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1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Nothing special

28 May 2009

So I had the vegan portabella wrap. It was alright. Nothing so amazing. It was the same thing for the person I was with. It was just average. I forgot what he had gotten. Also I ordered a green tea and never recieved it. The bathroom was really pretty.

1 Boltwood Walk, Amherst, USA

Don't Go.

06 Jun 2010

I didn't really like this place. The food had no taste. They also forgot to give us part of the order. I will never go back I agree that this place is not worth it.

22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA

Great Baked Goods

19 Feb 2010

I tried the chili burrito it was pretty good. The brownie I had was the best I have had. Vegan or not vegan. I also tried the some other baked items. They were all great!

1150 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Heart of the City Farmer's Market

13 Jan 2012

I'm so glad that they stopped selling live chickens! I wasn't going to go unless they stopped. So now that I have been.. I really like it. I always get good produce for cheap. They have some prepared items. I have seen vegan somosas there before too. Also towards the end they do $1 bags and cut prices down. Oh and get the never watered tomatoes! So good.

2400 Harrison St, San Francisco, USA

Great Raw Food.

19 Feb 2010

The food and the people are amazing. Everything that I have tried I have loved. I forget the names of the items. They have unique names for everything. Just try anything! The milkshakes are so good. It is expensive but they use high quality ingredients it is worth it.

95 Broad St, Red Bank, USA

Must try.

06 Jun 2010

The very vegan pizza was great. It had a nice thin crust. You can also choose one of the three doughs. The vegan brownie was amazing! It was so chocolaty, moist, large, and one of the best I have ever had! Everything is organic and they have everything vegan labeled. They have signs stating different facts on what is eco friendly in the restaurant. The staff was so nice and welcoming. I would rate a 5 if I could.

1604 Pacific Ave, Venice, USA


28 May 2009

I had the mediterranean burger. It was really good. The place itself it really nice. There is places to eat inside or out. If I was in the area again I would definitely go again!

633 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, USA

Good Food!

23 Jun 2010

This place is great! They recently added new vegan options and have the whole back of the menu. I have had the vegan meatball hero and one of the vegan pizzas. They were both great. The have a vegan cookie as well. That is okay, it isn't soft at all. It's nice to have a vegan desert option though. I love the decor of the place. It is green, silver, and black mostly. Everything looks very clean and the people are very nice!

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

Very good

28 May 2009

I really like this place. I got the sauteed basil mushroom, it was really good. Also I was with someone who thought they ate meat. I told them they didn't eat meat and they were shocked. They also really enjoyed it here a lot. They gave lemon water instead of water. Just a hint of lemon, it was really good.

854 Washington St, San Francisco, USA

Good food, not nice to look at.

24 Jan 2010

Lucky Creation has really good food. I had a mixed vegetable dish. It was mostly a bunch of different types mushrooms. It was really good though. The prices were cheap too. They have a lunch special as well. It was run down and not that clean though.

280 Brick Blvd, Brick, USA

Very helpful

07 Apr 2009

The one guy in there is super helpful. I love going there if I have a question he always has an answer. He really tries to help. The other guy that works there is really nice too it takes him a while to warm up. He's just a bit shy. If you need something they can try to see if they can order it for you.

2407 Highway 71, Spring Lake Heights, USA

They have everything.

19 Feb 2010

They have a great selection of vegan items that I can't find other places! They seem to have everything in I need in a small place. I think its my favorite health food store in New Jersey. Some items are higher in price but some are way lower.

1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, USA

Has Everything.

23 Jan 2010

Rainbow Grocery is great! They have everything! From bakery section where most of it is vegan, to cards. I have never found my makeup (ZuZu Luxe) in any store but here.

2063 Route 88, Brick, USA

A must try!

21 Jun 2011

This place is great! The food is so good. There is a whole vegetarian section on the menu. The people are really nice and helpful. They always answer my questions for what id vegan and gluten free. I must get on their nerves. But they never show it. : ) Also, she always asked if we wanted separate bags for the left overs! They also have fixed up the place a lot.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 30, 2008

153 Park Ave, Rutherford, USA

Good Cupcakes!

06 Jun 2010

The cupcakes were very good. My favorite was the cinnamon sticky bun. The boston cream was also good. They sell different cupcakes different days.

1424 South St, Philadelphia, USA

Allergy Friendly

13 Jan 2012

This place is amazing! I am vegan, gluten free, and mostly soy free. So, with all of those restrictions... I could eat everything here! Everything I tried was awesome. It is hard to pick but my favorite is probably the magic bar. Oh and how great is it that they have cupcake tops! We all know that is the best part of the cupcake : ) But yeah, this is probably my favorite bakery.

609 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, USA


06 Jun 2010

This place is great. They have amazing food. I love the focaccia melt. The salad, chili, health bars, muffins, granola, soups, and smoothies are great! The food is always fresh. It is very cute an cozy inside. I like how they sell some items at local health food stores. The people are very nice. They also have live music a lot. I wish I could rate this a 5 but it's not totally veg and it's not aloud :(

2360 Lakewood Rd, Toms River, USA

Vegan and Gluten Free!

14 Apr 2011

This place is awesome! So first off, the staff was so happy to have another vegan in the house. They made recommendations and asked questions. They have a separate with vegan, gluten free, and gluten free vegan foods when you ask for it! I am now vegan and gluten free, which is not the easiest diet to eat at restaurants with. So, I am so excited to go back! But I have tried the garlic bread, eggplant parmigiana, and papa ganache's cakes. The eggplant parmigiana is amazing. I stopped trying new things after discovering the best vegan eggplant parm ever! Oh and my meal was supposed to take longer due to the fact that they make it fresh, but I didn't notice!

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