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1114 Cure-Labelle, Laval, Canada

THE spot for good fast food

Although the restaurant is not located in a charming area, the owners are exceptionally nice and always willing to accomodate you.

Forget about bland, healthy, fat-free vegan meals. There, you rejoice : salty, greasy, yummy, just like any fast food joint, except this is cruelty free. And the portions are huge.

The menu is quite fun too with veganized version of Libanese food among other things

1298, 2e Avenue, Quebec, Canada

Nice independant store

Accomodation bio may be small, but it is well-stocked. There is a large variety of organic veggies, local nuts, homemade kale chips, vegan yogurt starter, artisan vegan cheese (Vromage), local raw crackers, etc.

I was even offered a fresh juice shooter during my visit.

Calixto Garcia 158, Baracoa, Cuba

Great experience

I asked the waiter if they had anything vegetarian without dairy products or eggs, and he told me they could prepare a delicious dish with cabbage and coconut sauce. That's what I took and I didn't regret. It was one of the best things I've eaten in Cuba, it was so tasty! Alongside, there was also white rice, rice & beans, French fries (the first ones I had seen after 10 days in Cuba!) and a salad (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans). I had a great meal.

The restaurant is nice too with views on the bay and the city, although it is a bit touristy.

I asked the waiter if they could always prepare that vegan dish (because I wanted to add the restaurant to Happy Cow), and he said yes.

1188 1 Av, Quebec, Canada

Good health food store

You will find pretty much everything you might need as a vegan : bread, spreads, chia beverages, organic fruits and vegetables, crackers, vegan desserts, oil, body care products, etc.

763-a, rue Commerciale-Nord, Temiscouata-sur-le-lac, Canada

A little gem/Un endroit à ne pas manquer

This health food store is all you can hope for. You'll find local soaps, sprouts, teas and other products as well as vegan mayo, vegan cheese, tempeh, tofu and other things that are hard to come around in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (goji berries and all sorts of other items in the bulk section). The customer service is also great. It would be a nice place to stop when riding on the Route verte by bicycle.

L'Amarante est l'endroit où aller pour trouver des produits naturels/bio/santé : tempeh, tofu, lait végétal, fromage végane, mayo sans oeufs, etc. Il y a aussi une belle sélection de produits locaux (bijoux, savons, thés et tisanes). Les propriétaires sont d'une grande gentillesse et le commerce est très beau. L'Amarante est à deux pas de la piste cyclable à Cabano.

3459 rue Ontario Est, Montreal, Canada

My favorite grocery store!

Antidote Superalimentation is a little gem in the heart of Hochelaga. You can find organic fruits and vegetables, healths foods like nuts, superfoods, legumes, etc, plus a good selection of fake meats, bread, fresh sprouts and treats like Go Max Go chocolate bars.

You can also eat there! They make juices, coffee, smoothies, hot-dogs, brunchs, omelets, plus you can try the day's selection of salads, wraps... and pastries.

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

A must

I always visit Atlas Café when I'm in New York. The vegan pastries and softserve are to die for. I especially recommand the Boston cream doughnuts.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Vegan Paradise

Montreal's first vegan restaurant... and the best ever.

I used to go there all the time, even when I had no money, because the food is inbelievable... and vegan!

You have to try :
-Vegelox sandwich
-BLT sandwich
-Indian dishes
-Brunches (especially the salty ones)

And most of the other stuff is great too. I am not a big fan of the burgers though, except for the juicy portobello burger.

They have a space too with lots of ready-made food (sandwiches, dressings, sauces, lasagnas, tzatzikis, etc.).

Rua das Laranjeiras 15, Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil

Good food

As others have said, it can be hard to find vegan food in the Pelourinho at night during the weekends. I was staying at Hostel Galeria 13, which I recommend, and that gave us discounts on the food. I had the massamam curry. It was good, but far from authentic, so I was a little disappointed.

Otherwise, it's in a pretty calm street and the staff is friendly.

201 St. Viateur W, Montreal, Canada

One of my favorite natural health food stores

I only discovered Bio Terre a couple of years ago and it seems that every time I go, I find new products I get excited about : good vegan yogurt, maple water, fun beverages, etc.

I like the variety of products and there is a nice selection of health care, beauty and eco-friendly products.

4264 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, Canada


I was pleasantly surprised by the vegan options offered there. I went for the General Tao Tofu, which came with rice vermicelli. It was tasty, well seasoned and the portion was just perfect.

The staff is friendly, you can sit inside or outside (the place is huge) and it is basically a good place to go to when you're eating out with omnis.

259 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

Vegan croissants!

I only tried the breakfast bakery items at Blossom du jour, and they are well worth it.

The croissant tastes like a croissant (yummy), I just wish we could also get jam and vegan butter with it.

The kouign amman was a new thing to me, but it was delicious as well, kind of like a croissant with a different shape and sugar on it.

Moom Muang Road, Soi 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great place in Chiang Mai

This restaurant might actually be what I liked the most in Chiang Mai.

The food was pretty good, but I was most impressed with all the health food products you can buy there... you can even get real whole wheat bread, which is very nice. There is even soy yoghourt and vegan ice cream - which is divine, by the way.

5860 Avenue de Lorimier, Montreal, Canada

Great arugula pizza

If you are vegan, you can have Miss Vickies Original chips, vegan pizza... and lots of beer.

The vegan pizza is topped with ratatouille, black pepper and fresh arugula. I thought I would miss the cheese, but this pizza is so good and so flavorful that it is totally worth it. It's a great place to have a beer in Rosemont. One of the waiters is even a vegan.

5 Mott St, New York City, USA

Good Lunch Deals

I like to go to Buddha Bodai for lunch since you can eat very well for a few dollars.

I recommend :
-wonton and hot n sour soup
-General Tso Veg Chicken

I don't recommend :
Veg Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

Montreal area, Montreal, Canada

Very good!

After hearing good reviews about the Burger Végan experience, I decided to place an order to try it out.

The food arrived on time and it was warm. We ordered one Portobello burger and one Tempeh burger. Both were delicious, but I'd recommend the Tempeh burger if you are particularly hungry. The burgers were not labelled right (the tempeh had a P sticker, while the portobello had a T sticker), but that's no biggie.

We also had two milkshakes: Chocolate and Mocha. Both were really good, but they reminded me more of smoothies (with a strong banana taste) than milkshakes. Still, they were enjoyable and healthy!

2055 Rue. Bishop, Montreal, Canada

Awesome place to eat burritos and relax

I like pretty much everything about Burritoville. They are often out of avocados, but the burritos are still amazing without it, thanks to sweet potatoes.

The place has a great hippie feel, it makes you want to stay there for hours.

172, Duluth est, Montreal, Canada


I really liked my experience at Café Chat L'Heureux. Because there were cats, but also because the atmosphere is great. The place is clean and tidy and you really feel like you are at home. The decoration is perfect, probably the best I have seen in Montreal as far as vegetarian restaurants are concerned.

Please note you have to take your shoes off, so you might want to bring slippers.

The food is not bad, but the vegan options could be improved.

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