Cute place!

10 Oct 2014

Right near HaBima Theater, this place offers some terrific but inexpensive vegan ice cream and sorbet flavors. Even the cones themselves are vegan! There are only a few tables, but it's lovely to sit with your ice cream and well made coffee in this cosy and beautifully decorated place. The prices here are lower than the ice cream chains in town.

60 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv, Israel

OK Italian on Rothschild

01 May 2016

I love the location of this vegan-friendly place on beautiful Rothschild. We sat on the lovely veranda to get the full Rothschild experience and watched the people walking by.

From the separate vegan menu, I chose the Allora Salad, which was huge and filled with first-rate tri-color pasta. I also had the bruschetta with artichoke. Both dishes were delicious and satisfying. However, it should be noted that the non-vegan bruschetta comes with mozzarella cheese and is the same price. So I felt that I was paying for something that was not exactly replaced with a vegan substitute.

There's a nice selection of vegan pasta dishes, pizza, and more on the menu. However, these are made without vegan cheese.

Ideally, I'd like to see this restaurant do more for vegans than just leave out the cheese from a few dishes. Nevertheless it's a lovely place in a pleasant location with great service and a good choice if you are going with non-vegans. Otherwise, I'd suggest going to one of the many restaurants in Tel Aviv with more truly vegan options that don't just omit the cheese.

By the way, there's a huge parking lot right next door whose entrance is on Yehuda HaLevy street.

54 Frishman, Tel Aviv, Israel


27 Sep 2015

This is what I wish all cafes would be: all-vegan, delicious food, wonderful service. Vegans and nonvegans alike will love this place! I had a delightful breakfast here this week - the first week that Anastasia opened. The food was excellent, delicious, and aesthetically presented. The breakfast included a wonderful chickpea flour "omelet," some very special spreads made here: hazelnut cream, turmeric tahini, sunflower seed cream, and much more. My coffee was perfectly made with almond milk that they make themselves. The bread was full of seeds and so delicious. I can't wait to go back here and try the other enticing items on the all-vegan menu.

And by the way, what a great location - on a lovely corner, just a block away from Dizengoff street, and about 6 blocks from the sea!

Update: I have been here many times. This place is one of my favorites! Don't miss the scrambled tofu option for breakfast. It costs more but tastes exactly like scrambled eggs! Also great is the macadamia crepe with vegetables and tofu. Another cool thing is that they now sell a selection of vegan cheeses as well.

Updated from previous review on Saturday May 31, 2014

11a Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv, Israel

Great vegan selection

09 Feb 2016

Definitely stop by this ice cream parlor if you are in the Nahalat Binyamin area. There are lots of vegan flavors. I can recommend the pistachio and the chocolate.

37 Heidelberger Strasse, Walldorf, Germany

A few vegan options

05 Aug 2014

This is a lovely Asian restaurant near the center of Walldorf, a town with almost no options for vegans, so I was happy to discover that there were a few tofu dishes that could be made vegan. Make sure to be emphasize that you don't want eggs though, because some vegetarian options on the menu have eggs. The spring rolls were also vegan. It was a good meal and I was happy to have a change from mostly eating salad in the area.

59-08 Main St, Flushing, USA

Love This Place!

04 Mar 2014

If you're in Queens or Nassau County in Long Island, go here! Delicious food, and mostly vegan; cannot emphasize enough what a huge selection there is on the menu for vegans! I recommend the stir-fried turnip cake, wonton soup, sticky rice in bamboo leaf, and watercress dumplings. I always come here several times when I'm in the area.

18 Bahnhofstrasse, Walldorf, Germany

Few but excellent vegan options

05 Aug 2014

I found this place open on a Sunday evening, and asked if there were any vegan options. After explaining to the owner what I do and don't eat, he suggested the #18, a cold appetizer plate, or the #28, a platter of warm and cold items. I took the 28, which included stewed eggplant, a bean dish, felafel and more, and it was fantastic - all vegan, all delicious! There was a nice hot Turkish pita served as well. I got a salad too but didn't need to - the portions are very generous, and the price quite reasonable.

7 Mazeh St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Very Vegan Friendly

23 Dec 2015

Dec. 23, 2015

There's a new menu. There is now a nice selection of vegan pastries such as cinnamon and chocolate croissants, and an almond tart. Main dishes include a vegan curry and vegan stuffed pepper, in addition to a sandwich and several salads. The breakfasts are unchanged.

Previous review:
Lovely cafe with a cozy atmosphere. You can sit outdoors or in one of the quaint rooms, one looking out huge windows to the garden. The vegan breakfast (at a very reasonable price considering that juice and coffee with soy milk is included) is one of the best and includes a delicious "omelet" made with chickpea flour, salad, crusty bread, and very unusual and tasty spreads. There are fresh-squeezed juices available, including orange and carrot and you can add ginger as well. Another Israeli breakfast option is "shakshouka," a sizzling pan of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in a spicy tomato sauce with tofu for vegans or eggs for vegetarians. Breakfast is served all day!

Also, there's a nice selection of interesting salads, and one vegan sandwich. Main courses include vegetarian pasta dishes, and for vegans there's a lentil ragu with either tofu or seitan. The yummy vegan dessert options are chocolate chip cookies or a huge chocolate-peanut butter brownie.

This is a place you can hang out in for a while and they are also laptop friendly. You might want to check out the bookstore too - there's a great selection of art books and more in English.
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 11, 2014

9 Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, Israel

Peaceful Hangout

02 Oct 2014

This place is called Bookworm for a reason; like its sister location on Mazeh Street, this one has a bookstore (bigger one here) inside. The vegan items are marked on the menu. I had the shakshouka which was piping hot and spicy and came with tehina, bread, and juice. An excellent deal for NIS 38 (about $10). There are at least a couple of vegan options in every category on the menu. I love the peaceful atmosphere inside. If you prefer, you can sit outside and watch the activities going on in Rabin Square.

Protea Village near Drorim Shopping Mall, Bnei Dror, Israel

Vegan Belgian Waffles!

24 May 2014

Terrific country cafe located off Route 4 at the Dror junction, about half-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa in the Sharon region. Use the exit marked Rt. 553 Tel Mond. Turn left off 553 where the shopping mall is located, but then continue on for a block or two and turn right into the Beit Protea senior residence.

The cafe, on the grounds of a senior residence, is open to the public and very peaceful, has a nice rustic feel and the atmosphere is casual. There's a separate menu for vegans offering options in all categories, including breakfast, shakes, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Unlike most cafes, there are several vegan breakfast options, even blintzes with soy-cheese filling. The big breakfast comes with a basket of breads and spreads in little cute jars. The salads are very generous!

The food here is fresh and delicious. The wait staff is friendly. I especially love the fantastic vegan Belgian waffle, served with two big scoops of Gela vegan ice cream, fruit salad, whipped "cream" and syrup.

Meets the Israeli "Vegan Friendly" standard.

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Wonderful Breakfast

18 Mar 2014

My friend and I shared the country breakfast and the pancakes. Both were out of this world! A bit pricey, but so good! I'd happily go back any time to try some of the other intriguing items on the menu. Oh, and our waiter told us we could sit and chat for as long as we wanted.

61 Yehuda Maccabee, Tel Aviv, Israel

Veganizable Options

06 Jun 2014

Cafe Cafe is a national chain of cafes, many of which are kosher, although this particular branch is not kosher.

Here you have a pleasantly dark and subdued escape from the hot Israeli sun and in winter they enclose the outdoor seating areas. (By the way, the wheelchair accessibility is only to the outdoor areas.)

The chain has upgraded their menus to include well-marked vegan and veganizable dishes on all their menus. If it is a veganizable dish, let's say, where you request that they leave out the meat or cheese or egg, they will charge you less for that dish. However, while this is fair, I'd like to see dishes on the menu that were created for vegans, and not just trying to cash in on the huge vegan clientele in Tel Aviv. There are a limited number of these vegan/veganizable dishes. Also, there is no breakfast deal for vegans, so you end up paying extra for coffee plus even more for soy milk.

The food I've had here is usually ok but could be better. This chain should look up the Israeli "Vegan Friendly" standard and learn what vegans expect today.

Renanim Shopping Mall, Ra'anana Industrial Zone, HaTa'asiya St, Raanana, Israel

Good Vegan Menu but Noisy

30 Aug 2014

This place in Renanim Mall is probably the best option in the mall. It's really nice that they have a separate vegan menu in a mall with the usual kinds of fast food places. I have had the big vegan breakfast at this location, and it's a pretty good deal, although you get a lot of techina, where the better breakfast places in Tel Aviv give more imaginative spreads. I like the frittata, which is made with chickpea flour and comes in a cast iron pan. It stays nice and piping hot until the last bite and comes with a salad as well. There are lots of options on the menu, but the only desserts are a fruit salad or a milkshake made with soymilk. Beverages are listed on the main non-vegan menu.

While this place is a good option if you're in the mall, the service tends to be slow and it's very noisy because of the kids' play area one floor below. Soy milk available for coffee. Kosher.

301 Aba Hillel Silver, Ramat Gan, Israel

Very Pleasant

30 Oct 2014

This is a great option when you're shopping at the Ayalon Mall or going to a movie at Yes Planet. Very pleasant and well-run café where you can sit inside for a more intimate setting, or sit out in the mall and watch the people go by. This branch of Café Greg is kosher and offers a separate vegan menu with many options. The staff understands what vegans want. The vegan breakfast is huge and is served all day.

55 Dizengoff, Dizengoff Center, North Building, 2nd floor, Tel Aviv, Israel

Terrific Vegan Menu!

29 Sep 2014

If you're not familiar with the layout of Dizengoff Center, it can be confusing to find this place. They are next to the Tsomet Sfarim bookstore in Building B on the second floor. But bear in mind that there is a bookstore by the same name on the second floor of Building A. Once you find it, this Cafe Greg is a cut above its other branches. First of all, even though it's in a busy mall, it is quiet and pleasant. They have a new vegan menu that is not being offered in the other branches; only here for the time being. Many of the options are very reasonably priced, especially under the breakfast listings, which are served all day. Also the vegan ice cream is a good deal. I was happy to see many vegan frozen coffee drinks, most served with vegan whipped cream, which was unfortunately out of stock the day I was there. And plenty of desserts for vegans, which is what's usually missing from most vegan menus in "vegan friendly" establishments.

I had the Spanish Omelet Roll, made with a chickpea crepe rolled up with a spicy potato-avocado mixture inside and served with spicy Spanish sauce and a large side salad. A terrific deal at NIS 39 (about $10). A large dish of soy ice cream was only about $2.50.

This is a place I will definitely go back to - lots more options to try!

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