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Marcobrunnerstr. 9, Wiesbaden, Germany

Very Good Food, But Few Options

01 Apr 2011

The menu wasn't in English, so we had a little trouble translating. One of the waitresses there spoke English, although not all of the waitstaff does. She was very helpful and explained which items they could make vegan for us. The options were limited, but everything was very tasty! We had an herb and olive oil toasted bread, very tasty hummus, and a big salad. They had soy milk available for coffee and tea. The menu didn't seem to be labeled as far as which items were vegan or vegetarian and they do serve meat. Without the help of the waitress is would have been difficult, but she was very friendly and helpful! The food we had was great!

2, Place de Meuniers, Strasbourg, France

Nice Atmosphere, Friendly Staff

01 Apr 2011

This was cute little place with friendly staff who were helpful in translating the menu. The vegan items were clearly marked, although in French. It wasn't hard to figure out though. They have pretty standard vegan options such as a veggie burger, chili, a burrito, sorbetto, etc. They surprisingly did not have soy milk for coffee and tea unless it was just a miscommunication from English to French. The earl grey tea was really good without the soy milk though! The veggie burger was okay, but the potatoes they served with it were tasty.

Pettenkoferstrasse 8, Munich, Germany

A Must Visit Restaurant for Vegans in Munich!

27 Mar 2011

Max Pett is awesome! We ate there twice even though we were only in Munich for two days. The food was great, and the staff was friendly. Some spoke English better than others, but we didn't have a problem ordering. We tried four dishes, truffel ravioli, spinach curry, vegetable roulade, and saffron risotto. Everything we had was delicious! I would especially recommend their cakes. We tried two kinds, one that was vanilla cake with marmelade filling and dipped in chocolate and the other was a vanilla cake with lemon glaze. Both were so tasty! The chai tea was also great. This place was like an oasis since we'd been travelling for days eating mostly snack food we found along the way as vegan food can be hard to come by in the German countryside. If you're a hungry vegan in need of a real meal in Munich, go here first!

40 Park Ave, Rutherford, USA

Great Food, Lots of Vegan Options

11 Jun 2011

The Rutherford Pancake House has a nice atmosphere and a lot of vegan brunch options. They have a variety of vegan tofu scrambles to choose from (I recommend the Vegan Roman). They also have vegan pancakes, and sometimes changing special flavors of vegan pancakes including red velvet, cranberry orange, and chocolate, among others. If you're looking for lunch options, they have vegan pizzas, vegan quesadillas and other vegan tex mex, a veggie burger, and some other choices. Everything I've gotten here has been really good! I've never been disappointed. Their fresh squeezed orange juice is also really good and if you order coffee, they do have soy milk if you ask.

Klenzestr. 53, Munich, Germany

Good Tea, Hard to Get Food for English Speakers

27 Mar 2011

Although the reviews say they spoke English at Tushita, I found it a little difficult to communicate, and managed only to get tea and not food. This is probably my fault for not being fluent in German. We only got a tea menu without any food items on it even though we asked about food. From reading reviews I realize that the food items were listed on the wall, but I was unable to translate them well enough. The tea was very good, but I wish I could have tried their food. I was expecting a restaurant, but this is defintely more of a small tea house. A nice place for what it is, but not the first stop for a travel hungry vegan!

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