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Avenida Yaxchilán s/n Centro, Cancun, Mexico

Just okay...

Let me begin by saying I am really happy to know this business is there to provide some natural food for Cancun. But as long-time vegans, I can tell you that this restaurant doesn't REALLY belong on Happy Cow. Very meat-, dairy-, and egg-centered restaurant. Yes, they have a couple options for vegans, but it is NOT in any way shape or form a vegetarian restaurant.

Took the bus from the hotel zone and walked around forever trying to find it. It is quite a few blocks from the main road the buses go down.

Finally found it. Be sure you know Spanish because nobody here speaks English. Our waiter was very nice although we had a very difficult time interacting with him (our fault, of course, since we are in his country!!). In other words, they don't really cater to Americans -- this really seems to be a place made for Mexican people trying to eat a little healthier.

We each had an ice cold beer and split a dish made with rice and broccoli. It was not great, but definitely hit the spot.

Sorry, but we would not go back.

1170 S Wells Ave, Reno, USA

Fabulous food

Very impressed with this restaurant. I'm vegan, and am extremely satisfied with their vegan selections. Everything has always been terrific. And even though you order at the counter, the service is impeccable -- they really make you feel like you're taken care of. The desserts are OUTSTANDING -- vegan cupcakes and cakes and cookies, OMG!!

The only con? I wish they had even more vegan offerings -- which isn't really a con since I just want more of their food!!!

2400 Harrison St, San Francisco, USA


I'm vegan, but not raw vegan. And this place just makes me want to GO RAW. It's THAT good, yet I know how much work goes into raw food so I'm not sure I could actually make the switch. ;o)

And that's why I love eating here -- let them do all the work! ;O)

The food is mouthwatering. Try the appetizer with a selection of their dips. I LOVE their raw pizza. The soup was to die for. And the shakes -- OMG!! So delicious!!

Can't wait to go to the city again and give it another go.

This was my first time to this location and found the "sharing tables" idea interesting. There were 2 Mexican guitar players who came in to play when we were there, and it really added so much fun to the scene.

Highly recommend this place! But try both locations and decide which you like better.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Look No Further

I eat here every single time I visit the city. I've always absolutely loved everything I've ever tried here. Some of my faves are the savory breakfast crepesand Shawarma (sp?). My husband loves their veggie burger and loaf w/potatoes and gravy. Good coffee. Delicious chocolate cupcakes, which we always get to go since we're too stuffed to enjoy them after we eat. The place always seems to be understaffed, but the servers are extremely on top of their game and always deliver great service. I can't say enough about this place -- LOVE IT!

501 W 1st St, Reno, USA

Just okay

As a long-time vegan, I'm always up for supporting vegetarian restaurants. Have to say, though, that Pneumatic could do better. They have a lot of yummy-looking creations for vegetarians, but the vegan stuff is just not very tasty. And I always end up leaving there with some intestinal disturbances.

The ONLY time I've been completely 100% satisfied is during their raw nights -- their raw food is always very excellent and TASTY. But I do love the vibe there, which is very laid back. Service isn't overly friendly, but that's part of the charm. Food takes a long time to make. I hope Pneumatic will add more DELICIOUS vegan food to their menu -- it would be nice to be catered to that way since it's the only vegetarian restaurant in town now.

I think if there was another vegetarian restaurant in town, it might force them to make some needed changes to their vegan food, but as it is it's REALLY the only game in town. Except for Dandelion Deli, which I adore but which isn't completely vegetarian.

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

Just okay

First, just so you know, I am extremely happy to have another veg restaurant to add to my ever-growing list. However, their food has room for improvement. Some of it is greasy, the fake meats tasted pretty fake (which some might actually prefer to those that really nail the taste of animal), and the service was a bit slow.

Having said that, I loved their coconut water with coconut meat floating in it, and their soup was TO DIE FOR. Highly recommend the veg soup -- you don't just get a cup, you get a pot of it! Very delicious.

Overall, I'm happy they're there, but wish it could be better.

Av. Coba No. 81 SM 26 Esp. Tankah, Cancun, Mexico

Teeny store inside saved our trip

We happened across this restaurant while walking by. So we didn't eat here. But they have a teeny tiny store in the front of the building that offers some staples that you can bring back to your hotel to help prepare your own food. (We had a kitchen so we could make our own grub.)

We bought brown rice, veggie broth powder, frozen veggie burgers, and dehydrated vegetarian chorizo and burger crumbles which helped to keep our meals interesting when combined with local veggies.

The girl who was working was SOOOO sweet and SOOOOO nice and was so helpful as she tried (successfully!) to speak English and help us out and answer questions for us. We wish we had time to go back to eat there as well to check out their food, which as it was walked by on the way to the diners looked like homemade deliciousness.

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA

On again, off again

I've been to Millennium on 3 occasions, first at their old location and now their new.

The first time we went, the food was just okay -- nothing to write home about.

The 2nd time we went (new location) the food was so good, I LITERALLY started to cry. That's never happened to me before, but it was just amazingly flavorful and moutwateringly delicious.

The 3rd time we went the waiter was horrendous and after repeating to him about 5 or 6 times that I could not have cilantro in anything, every dish came with it and I had to send it back each and every time. I hate to waste food, but I seriously cannot stand even a speck of it in anything. He kept apologizing, but would STILL mess up the order with the next course. Crazy. (As a joke, I put a piece of cilantro on my dessert when he came over to fill my water. LOL)

The desserts are truly delectable. Props to the dessert maker!

I'll give them another chance, of course, since it's just a beautiful restaurant and a wonderful night out when you want to have a dressy night out. But it IS a hefty sum of money and should be reserved for special occasions.

Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

OMG - Eat here!

We ate here 3 times during our recent 2-week stay in Cancun. Great location in the hotel zone across from Senior Frogs.

The restaurant is gorgeous -- lots of green plants, very pretty artwork, and a good selection of wine and beer as well. The bathrooms are quaint, and the tile work at the sinks are so pretty. Really, the place is so comfy it makes you wish you could live there! :)

But let's talk about the food, shall we? It is truly the BEST food we had in Cancun. We are vegan, and their Vegetarian Burrito was fantastic, as was their Veggie Tacos and their Veggie Burger.

We tried a couple of their fruit drinks (I had a banana drink once and my hubby had a carrot/beer juice) and both were cold and delicious.

I love a good red wine, and their malbec was just insanely rich and delicious. Their beers were ice cold.

Excellent customer service.

ONE negative -- as one reviewer has noted, the bill always seemed to have pricing challenges. Malbec costs 69 pesos and it was always priced on the bill as 79 pesos. This happened the first time we went -- and we corrected them. The next time we went we had the same waiter, and the malbec was priced correctly. The next time we went we had a different waiter and once again it was priced incorrectly. What's up with that?

I recommend you let them know you would like to hold on to the menu -- then when the bill comes, be sure the prices match up. If they don't, just politely tell them about the error and they will fix it. Maybe they will eventually learn if people hang on to their menus they will be checking the prices so they can't overcharge. :)

Really, don't let this pricing thing get in the way of going to this amazing restaurant or you will be missing some very, very delicious food! :)

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