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141 Bradford St, Provincetown, USA

Great vegan options!

15 Jul 2014

This is a natural food store with an in-house juice bar and a mostly-vegan hot food bar. The hot food bar is delicious with choices that even many vegan restaurants do not have. We went back there a few times for food even though the town is full of restaurants, because it was that good. And the store itself has a full selection of healthy vegan items, and also vegan junk food (maybe not so healthy, but hey, I was on vacation).

27 Easy St, Nantucket, USA

Great fresh juices!

16 Jul 2014

Cold-pressed juices, multiple flavors and creative mixes, a great way to start the day on Nantucket! We really enjoyed the freshness and it was great to be able to get something healthy while here.

06 W 1st St Ste 101, North Vancouver, Canada

Wonderful vegan food and owners

06 Jul 2012

A great atmosphere, the owners are really nice and knowledgeable, recommending additional vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in greater Vancouver. The food was fabulous, we tried Rainbow Salad, a Green Smoothie, a Samosa, a Quinoa Almond Butter cookie, and a Chocolate Peppermint Brownie. There's so much more there I'd like to try! Very thumbs up.

1209 Independence Blvd Ste 101, Virginia Beach, USA

Yummy and unique Kale Salad

06 Feb 2013

This all-vegan place (hopefully HC will update it from Veg to Vegan) is, as the other reviewer noted, not obvious. But just go the medical building and they have a little sign out on the curb once you're in the parking lot.

It really is best to order ahead, as it's not really set up as a restaurant. That said, I arrived unannounced and they immediately set about making me the Gingered Beet and Kale Salad. It was delicious, a unique dressing which went well with the kale.

I also had a green juice.

Didn't have time for a massage :-)

800 Main St, Worcester, USA

Delicious meal in a casual environment

06 May 2013

It looks and feels like a sub shop, but with Jamaican food. They have a large vegan menu. The owner was there and she was fun to talk to. I ordered the Stewed Ackee on her recommendation and it was yummy. After the meal, I went next door and got a vegan cookie from the Artichoke Food Co-Op.

249 Centre St, New York City, USA

Excellent new raw vegan restaurant in NYC

16 Jul 2012

They are in soft opening (July 2012), so they haven't advertised yet. Serendipitously, I was in the area and it showed up on my Happy Cow iPhone app. There were not many people in there due to the soft opening, so it's hard to rate the service---I had the waitress to myself! Raw food, being slow food, took a bit to arrive but I was not in a hurry, and it's set up as a relaxed dining place, not a quick in and out.

The decor is very nice and upscale, like Pure Food and Wine.

I had a juice, the corn tacos, and a cinnamon bun. The tacos were very nicely done, with a flavorful and just-right spiciness in the walnut "black beans". The cinnamon bun, well, I just didn't want it to end :-)

I'm glad that all-vegan restaurants are creeping further south in Manhattan. I'll be back.

487 Cambridge St, Allston, USA

Great vegan comfort food

24 Oct 2013

Been there 3 times now. Everything I've had was great. The hard part is deciding what to get. This is filling food, not light, so when I want that feeling this is a good choice. I couldn't eat here every day, I'd weigh a ton.

I wanted something light on my last trip, so I had the warm kale salad. It was outstanding! And the cucumber mojito was refreshing.

The atmosphere is "sub shop", the area is college/young, plenty of people coming and going. The folks who work there are hip and friendly and provide good service.

This will be a regular stop for me.

62 Main St, Upton, USA

Terrific vegan bakery, delicious cafe menu

27 Jan 2013

I had a wonderful meal there today, with a special nod to the baked goods. There are a lot of vegan bakeries popping up these days, but V Organic Cafe's baked good are head and shoulders above the rest. I had a slice of the apple-lemon "trifle" and it melted in my mouth. I also tried the lemon tart and it was extremely good, with a gluten-free soft crust that was so very yummy.

Those around me had the soup, the reuben sandwich, and the lasagne, and all were quite pleased. I had the tofu scramble, which was fine but I had been thinking it would be vegetables with tofu added, like I make at home; it was just tofu, though nicely done.

The cafe has tables and couches and bar stools, with plenty of windows so it was nice and bright in there.

Let's make this place a success---we need more places like this everywhere!

PO Box 5091, Nantucket, USA

Amazing vegan products

16 Jul 2014

I bumped into Kaity at the farmer's market in town on Saturday. I bought the crumb cake, it was simply amazing! She has baked goods plus numerous other vegan products, many of which can be mail ordered.

Call ahead before you come to the island and she'll have whatever you need.

1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, USA

Great for vegans!

06 Apr 2013

They have a vegan menu and we had two items from it: Polenta with Roasted Red Peppers and Eggplant; and Farmers Artichoke and Chick Pea Gunny Sack. Both were outstanding. Even the sides were delicious: Lemon Arugula Salad; Lemon Garlic Spinach. I will go back and try the other vegan dishes next time I'm in DC.

Nice atmosphere, a very busy place! Make your reservations well in advance, it was booked until 9:30 every night even on a Monday!

212 Commercial St, Provincetown, USA

Great vegan smoothies

15 Jul 2014

I went here a few times and had vegan smoothies. They were delicious. I wanted to try a vegan soft serve, but I didn't make it in time. They close in the evening at inconsistent times depending on foot traffic. When I was there, they closed at 11:15p on Saturday, and before 10:00p on Monday and Wednesday.

665 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, USA

A high quality vegan restaurant in MetroWest

15 Jan 2014

I ate here twice in their first week.

We had brunch on Sat and it was delicious. It has been a long time since I've had pancakes and what a treat. We also had the French Lentil soup (really outstanding), salad, and the Oyster Tofu Scramble (also terrific).

Then I came back for dinner on Tuesday. We had the Gobi Manchurian (identical to Red Lentil's; no surprise, the chef used to work there), the Sweet Potato Kale Quesadilla (yummy, wish it had more kale), and the Veggie Burrito.

This place is legit and I will be back often. Finally I don't have to drive to Watertown/Somerville/Newton to get great vegan food.

The service is very attentive, though for brunch they were understaffed and it showed. I'm sure they need time to fully staff and train.

It's an open environment so you can see the chef working his wonders.

46 Langley Rd, Newton, USA

Tasty vegan ice cream

20 Nov 2013

JP Licks recently introduced some coconut-based ice creams. The first time I was there I asked the associate to confirm they were vegan, and he said they were not. So I left. The next time I was there, I asked again, and was told that they were. (After trying some, I can confirm they were, because if they were not I would have had a physical reaction.)

It was a few months ago, I don't remember the flavor I had, but I do remember thinking it was quite tasty and I would eat their vegan ice cream again in the future.

Of course, if I've got wheels I'm still going to drive over to FoMu in Allston because they are all vegan and they have a ton of amazing flavors.

Via Lucignano 15, Montespertoli, Italy

Best meal in Italy!

30 May 2016

We really enjoyed our meal at La Fonte. Wine from their own vineyard, and really creative dishes. The millet melted in your mouth, the soup was delicious, and on and on.

I had seen it on Happy Cow before traveling to Europe, and while in a store nearby it was recommended, with the warning that service is slow. Well, that's the Italian way! Everyone is relaxed, so if you go here just plan on that being the event for the evening. Also, I think it's just the husband-wife team so when it's full (it wasn't when we were there) I'm sure it takes them a bit of time. But it's worth it. The place is beautiful, with interesting art, so just enjoy yourself.

66-215 Kamahameha Hwy, Haleiwa, USA

Very good place for juice

30 Jul 2014

A great find for a vegan on a hot Hawaiian day. I had a one of their Acai bowls and it filled me up with great fruit, coconut, and almond milk. The staff was good to be sure I didn't get anything with dairy in it.

495 N Franklin Tpk, Ramsey, USA

Fantastic vegan food, and lots of it

20 Mar 2016

Although this place, like many vegan places, serves some non-vegan food in order to stay in business, it is for all practical purposes a vegan joint.

We arrived with four adults and two young children and had a feast. There were three really delicious hot vegan entrees on the pay-per-weight buffet, plus rice. There were many prepared salads and other vegan options easy to grab. If I came here regularly, I would have had the salad, but since it was my first time, and I'm only in the area about once a month, I had the hot entrees.

And then there was a terrific raw vegan section. The desserts looked amazing, we tried several of them (yum), and there were also raw vegan entrees. As is common with raw vegan, these were more expensive than the regular vegan options.

We tried several different juices and smoothies, all were made fresh and organic. And since it's also a health food store, we did a little general-purpose shopping for our cabinets at home.

The staff was very friendly and helpful, and they had enough staff to keep things moving along. The sitting area was plenty comfortable for our six people, plus several other parties.

I plan to come here on my future visits to the area, what a find for a vegan!!

526 Main St, New Hartford, USA

Great vegan baked goods

27 Oct 2014

Stopped by to grab some vegan baked goods while driving through. The spiced pumpkin cupcake was amazing, perhaps the best cupcake I've ever had. It was moist and flavorful and really satisfying.

About half the bakery goods were vegan which brought me great delight. I will certainly visit this place when I'm in the area in the future, hopefully to try out a full meal.

1 Mill St Ste 138, Burlington, USA

Wonderful vegan comfort food

12 Oct 2015

We ate here twice during our short stay in the Burlington area. For breakfast one day we had the Benedict and the Scram (without the wrap). Both were really delicious. For lunch another day we had the Broccoli Bites, the Spring Rolls, and the Grilled Cheese. Again, all fit the bill as real food that tasted good and satisfied us.

Oh, did I mention the baked goods? These are made by Four Sisters, a vegan baker in the area. We tried several items---donuts, scones, &c---and these were all top notch.

Wish I could try more items but I was only traveling in the area.

It's a nice atmosphere, several tables and a bunch of barstools, plus outdoor seating.

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