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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Highly recommended vegan restaurant

04 Aug 2011

I have been to 222 Veggie Vegan twice - first for a lunchtime buffet and second for an evening a la carte dinner. I really loved both experiences.

It is fairly small and cosy with a white interior and fun bright oil paintings. The restaurant is on a road where you wouldn't expect to find a vegan restaurant. The service was very friendly, and the food was mostly delicious. They have a good selection of organic and vegan wines, including very reasonably priced house wines (GBP 14.50 for a bottle).

I will review the a la carte dinner as that was my most recent experience. I went for my boyfriend's birthday dinner and there were 5 of us so we got to try a variety of dishes.

For starters we had:
- a cream of mushroom soup and homemade bread (daily special): Incredible. Best mushroom soup I have had since becoming vegan 3 years ago. Great texture and rich taste of blend of different mushrooms.
- cold avocado soup: bit of a gamble but it was a nice and refreshing alternative to a gazpacho
- bean and tofu pancake: delicious
- lentil peak: compared to the other starters, we felt this was average.

For mains:
- Oyster mushroom and spinach raclette: Simply incredible with a lovely combination of textures (potato, mushroom, spinach and tofu). This was our favourite dish
- Vegan roast: OK, vegetables were tasty, tomato based gravy, slightly smaller than the others
- 222 Burger: OK
- Seitan strogannof : Tasted great with the rich flavours of mushrooms and the seitan worked really well with the sauce but tasted similar to the mushroom soup. So wouldn't recommend getting both the mushroom soup and this strogannof dish unless you really love mushrooms!

For dessert:
- 222 pancake: Very good, made from wholewheat flour, didn't feel too sugary and still yummy with the vanilla and chocolate sauce
- Chocolate gateau: Good
- Tofu cheesecake: This was yummy but tasted more like an apple pie than a cheesecake so wouldn't go for this if you are after a regular cheesecake

Generally, I like that you can see into the kitchen. The head chef is very friendly and often comes to speak to people about the dishes. It is also very reasonably priced for a London vegan restaurant making original dishes.

44 Cloth Fair, London, England

Simple but excellent Italian food

04 Aug 2011

We visited this restaurant through a special offer and got 2 main courses and a glass of prosecco for GBP 9. As a result of this we had to book a week in advance to get a table, they were not picking up their phone when I called to say we were running a bit late and the restaurant was very busy.

On first glance, we thought the menu looked unimaginative when compared with the exotic/ creative choices at other vegan restaurants. However we were really impressed with the food.

For starters we had a tofu and cucumber salad with mint - sounds simple but was very tasty and refreshing. The texture of the tofu was wonderful. Our second starter was a squash salad - again simple but very good quality squash, and well textured and balanced.

For mains we had a seitan and mushroom dish - this was delicious. The seitan was probably the best we have had. The aubergine and potato cake was a bit oily.

Unfortunately the dessert wasn't up to the standards of the starters and mains. There was only a selection of ice cream and sorbets for vegans and some of the sorbets lacked taste, with the exception of the lemon which was very sharp/zesty.

Portion sizes are fairly small - you need two courses to fill yourself up minimum.

Service was excellent - we had a well informed, polite waitress who helped us select our dishes.

23 Caoyuan Hutong, Beijing, China

good food and pretty place if you can find it!

08 Aug 2010

The challenge is to find this restaurant - we managed to get good directions from our hostel and walked around 15 minutes to get there from Yonghegong - Lama temple station. It is on a quiet hutong but have faith that it does exist! We stopped at a few places on the way to confirm that we were going in the correct direction and were pointed the way.

It is a really pretty restaurant and we saw in the conservatory area.

We found it difficult to communicate with the waiters here!

We had the mini mushroom burgers for 5 yuan as a snack which were very tasty but snack size as to be expected from their price. the noodle soup was good. they also have some vegan desserts at the front of the restaurant on display and are on a page in their drinks menu if I remember correctly. My friend enjoyed the biscuit with walnut, and I had a chocolate square. It was quite dry and very cocoa-ey, but nice to have the taste of chocolate.

Chenghuang Temple, 23 Bailin Road, Shanghai, China

busy place with basic food down and more choice up

31 Jul 2010

You can reach this place by taking the metro on line 10 to Yuyuan.

It is fast food style downstairs with a basic menu in chinese only. You pay at the till and are given good within a few minutes.

Upstairs there is an english and chinese menu with greater choice and air conditioning at a greater price.

We ate downstairs. We had rice noodles in mushroom soy sauce with a few greens for 10 yuan and 4 spring rolls for 10 yuan. I liked the food, it was fairly basic but tasty and the lady serving the food was so friendly and helped me make my order at the till as I could not communicate at the till. They also had bean soups, dumplings and buns downstairs.

3 Taojiang Lu, Shanghai, China

pretty cafe, tasty food but overpriced

31 Jul 2010

I was happy when we walked in as the place looked like a comfortable cafe and perfect for lunch. It is quite small and quiet.

Shocked by the price as they had various set menus
e.g. main, soup, salad for 110 yuan.
Instead we ordered from the a la carte meny.

My friend ordered the pumpkin soup which was tasty but a really small portion and cost 30 yuan.

I ordered the curry plate which was a tasty curry with some basmati rice with cashews, spiced peas and sweetcorn, and green salad. I enjoyed my meal but again thought it would be a larger portion for 55 yuan and from the description. The menu offered various dressings in english, however the waitress did not actually understand what dressing meant, let alone sesame and ginger dressing. She used a tranlator on her phone and still did not understand so eventually I just asked her for some salt and olive oil for the salad.On the plus side the curry was really well spiced and very enjoyable

The desserts looked good but we did not try them.

If you do not mind about the price and the small portions, then the food is good and the menu is different to the other vegetarian cafes so give it a try.

Level 1, Bangsar Village II Shopping Centre, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Delicious fusion cuisine

06 May 2013

This restaurant is in the Bangsar shopping mall, and part of the seating is open but the restaurant is a couple of floors up so it is nice and quiet. Lovely decor and seating. Good service (e.g. happy to remove garlic from one of the dishes, to remove mayo from another dish, and very attentive).

They give complimentary yummy olive bread with olive oil/balsamic vinegar mix.

I would describe the menu as Western with an Asian twist. There were 3 of us - we each ordered 1 dish, decent sized portions, and polished it off completely. The food tasted great and was presented well. I had a salad with peelings of cooked vegetables, root vegetable crisps and a delicious soy dressing (not too sweet). My dad had a falafel burger (this came with fries and salad) and my mum had a pasta/broccoli/pine nut dish which was exactly what she was hoping for.

It is a little pricey for KL, but I would say worth it.

Argumosa 10, Madrid, Spain

Family fun feel, tasty food

28 Jan 2013

I visited this restaurant with omni friends and everyone had a happy dining experience.

It feels like a family run restaurant, with cute wooden chairs and tables, white/red/green tiled floor, funky wooden slat menus (see the photo I have uploaded!).

Our group had some delicious wine; starters at around 5 Euros including tabouleh and vegetable soup; and mains at around 7 Euros including spaghetti with soya and shitake mushrooms, a turkish rice dish (rice cooked with spices and pine nuts) and migas (tasty breadcrumbs dish). There are less options for vegans but the staff are very friendly and were happy to answer all my questions and let me know which items on the menu were vegan friendly.

We had a great meal and I would be happy to return here again.

10 Shelley Street, Soho, Hong Kong Island, China

expensive but great location and really good food

08 Aug 2010

The set lunch here was quite expensive at $100 but I was feeling hungry and so went for it. The soup was really tasty and a really interesting combination of flavours which worked well togehter. For my main, I had the tofu burger with salad which was tasty and as dessert a cookie and coffee.

My friend had the salad and hummous and she loved the hummous.

We sat on the second floor as we had not booked but with the fans only it was pretty hot. If you can plan it in advance, best to book the first floor which has air conditioning.

6 Lijun Road, Guilin, China

only veggie place in guilin!

08 Aug 2010

I agree with what the previous user has written in that it was difficult to find vegetarian/ vegan food in Guilin and that we were very happy when we found this place.

We found this place quite difficult to find as we had a bad map. If you take the bus 22 from the railway station, go 4 stops. In front of you, you will see a junction. Cross the road and turn left. The temple is quite big so should be easy to spot if you are on the correct corner of the junction. Walk into the compound where the monastery is and past the entrance for the temple and the restaurant will be facing you.

I don't know the exact opening hours as it was difficult to communicate here. We arrived at 3pm and were sad as the place was closed, but it reopened at 5pm so we came back for dinner.

There is no english spoken and no english menu, but i had a little sign explaining that I am vegan and the waitressed helped us to order.

We got a very large bowl of soup noodles which was huge and simple and tasty and a bargain for 5 yuan. We also asked for mushrooms and got a plate of mixed wild mushrooms and vegetables for 25 yuan. That was delicious and perfect with the soup noodles.

145 G/F, Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, China

Friendly, new and trendy place, tasty food

08 Aug 2010

I enjoyed my visit to this restaurant in early july 2010. The waitresses were all really friendly to us. They had lovely green tea. We completely demolished their Thai noodles in XO sauce for $48 and dumplings for $38!

7 Die Cui Road, Yangshuo, China

loved it

06 May 2013

This restaurant has a good location as it is close to West Street so it is convenient.

It plays relaxing music and has an amazing setting with dark wooden furniture and pretty orange lights.

They serve complementary edamame beans and watermelon.

Their menu is really extensive and while we were there we tried many dishes as we went back to this restaurant 4 times!

Our favourite dish was the fern noodles with spicy tofu and pak choi. I thought the vegetable rolls were average. The dumpling soup was gorgeous as was the Buddha's delight - a dish of fried vegetables and glass noodles.

The waiters were really friendly and english speaking. They were really helpful as I wanted to know the chinese for fern noodles and where I could get hold of them as well as some other things and they were happy to help us.

The only con is that it is pricey compared to other restaurants in Yangshuo, but we liked the food so much that we didn't mind.

August 2010

Qi Xing 2nd Street, Lijiang, China

very friendly staff, and delicious food!

08 Aug 2010

We were finding it difficult to find good vegan chinese food in lijiang so were determined to find this restaurant.

We took a 7 yuan taxi journey from the old town to get there. The taxi dropped us off at the hotel from which the restaurant is only a few minutes walk. Follow the directions given and you should find the place easily.

The taxi journey was definitely worth it as we felt really welcome as soon as we arrived there. We had a really friendly and english speaking waitress called Shelly who helped explain the whole menu to us - they do not have an english menu but this did not cause any problems.

We had the local tofu, river mushrooms and peppers dish which was gorgeous. The tofu had a great texture. The second dish we had was the spicy potato, aubergine and pepper dish. This was quite oily but really tasty and it was nice to have potatoes as we had not eaten them in weeks!

They also have other spicy and sour dishes, and sweet dishes on the menu.

Khalifa Bin Zayed St, Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tasty home-cooked Indian food

15 Dec 2011

I absolutely love Sharda and have been eating here almost every few days for the past 3 months. It is an informal restaurant with a till and sweet shop downstairs (where I often order takeaway from), and a seating and family area upstairs.

Their menu is fairly extensive containing various different thalis, soups, rice dishes like biryani, South Indian snacks (e.g. idli and uttapum) which are only available for breakfast and dinners, and made to order curries.

I usually order their Gujarati thali which contains rotis, a few vegetable curries, daal and rice. The Gujarati food is exactly like the food my parents cook at home and I can't get enough of it. It is made using a beautiful blend of spices and flavour, without containing too much oil or salt leaving you feeling heavy afterwards like so many other Indian restaurants do.

The man at the till speaks good English. The waiters upstairs speak little English, however the man downstairs can help you with your order if you are having difficulty choosing.

Very cheap! I usually pay between AED 8-15 for my thali depending on whether I want rice or not. The curries are around AED 15 (and if you order curries individually they are large enough for 2 meals).

77 Bo Ai Street, Yunnan, Dali, China

pretty place, bit pricey but good food

08 Aug 2010

The place is beautiful inside.

The waiters do not speak much english so we found it difficult to order as we wanted to know what vegetables were in the dishes that we were ordering (many of them stated vegetables, or seasonal vegetables without stating what vegetables).

We had a lovely dinner and really enjoyed our food. The soup noodle dish was huge!

15 Wenshu Yuan Street, Chengdu, China

average food

08 Aug 2010

I am not sure about the exact opening hours but check these in advance if you can as it was closed in the afternoon and reopens at 5pm

We had trouble getting in for free even when we explained that we wanted to eat at the vegetarian restaurant inside but eventually went through the second set of doors further along from the main entrance and got in for free.

We enjoyed the spicy bamboo dish, however another dish that our friend has was very plain. The rice was huge, enough for 3 people, however we were not impressed when we asked for them for hot rice and they wanted to microwave it.

26-1 Guozijian Dajie, Hutong, Beijing, China

very smart and really good food!

08 Aug 2010

This restaurant is close to Yonghegong - lama temple metro station, less that 5 minutes walk from there. It is opposite the Confucius temple.

The place is very smart and was quite busy for dinner.

It has a very extensive and varied menu. There is also the option of buffet which looked really good with a wide range of dishes for 68 yuan but the buffet finishes at 9pm so go early if you want this.

We ordered from the a la carte menu and had dumplings - they were steamed, yummy even when eated cold the next day for leftovers! and had swiss chard/spinach inside as the filling. The gong bao chicken dish was lovely with a sweet, sticky sauce and peanuts. We also had a good mushroom dish with tofu, green peppers.

Really enjoyable and good for special occasions also.

55, Xingshan West St, Xian, China

simple restaurant, good value

08 Aug 2010

We got here by taking the bus 603 and it is 4 stops from south gate. Then a short walk and we saw a sign on the road as we approached the temple for vegetarian restaurant.

The food is really cheap.

We ordered dumplings for 10 yuan. They were quite bready/ chewy but they have two types so order the other dumplings if you prefer pasta based ones.

We also had wide green noodles for 6 yuan and some vegetables which we were happy with.

329 Chaussée d'Ixelles, Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Lovely food in a great atmosphere

28 Jan 2013

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Dolma and would happily return.

It is a very colourful, homely restaurant, with warm wooden flooring and an interesting selection of world photography on the walls. The buffet selection is towards the front with most of the seating in a slightly raised area at the back. It was actually very busy as we went on a Saturday night but it wasn't loud and there was atmospheric lighting.

The restaurant is buffet only - Eur 18 for lunch and 22 for dinner. Considering that you can eat starters, mains and a dessert for this, I think the price is reasonable. If you are not hungry and only want a starter or dessert, you can choose something from their a la carte menu.

The buffet menu is available online in advance. There is soup (which the manager said is always vegan) with seeded bread. Last night, it was a vegetable soup which was nice and light. The salads included dolmades, lambs lettuce, bean salad, and a few which weren't vegan (radish salad, cabbage salad). For mains, I ate tofu in a sweet and creamy sauce, rice and chickpea stew, steamed vegetables and a slice of tofu and lentil loaf (all delicious). My non vegan friend also ate the other mains including a mushroom and butternut squash dish, and tempeh dish.

My only grumble was with the dessert: There was only one vegan dessert (a fruit compote with rice cream/milk) which was good but I think needed a little more sweetness. I would have ordinarily been happy with this elsewhere but in my opinion, it wasn't as tempting as the 5 non-vegan desserts on offer (apple tart, vanilla and chocolate cake, chestnut and chocolate cake etc.) My friend loved the vanilla and chocolate cake.

We also shared a carafe of lovely, organic white wine.

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