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Tetzelgasse 13, Nuremberg, Germany

Lovely little lunch place with delicious food

This place is SMALL, so be prepared to wait for one of the 10 table seats or a place at the two standing tables. But it's well worth it. The proprietress/cook prepares a lovely single-plate, ayurvedic meal each day for lunch which is always vegetarian and often vegan. Check the weekly menu online, since each day's meal is different. Very well priced at EUR 5.50, but the portions are small, so you might end up ordering two, as I did. Each plate comes with a papadam (Indian deep-fried lentil wafer) and, on the day I ate there, rice, vegetable and dhal (lentil sauce). A delicious hot-pickle condiment was also available from a serve-yourself dish. Also a wide assortment of teas and some desserts which I didn't try. All in all, I left there feeling very well fed and will be sure to return the next time I'm in Nürnberg.

Schliemannstraße 15, Berlin, Germany

Could these be the best cakes in Germany?

These cakes will hold their own against all challengers, vegan or otherwise! While chocolate lovers will find their dreams answered here, the real insider tip is anything with the word "Nougatcreme" in its name. Don't forget to check out the cupcakes and cake pops (lollicakes?). All cakes also available to go. Order a cupcake to go just to see the cute container. Unfortunately, nothing here is gluten-free. Perhaps this can be remedied.

While you're here, check out the African restaurant "Massai" a little further in on the same block. About 40% of the menu is vegetarian, which probably means vegan. (They might only be open evenings.)

Johannisstrasse 40, Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Worth a visit

A charming and friendly place with a varied menu, but unfortunately very little of which is for vegans. On the evening we were there, they were very accomodating and were able to make the risotto dish vegan by substituting "Hafer Cuisine" (oat-based cream substitute) for the cream sauce. The result was very satisfying and filling, but I think it could have been a little more tasty. On other nights, with other menu variations, it may be easier or harder to veganize some of the dishes. Not to be missed is the small salad--fresh and with a DELICIOUS dressing (avocado-lemon, if I remember correctly). Prices are about average for a city restaurant in Germany, most main dishes were about EUR 10. The waitress seemed to be new and the restaurant was full on the night we went there, so she got a bit flustered with our many requests, but after a while she got into gear and by the end of the meal I was left with a very good impression of the service. My dining companions didn't think she had earned it, but I insisted on giving her a good tip. It's well worth a try, the menu is quite creative and some dishes are sure to be tasty, but vegans may end up a bit disappointed.

Berger Str. 154, Frankfurt, Germany

Fun atmosphere, especially if you're not in a rush

We didn't try the meal of the day, but we had a vegetable-stick and hummous appetizer which was delicious. I also had a "green monster" smoothie which I enjoyed. The best part though, were the cakes, and let's just say you won't be disappointed. A "matcha" (green tea) cake was out of this world, and my small daughter thoroughly enjoyed the mini cupcakes, available that day in chocolate and blueberry. And everything free of sugar and agave nectar! I found the prices to be completely in line with Frankfurt, and the service was pleasant, if unhurried. Definitely worth a side trip if you're shopping at Veganz (one block away). Will certainly go back the next chance I can.

Pfarrstr. 10, Ansbach, Germany

Delicious Vegan Food and Gluten-free Vegan Pizza!

I can't believe I'm the first one to review! This gem has been offering an extended range of delicious vegan dishes alongside traditional German cuisine for some years now. This extrordinarily friendly, cozy and family-run restaurant in Ansbach's Altstadt is not to be missed! It's also a great setting for groups with mixed dietary wishes--even my father-in-law suggests going there.

The vegan dishes, soups, salads, pizzas and calzones are listed in a separate menu, providing a broad variety to please any hungry vegan, and nearly everything is house-made. Our favorite: the potato-mushroom loaf with tomato sauce. There's just too much to list here. They even offer vegan burritos! And starting in Sept. 2014, they will be offering gluten-free vegan pizza on the menu. I was able to try it during the test phase, and it is out of this world! Caution though: the house-made vegan cheese is NOT gluten-free, so you'll have to order it without cheese.

A few words of caution: portions are generous, and some dishes are simply too much of a good thing. For instance, the vegan spinach-cream soup was mostly a mass of spinach, but still tasty. I took it home and combined it with two more meals. Also, ask carefully about ingredients when it matters, since they're not always clearly listed. The staff is understanding and helpful.

Breakfast begins at 4.50 euros (may have been discontinued in the meantime due to low demand). There is a midday special with a choice of dishes Tues-Fri, 11:30-2 for only 5.50 euros, and virtually all main dishes are under 10 euros.

Oh, and did I forget to mention all the delicious, house-made vegan cakes? There are usually five or six on offer at any given time, unfortunately though, none are gluten-free.

Jungbuschstrasse 23, Mannheim, Germany

Pleasant ambience, friendly staff, promising menu

After hearing about Kombüse from friends for nearly two years, I finally got to try it myself. It's a very pleasant atmosphere but with limited seating, so it can fill up quickly. One sees the efforts of the kitchen to be creative within the scope of a rather narrow food offering, and while many of those efforts are promising, some fall short. I ordered the soup of the day, potato-eggplant, and the special plate of the day, creole-style braised vegetables with potato-spinach cakes. The soup had a really delicious and delicate flavor (which inspired me to try making it at home sometime) which was unfortunately overpowered by way too much chili. The creole vegetables were quite good, except for being a bit too heavily weighted with paprika, but still in search of exquisiteness. Unfortunately, the sauce also contained seitan, which I can't eat. They could have written that on the specials board and I would have ordered something else (which I told them), and they probably would have taken it back if I had asked, but since it was there, I elected to pick out the seitan and eat the dish anyway, which I don't regret. The potato-spinach cakes, however, were unremarkable. On the plus side though, my meal was served piping hot. My companion had the black-bean burger with everything and was quite pleased. I tried the burger and found it interesting, but again, not execptional. The salad and potatoes which can be ordered as side dishes were both tasty, in particular the salad dressing, and the portions were both generous.
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 25, 2013

Updated from previous review on Sunday August 25, 2013

Updated from previous review on Sunday August 25, 2013

Fleischmarkt 16 im Hof, Vienna, Austria

Anything but macro...

Despite its name, this restaurant is anything but macrobiotic. Perhaps in an earlier incarnation it was. Nonetheless, the food is lovingly prepared, tastes quite good and is served by a friendly, nice staff. On the downside, the portions are *extremely* small. OK, it's all organic, but still....

Hauptstraße 136, Heidelberg, Germany

Worth a visit

Friendly, helpful staff. Many vegan appetizers to choose from, as well as quite a few vegan main dishes. You won't go hungry.
They've recently opened, so there may be a few rough edges to iron out. The main dish I had (all vegetables) was more sharp than flavorful, but still filling. A bit different from what I've had at other Japanese restaurants.
Worth a visit!

Kriegsstrasse 94, Karlsruhe, Germany

Pleasant and Tasty

I went there early on a Sunday and it was eerily exactly as in the first review. There was one customer sitting at a table and, other than that, not a soul was to be found, not even a peep out of the kitchen. After five minutes of looking at the menu, there was still no sign of anyone. When I came back later that afternoon (as planned) however, everything had changed. There were not one but two waitresses busily hopping around, and I was approached and greeted immediately after sitting down at a table. I was able to order within a couple of minutes, and before I had even finished my beverage, my food had arrived. My waitress was extremely friendly, informed and helpful, which only added to the quality of my dining experience. So much for claims of poor service.

Burgers are 7-8 euros. Some aren't really "burgers" though, but rather creative forms of sandwiches. Four different salads are 8.50-10.50 euros, and are hopefully correspondingly large, but I didn't try one. Four interesting pasta dishes, of which two are gluten-free, are 8-9 euros.

I ordered the gnocchi, and while the portion was somewhat small, it was still tasty and filling, although the sauce was a bit on the sweet side. They do list it in the menu as being "fruity", but I'm sure they use some additional sweetener to get it that sweet. I mean noticeably sweet.

I also ordered a house-made lemonade, which was quite tasty, but at 3,50 euros also correspondingly huge.

Side orders are a bit expensive at 3.50-4.50 euros for either some form of potato (fries/wedges/sweet-potato fries) or a small salad.

A special mention must be made for the decor and ambience. High ceilings (and thus quiet!), tasteful colors and furniture, and a roomy, open layout spanning several rooms make this a wonderful dining experience. Even though there's plenty of space now, I can only imagine that this place will become popular and you'll need to reserve for dinner.

Altstadt 28, Linz, Austria

Creative wide-ranging (but difficult to read) menu

Very creative and well-thought-out offering that failed to meet expectations. Everything was good, but nothing was spectacular. Too much of an emphasis on fake meats and white rice. Sauces are interesting but unimpressive.

Reading the menu is a real challenge since all ingredients are listed in detail. Many vegan and gluten-free items are well marked, but not always correctly, so be sure to double check.

Beautiful and relaxing surroundings with very helpful and friendly staff. Worth a visit, you won't leave hungry.

Ettlinger Strasse 29, Karlsruhe, Germany

Innovative Westernized Indian Cuisine

For those who know what true Indian cuisine is like, Thali is not that. For those who don't, Thali can be a fun excursion into exotic traditions. The main dish, the thali (Hindi for "tray" or "platter") costs 18€ and consists of a large heap of rice and nine little dishes with various curries, soups and sauces. Most were tasty, some very much so, but none made me feel like I was actually eating in India. True Indian food is spiced very differently. Just the fact that there was no room on the platter to mix the rice with anything, the very purpose of the thali, was enough of a clue. Still, at the end I was full, even though I didn't finish the rice or the dhal, and I didn't regret a thing. The potato curry and eggplant curry dishes were delicious. In contrast, the dhal and rice were perfectly tasteless. The papadam (lentil crackers) were particularly light and tasty, and more were supplied upon request. The vadai (deep-fried lentil patty in the form of a ring) was also quite light and tasty, but the chutney served with it was quite sharp.

All dishes can be made vegan, which basically means that soy yogurt is used in the raita. There are also two a la carte dishes (10€ each) which sounded quite tasty, so that might be a better bet than the thali.

The best part of the meal was the extremely pleasant atmosphere and the very helpful and friendly staff.

Since some of the items were quite tasty, I'll be optimistic and try them again some other time (hence 4 cows). Hopefully, they'll have switched to a better brand of rice by then.

Bogenstrasse 43, Nuremberg, Germany

World-class vegan cuisine finally in Nürnberg!

What can you say about a restaurant where not only is the food absolutely delicious, but perfectly prepared too, and all that in beautiful and comfortable surroundings served by an *extremely* friendly staff? Not much more except: go there! They've apparently spared no effort in delivering a divine dining experience.

We had Sunday brunch there (reserve!) which consisted of a buffet with a delicious soup, 2 warm dishes, 4 salads, plenty of breakfast items and two desserts (carrot cake made from spelt flour, and a gluten-free panna cotta). Gluten-free items were clearly marked. Not a single thing wasn't superb.

We arrived for our 1PM reservation, but had to wait a few minutes because the people from 10AM were still chilling there. This minor inconvenience was quickly made up for by a delicious celery-cream soup. A slight disappointment was that the absolutely delicious potato-broccoli-cream casserole was almost gone, although it was quickly replaced by a cabbage and potato-dumpling dish which unfortunately wasn't quite as good. The other warm dish was a not-too-spicy chili, sadly paired with white basmati rice. Here, brown rice would have been much better. Nonetheless, the rice couldn't have been more perfectly prepared. All dishes remained warm the entire time and everything was quickly refilled as needed.

The staff couldn't have been friendlier and the owner was very knowledgeable about the vegan scene and events.

All in all, a marvelous and satisfying experience which I am eager to repeat. A fantastic enrichment to Nürnberg's dining scene. Although there are and have been other vegan options in Nürnberg, none have reached this level. Good work!
Updated from previous review on Monday December 30, 2013

Updated from previous review on Monday December 30, 2013

Preungesheimer Str 1, Frankfurt, Germany

Limited lunch options

Had lunch there recently and was a bit disappointed. It was a choice of only three dishes, each served with salad and beverage for 9.50 euros. I had a potato and vegetable dish which, although tasty, left me a bit unsatisifed. The portions were just barely adequate for the price, and the salad (though extremely tasty) covered half of the not-very-large plate. Since there were no appetizers or other salad options, I would have had to order a second lunch dish just to be full, not very economical. In short, don't plan on this being your largest meal of the day. Dinner may be another story, but the prices are of course much higher. For dessert I had a coconut panna cotta which was quite tasty.

Warning: If you reserve online, you will be routed through quandoo, and all they do is spam. So either enter a bogus e-mail address or reserve by phone.

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