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Largo da Praca Velha 21, Braga, Portugal

Good food

The food is very tasty but the stuff is reserved, some of them very unfriendly. The restaurant is in the center of Braga. The food is cheap. The atmosphere very bare. For the food I would give a rating of 4-5, but the rest it is a 2.

Rua de S Jose 95, Lisbon, Portugal

simple but good and cheap

The dishes are almost all vegetarian (except one thing which is filled which fish). The food is good. The atmosphere very simple. But very nice stuff which alight the room.

R. de São Francisco 12 A, Porto, Portugal

Very friendly

Very good food with a very friendly atmosphere. Its a very comfortable place with a couch, which makes it a little bit homely. Most of the dishes are vegan except one (a portuguese speciality). The food is tasty.

Rua de Sao Jose 23, Lisbon, Portugal

Wonderful Cake

The chocolate cake we've eaten is delicious. Hope to come back soon :-)

R. de Breyner, 396, Porto, Portugal

Lovely stuff

This is a place where you can get excellent meal that is not expensive at all. The stuff is very friendly and you can sit also outside.

Karl Liebknecht Strasse 112, Leipzig, Germany

Good, organic, seasonal and regional Food

the food was tasty. I ve eaten something I ve never tasted before. (a drink with honeydew melon and spinach, sweet potato with curry, asparagus-salad with spinach). As the products are organic, the price was higher than expected but still ok.

Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque, 29, Braga, Portugal

Very good food

This is the place for vegetarian in Braga. The stuff is very friendly the food is delicious. And it is very cheap. The cleanliness could be a litte bit better, but it is ok if you are not too niminy-piminy .

Nederkouter 42, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Tasty Smoothy

I only tasted the "greenway"-smoothy which was very good.

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Very tasty buffet

The soup and buffet are excellent. You have a very good choice and the most of them is very tasty. This is my favorite restaurant in Lisbon. The athmosphere is a little bit bare. Some colored pictures would be alight it.

Rua Passos Manuel 178, 4, Porto, Portugal

Good Food

It is a restaurant above a parking house. You can take a lift to the 4th floor. The atmosphere is very nice and friendly. The choice is limited (only one meal), but very good.

Rua do Salitre, 117, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Good Food - beautiful decoration

This is a very beautiful restaurant with good food. The decoration is hold in tibetanian style.

1 Hoogpoort, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Hot Dog

I was very astonished about the taste, cause I thought at the first moment that it was meat they served. I had the impression that this hot dog tasted like a "normal" hot dog (it's over 35 years that I've eaten my last hot dog). And for 3 € it was not expensive at all.

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


This is a restaurant with a very big buffet. You have a lot of choices and the most of them is very tasty. The prices are the highest compared to all the others I've visited in Portugal, but the food is it worth - no doubt about it. It is very professional - only the christmas decoration and music bothered me.

Ostertorsteinweg 91‎, Bremen, Germany

very tasty and friendly

Great vegetarian restaurant. I took a vegan dish which was very delicious and varied in taste. It is not a cheap take away. But you get for your money what it deserve The stuff is very friendly. I can recommend it

Pardisan apartment buliding, Sima-ye-Iran Street, Shahrak-e- Gharb, Tehran, Iran


This is a very cheap vegan restaurant. The soup was very good but the rest touched not my taste.

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