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"Inexpensive, easy to find, and reasonable food"
Udon Thani, Thailand on 23 Feb 2016

"Bright Clean Veggie Restaurant away from Tourists"
Java, Indonesia on 13 Dec 2014

"Alive, Well, and Serving Great Food (really cheap)"
Malacca, Malaysia on 04 Jan 2014

"Nice Ambiance - Friendly Staff - Great Food"
Chongqing, China on 13 Jun 2012

"Inexpensive, Great Taste, Big Variety"
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 03 Jan 2014

"Persistence Pays"
Guangzhou, China on 23 Nov 2012

"The Two Ringgit Restaurant"
Malacca, Malaysia on 03 Jan 2014

"In the heart of Chinatown in Flushing"
Flushing, USA on 15 Mar 2014

"Excellent Food at a Reasonable Price"
Bangkok, Thailand on 03 Jan 2015

"Excellent Veggie Place in Xiamen"
Xiamen, China on 25 Jan 2014

"Decent Veggie Indian Food"
Mandalay, Myanmar on 17 Dec 2015

"Thumbs-up for Evergreen"
Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 28 Oct 2011

"Good falafel - but portions too small"
Bali, Indonesia on 07 Nov 2014

"Gourmet vegetarian - Sichuan style"
Chengdu, China on 08 Jun 2012

"Quiet Cafe with Reasonable Food"
Shanghai, China on 18 Oct 2012

"It is there - Near immigration office - Big Sign"
Bali, Indonesia on 16 Dec 2014

"Upscale Food Court - Good food"
Bangkok, Thailand on 16 Dec 2014

"Nice Little Place Near the Grand Mosque in Bandung"
Java, Indonesia on 01 Dec 2014

"Bring a Date"
New York City, USA on 22 Apr 2014

"Gourmet Food - Zen Vibe"
Dali, China on 24 May 2012

"Highest Marks in All Categories"
Naples, USA on 12 Oct 2013

"Good experience"
Mandalay, Myanmar on 17 Dec 2015

"Good healthy Indian veg at unbelievable prices"
Tampa, USA on 22 Sep 2013

"good inexpensive basic vegie restaurant"
Pattaya, Thailand on 14 Sep 2014

"Popular with Local Temple Visitors"
Guangzhou, China on 20 Nov 2012

"I Found It"
Vientiane, Laos on 27 Dec 2014

"The Name Says it All"
Xiamen, China on 11 Feb 2014

"Where the Monks Eat"
Guangzhou, China on 19 Nov 2012

"Packed and Lively"
Kowloon, China on 22 Jun 2012

"A Real Find!"
Beijing, China on 30 Sep 2012

"Something a Little Different"
Java, Indonesia on 12 Dec 2014

"Good buffet at great price"
Penang, Malaysia on 14 Nov 2016

"A Discovery in Hue"
Hue, Vietnam on 06 Nov 2011

"Stall In Tops Supermarket Food Court"
Bangkok, Thailand on 03 Dec 2016

"Wonderful food - Zen ambiance"
Chengdu, China on 07 Jun 2012

"good veggie buffet"
Bangkok, Thailand on 16 Dec 2014

"Good Food but didn't see menu"
Vientiane, Laos on 29 Dec 2014

"Good food, friendly owners"
Vientiane, Laos on 23 Apr 2016

"I liked it better than other reviewers"
Bangkok, Thailand on 01 Jan 2016

"Solid low-cost fast clean vegetarian"
Chengdu, China on 13 Jun 2012

"Good - but nothing special"
Xiamen, China on 27 Jan 2014

"Popular, inexpensive, tasty, healthy buffet"
Dali, China on 25 May 2012

"Buddhist Ambiance Near Guangzhou East Station"
Guangzhou, China on 22 Nov 2012

"Popular Place"
Kowloon, China on 21 Jun 2012

"Satisfied my urge for Indian food"
Guangzhou, China on 12 Nov 2012