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929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, USA

Great Atmosphere Here.

12 Jan 2009

The Owner and Help were just as pleasant as could be, we really enjoyed all the intricate art throughout the entire cafe - the chairs, tables, bathrooms, even the bricks on the interior walls are individually painted. As far as the food goes, we really enjoyed the grilled meatless sandwiches they can quickly serve. I also tried a new beer out of Eureka, California named 'Alley Cat' that would warrant a 30 mile drive just to taste... It was excellent to say the least, and went perfect with the meal. We were all pleased with the great staff and the well cooked food.

325 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, USA

Small and limited food

18 Jan 2009

This place is a nice place to eat at if you don't mind sitting on a stool at a counter, (there are no tables). We have 4 kids and just about fill the small seating area up by ourselves, so we took our order to the park. There is not a whole lot in the way of veg. food, much of what they cook contains chicken, beef and pork. *We loved the Vegan empanadas, and the fried bananas! We would go back again for these item's and perhaps a couple others. * Good experience overall.

2015 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, USA

An Excellent place to eat for all!

12 Jan 2009

We ordered a medium sized pizza half cheese/half tofu-artichoke, for $14.00 it was well worth the price... this place draws folks from all age groups and all backgrounds. It was clean and very busy, (I'm sure being Saturday night helped) Having our roots in Chicago, we know a good pizza, and this was good... especially the crust, our kids even ate it, soft and chewy, not dry and hard like so many other places. We also noticed how good the hot sandwiches looked as they breezed by the table, If only I knew how this place got such an abnormal name, I'm sure there is a good story behind it.

951 N High St, Columbus, USA

Great Place- Popular and Crowded.

10 Mar 2009

The food here is excellent, the menu is small and the drink menu is limited too. The menu has just enough on it for us, but I wish they had a larger drink menu. (such as, more than one beer to choose from). We have eaten at both of their locations many times and have never had a meal that wasn't delicious. But... There are so many others that feel the same, therefore, unless you get here early or on a slower day, you will have to wait a bit to get your food, and although the place isn't small, finding a seat is hard to come by -and the battle begins! They should also have more salad dressings to choose from... hope you like -vinaigrette- because that's what your gonna' get. (It is a better visit in the warmer weather than in the cooler because both locations have outdoor seating and that helps relieve some of the seating stress).

111 E Lyman Ave, Winter Park, USA

This place is great!

18 Jan 2009

A great place to ride a bike to, seeing it is in an urban kind of neighborhood. The entire neighborhood is a real treat to walk through and sightsee all the shops and cafes.
The owners here are originally from Lebanon so they know how to make a good falafel pita. They go to great lengths to treat you like a regular customer, even if it is your first visit. The place has the typical smoothie shop interior, simple, with bright colors. They have a pretty good menu for a smoothie shop, and have indoor and outdoor seating. We had a very good experience here and would suggest it anyone.

1044 N High St, Columbus, USA

Single Swingers

10 Mar 2009

Located caddy-corner from North-Star, this place is always crowded too, It is very clean and is geared far more to the singles and couples crowd only. Although it would be fantastic place for a date, or a nice stop after a bike ride, we like it at the North-Star better for family outings.

1842 E Winter Park Rd, Winter Park, USA

A Small Stage Dressed in Red.

12 Jan 2009

A Hipster kinda place- a little south of the address given on this website, (East winter park), not Winter Park! After finding it we found it to have plenty of seating, attractive to single speed bike riders, vespa scooters, and a few dog walkers too. I took the advice of one of the reviews and ordered the tempeh grilled sandwich which was fabulous! Went great with the vitamin water and latte. (Which by the way, was surprisingly good when considering the antiquity of their espresso machine.) The service could be much better though, it was difficult to communicate with the girl at the register, I think her way-short skirt may have been diverting her attention at times. (and some of the guys too)

2500 N Highway A1A, Melbourne, USA

Everything is Excellent!

13 Jan 2009

The only thing this place needs is its own chunk of real estate, I would be willing to bet many people have driven by this place without seeing the sign let alone what lies behind it's drab facade. They did a marvelous job decorating the inside. After entering, the name Jungle begins to make sense, not overbearing though. No loud animal noises either, only the sounds of the waterfall and the playing of nice music. The Staff was great, our server was great, and the place has a small grocery store adjacent to it where they sell micro beer and quite a selection of wine. This place had a lot of time and effort put into it and I wish them the best.

3 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, USA

Not Much

13 Jan 2009

Our experience here was less than expected, for starters, the tiny place had a foul smell... maybe a dirty mop or something. It had just three tables and was very, very small, I would be willing to bet they do great business on those hot days of summer, after all it is a hop, skip, and jump from the ocean. This place is much more akin to a juice bar than it is to a restaurant. I took a picture of their menu that hangs upon the wall.

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