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Thanon Pho Si, Udon Thani, Thailand

Inexpensive, easy to find, and reasonable food

23 Feb 2016

I found this place exactly where it is shown on the map. There are flags and banners in Thai, but you'll see the word Vegan. Not fancy, but clean. Plenty of locals eating here. No English spoken. You can choose rice plus three buffet dishes for 35 Baht, a great bargain. There are foods that they will prepare but since there was no English description or pictures of the dishes, I went for the buffet. Price of the prepared dishes is 35-50 Baht. I might rate the price $ rather than $$. The food isn't gourmet, I'd say it's average Thai Vegan buffet food. There are nine tables. It's quite close to Bus Station 1, maybe a five or ten minute walk.

JL K H Mansyur No 120 B-F-G, Jembatan Lima, Java, Indonesia

Bright Clean Veggie Restaurant away from Tourists

13 Dec 2014

This is a good veggie restaurant west of the main tourist area around Kota and the Old City. Lots of shops to look at but, as usual in Jakarta, watch out for traffic and huge holes in the sidewalks. Good variety of mock meat, tofu, and mushroom dishes. I paid 48 Rupiah (about $4.50) for a fresh orange juice (it was fresh and very good), Beijing Duck, and rice. The place is friendly and clean. The service is good. The place is actually located around the corner from where it currently appears on Google maps but many locals knew the place and they steered me there. There is a sign outside, but it is a bit faded.

37, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/2, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 1/2, Malacca, Malaysia

Alive, Well, and Serving Great Food (really cheap)

04 Jan 2014

I saw in the blurb for this restaurant that it might be closed. I just ate there (Jan 4, 2014). The place is alive and well; and serving a great buffet at really cheap prices. Don't miss it. I also recommend the fresh lime juice for 1.5 ringit... excellent.

1 Luohansi Street, Chongqing, China

Nice Ambiance - Friendly Staff - Great Food

13 Jun 2012

Many temples offer a 5 yuan vegetarian meal that is decent, but hardly gourmet. This temple has an upscale restaurant with excellent food. Expect to pay around 40 yuan, which is at the high-end of the moderate range in Chongqing. I had veggie 'meat' balls with mushrooms in a relatively sweet sauce. The portions are large so one dish was enough for me. I would certainly return here to try other dishes. No only does the menu have excellent pictures, if you look closely, you will see that each item has a brief English description of the ingredients. In most cases, this is just as good as having an English description. These descriptions are aligned vertically on the page and are in small print, so you need to look closely. The temple itself is quite interesting and is worth a visit. Many locals use this temple daily. One of the temple buildings is a bit unusual in that it contains a large collection of large statues of men posed as they might be if sitting around the temple. I have not seen this in other temples.

65 Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Inexpensive, Great Taste, Big Variety

03 Jan 2014

If you visit Kuala Lumpur, chances are that you will visit the pedestrian street "Pedaling" which is a market area very popular with tourists. You will recognize the street because it is covered by high metal archways. In the food court called "China Town Food Paradise", on the right hand side, you will find a buffet. It is simply marked "vegetarian food". There are many mock-meat dishes and lots of green vegetable dishes. The way they charge is not entirely clear, but at lunch I paid 7.5 Ringit (US $2.50) for a large plate of food. At dinner, I paid 5.5 Ringit(US $1.80) they charge less before closing time). The two women who run the place are very friendly. All the dishes I had were light and flavorful. Drinks are available in the back of the food court. You can take out if you like. The place had a good crowd at lunchtime.

76 Jinghui Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

Persistence Pays

23 Nov 2012

I had all but given up on finding Cisheng Vegetarian. 76 Jinghui is a hotel lobby. A couple of doors to the left of the hotel I saw a storefront with a woman selling pastries and an alter behind her with stairs leading up. I asked her if this was a vegetarian restaurant and she said no, but maybe it was my poor Mandarin. Anyway she did motion for me to go ahead up, and sure enough, the restaurant is on the second floor. So, when you find 76 Jinghui, just go a couple of doors to the left and you will see a storefront with stairs leading up to Cisheng. The place is large, bright, clean, and friendly. It was pretty much empty at 7:30PM. I suspect they do a big lunch business. There is a waiter who speaks English reasonably well. There is an English menu without pictures and a Chinese menu with pictures. You shouldn't have any trouble ordering. I would say that the average dish is 25 - 30 RMB, so this is slightly cheaper than other vegetarian restaurants I have been to in Guangzhou. I splurged on a dish of three different types of mock meat for 53 RMB. It looked good in the menu, and it was excellent. I was alone, but this certainly would have filled two people. I brought the leftovers back to the hotel (ask to have it wrapped to go: dǎ bāo). I had a nice talk with the waiter, who is a buddhist, an excellent dinner, in a quiet place with a peaceful music and a Buddhist ambiance. I walked back to the subway feeling great.

This restaurant about a half block left of the Guangxiao Temple entrance on Jinghua Road. It is near the Pu Ti Gan Lu Fang vegetarian Restaurant which is inside the temple grounds and Vege Zen which is down an alley just to the right of the temple entrance. All have addresses on Jinghua Road. You won't go hungry in this area.

Just walk North on Guangxiao Road from the Ximenkou Metro stop on line 1. As you reach Jinghui Road and the Temple you will know that you are there by the overpowering odor of Stinky Tofu (chòu dòu fu) being sold on the street. You might want to try this if you haven't done so before. I like it, but it's not everyone's taste.

117, Jalan Temenggong, Bukit Cina, Malacca, Malaysia

The Two Ringgit Restaurant

03 Jan 2014

The desk person at my hostel recommended this place. He actually called it the Two Ringgit Restaurant. Looking at the picture, you can see that it is actually "Fo Kwang 2 Ringgit". The food is good; not the best I've had, but good. ...but just the experience of having a good vegetarian meal for 67 US cents is worth the trip. It's not far from the tourist area of Dutch Square.

135-37 37th Ave, Flushing, USA

In the heart of Chinatown in Flushing

15 Mar 2014

The Grateful Vegetarian was full when I arrived a 2:30on a Saturday. I waited 5 minutes for a table. The restaurant is bright, modern and clean. I ordered tofu with 3 mushrooms. Arrived in 5 minutes. The snow peas and asparagus were fresh and crispy. Nice selection of mushrooms. Served in light brown sauce. Very large portion with brown rice. My dish $11. Some dishes up to $15. Moderate price seems correct. Food is Chinese. Service is friendly. Location in the heart of Flushing's Chinatown a big plus. If you haven't been, Grateful Vegetarian provides a good reason to go.

Sukhumvit Soi 36, Bangkok, Thailand

Excellent Food at a Reasonable Price

03 Jan 2015

After reading the two negative reviews, and all the positive reviews, I had to try this place to see for myself. It is not far from the excellent 'Dental Hospital' on Soi 49, so I combined the visit with dental work. The woman who runs the place was indeed watching soap operas on TV, does not speak English, and was very friendly. I chose three food items from the buffet, with rice. Having read the reviews, I held up three fingers to try to indicate that I wanted the three dishes together with rice. Each of the dishes was quite good. I would say that the quality is better than Terminal 21. I was charged 70 Baht for the plate of food plus a 'premium' bottle of water from the cooler (ie. not the warm generic bottles on the tables). I don't know exactly what the breakdown was, but the three items with rice was somewhere between 50 and 60 Baht. I thought this was a very good value considering the excellent quality of the food. The portions were very reasonable. The place is bright and clean. It was very easy to find.

2F, 412-9, Siming South St., Siming District, Xiamen, China

Excellent Veggie Place in Xiamen

25 Jan 2014

I was happy to find this place. I haven't had much luck in finding some of the other veggie restaurants listed for Xiamen. Xiamen, by the way, is a great place to visit, particularly the nearby small island of Gulangyu. Anyway, this place is large, clean, and bright. There are tables outside also. I ordered a mock pork dish (I like mock meats). I thought it was really nicely done. Each piece of mock pork was wrapped together with a piece of Taro using tofu skin. The sauce and other vegetable were tasty. I also ordered the lamb on skewers and that had a pleasant curried flavor. The Tsingdao was reasonable at 6rmb. So, I thought the place was almost a 5, and given that someone else gave it a 3, I thought I'd go for the 5. The other review mentions that the prices may have been hiked for National Day. I don't know if that's true of this place, but travelers in China should certainly be aware that hotel prices can be tripled for National Day. I paid a total of 53 rmb for my dinner with the main mock pork dish, skewered lamb, and a beer. So moderate seems accurate. There were two sets of monks who ate there while I was there. The directions are quite accurate EXCEPT, it is slightly misleading to say that it is diagonally across from the Technology University. It is across from the Technology University, but you must walk a distance East on Siming South Road before you come to it. The location on the map looks exactly right.

35 Street, Mandalay, Myanmar

Decent Veggie Indian Food

17 Dec 2015

Clean and bright place. Easy to find. I had the Mali Kofta. It was not as good as I would normally get in the US. The texture was a bit like bread. The sauce was good. So, at least based on the dish I ordered, not the best Indian veggie food I've had, but perfectly good.

109, St 130, Sangkat Phsar Chas, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Thumbs-up for Evergreen

28 Oct 2011

Clean simple place with excellent food. The Pad Thai, for $2, had a variety of mock meats so this was a tasty dish with lots of interesting tastes and textures. I have also had the noodles with intestines (but don't worry, it's just seitan). Also very tasty and in the same price range. Just watch out for the red peppers if you don't like hot. The food was excellent and the place is a great value. I had pineapple milkshake for $1. Tasted fresh and smooth.

Jalan Legian, 133, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Good falafel - but portions too small

07 Nov 2014

Falafel is good but about half the size of what I would normally expect. You do need to order two to be satisfied. Suggest they raise price a bit and make the sandwich bigger. But food is good. They told me that it is all vegetarian with vegan items marked. I hope they do increase portion sizes.

88 Beidajie, Chengdu, China

Gourmet vegetarian - Sichuan style

08 Jun 2012

This is a real Sichuan Restaurant, but totally vegetarian. Nice decor, clean, peaceful, and elegant. I met another veggie there so I was able to try two dishes. Mine was mock ham and some sort of mock fried beef with several vegetables in a sweet and hot sauce. This is Sichuan style food so it was a bit oily... and it was hot. Red peppers are cooked in the oil, so the oil itself is spicy. When you first taste the food, it doesn't seem particularly hot... but when the oil hits the back of your throat... watch out. You could probably ask them to go easy. I thought the dish was very tasty... especially the mock ham... I liked the other dish a bit better. This was mushroom with a very firm texture. It came on a hot iron dish into which the waiter poured sauce so you could watch it sizzle. The heat from this dish came from black pepper. Not as spicy as my dish, the mushroom was very flavorful. Portions are large. I enjoyed it; and if you like authentic hot Sichuan food, this place is definitely for you. Very convenient when visiting the Wenshu Temple. I posted some pictures but forgot to take the food shots until it was more than half eaten... sorry.

2nd Floor, HongXiang Plaza, 21 Huanghe Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Quiet Cafe with Reasonable Food

18 Oct 2012

This restaurant is also called "Godly" and is apparently a branch of the restaurant on Nanjing Road. This place is easy to find. 21 Huanghe Rd is a large building. There is an elevator on the right side of the lobby that will take you up to the restaurant's second floor location. The place is small, eight tables or so, and the ambiance is pleasant. I like mock-meats (I notice that a lot of people don't) so I ordered the Papaya Chicken... they didn't have that. They suggested another type of Chicken, but they didn't have that either. Finally settled on the Kung Pao chicken which I thought was good. It wasn't breaded, and it wasn't particularly oily... pretty good. I also had spring rolls, but these were certainly nothing special. It seems that the only drinks are teas (a bit pricey). The prices are comparable to the other 'moderate' veggie restaurants I've been to in Shanghai... dishes generally ranged from 25 to 40 RMB. The wait staff wasn't particularly friendly... I felt just a little like I was intruding. Anyway, I think this is a 3.5, so I'll give it a 3.

Petrokoan Graha Tuban Kav 6, Jalan Bypass, Gusti Ngurah Rai 88 C, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

It is there - Near immigration office - Big Sign

16 Dec 2014

Nice place with seven tables. Tables seating up to eight. Spacious, clean, pleasant Buddhist vibe. Dishes 20 - 30 k rupiah, very reasonable. Food really tasty. A find! Nice selection of reasonably priced fresh juices. Two thick picture menus. One with mock meat, one without. One waitress speaks English well.
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 06, 2014
The title of this review might be a little misleading. It is across from the immigration office but not directly across the street. This is the immigration office where you get visa extensions (not the one at the airport). You cross the street and I believe it is just a short distance north.

Central Embassy Shopping Center, 1031 Ploenchit Rd, Pathumwan, Lumpini, Bangkok, Thailand

Upscale Food Court - Good food

16 Dec 2014

More gourmet than Terminal 21 but several times the price. Most dishes 125 baht ($4 us). Can get rice, salad, 2 entrees for 150 baht. Ground floor of beautiful, new upscale mall at intersection of Thanon Phloem Chit and Soi Som Khit, between Ploen Chit and Chit Lom BTS stations. Bright, clean, nice place to hang out. Veggie stall is near back.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 16, 2014

245 Jalan Jend Sudirman, Bandung, Java, Indonesia

Nice Little Place Near the Grand Mosque in Bandung

01 Dec 2014

This place is exactly as described. You can point to pictures of some dishes on the wall, or you can just select what you want from the the trays of food up front. There's a variety of interesting mock-meats and I had a wonderful soup. It's family-run... grandma, grandma, daughter, and a grandchildren to keep you entertained. My meal, including a bottle of water was $2. The food is good (not gourmet), the ambiance is family, and the value is good. It is true that the owners don't speak very much English. I speak some Mandarin and I found the owners to be very friendly. I don't think language will be a barrier. The address is correct, but I think it shows up much too far west on Jalan Jend Sudirman than it actually is. It is actually just west of Tahu Yin-Yi which does appear on google maps. Tahu Yin-Yi is at 229. Tahu Yin-Yi is also a vegetarian restaurant and I will list it.

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