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Lovely little hideaway!

05 Jan 2014

Great 100% vegan cafe in the middle of a covered market. Everything is made from scratch and the attention is obvious. This is a small place with limited seating. Decor is a bit odd, but that's part of the charm. Definitely worth a stop for lunch! Oh, and did I mention the food is great!

222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Fantastic little find

30 Oct 2011

What a treat! I loved this little restaurant! Nothing terribly fancy, but delicious food and wonderful service. It's not fancy food, but it is all well prepared and a great variety. This is a place where omnis would be comfortable too. (I'm not a fan of "preachy" vegan restaurants, and this one isn't.)

Wine menu is small, but at least there is one! Enjoy a long lingering dinner there.

109, rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, France

Wonderfully surprised!

19 Jan 2014

It's was our first dinner at a raw restaurant and we were very satisfied! The three courses we had were excellent. By memory, we had a pizza and soup for starters, the lasagne and burger for mains, and the mousse and mango ravioli for dessert. Would happily order any of them again! The service was excellent and the restaurant was easy to find near the metro stop. Well worth going to whether on vacation or living in Paris. The only slight critique was that the staff had a computer and bag laying out on one of the dining tables. Took away from the atmosphere quite a bit. The critique is really minor and I encourage everyone to give this place a try. We will definitely be returning -- this place is a winner!
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 05, 2014

75 SE 3rd St, Boca Raton, USA

Great little store!

17 Jun 2011

When I'm travelling, I usually stop at the local health food store trying to find some vegan take out. 4th Generation Market is one of the best! Lots of hot and cold options in the deli. Fresh produce and snacks on the store shelves. It's heaven! And you must try the raw sweet potato enchiladas. Yum!

8 Rue de la Rape, Strasbourg, France

Several Vegan Options Outside of Brunch Service

08 Dec 2014

Great place, wonderful staff and service. But sadly the weekend brunch doesn't have a vegan option, and no menu service is available during the brunch rush. (Although the owner said he was considering an update to have a vegan brunch option in the future.) So we had a hot chocolate with soymilk (very good), and came back at 14:00 for lunch. The vegan veggie burger was very good! And for dessert there was sorbet and fruit. And I think the dark chocolate fondue was vegan too, but we didn't verify. Desserts are so easy to make vegan, I'm confused why there wasn't more choice from the large dessert menu.

49 rue Montmartre, Paris, France

Loved it!

01 Jul 2016

What a great brasserie in a great spot! Just a typical French bar but with an entirely vegan menu. We had the burger and pad Thai. Both great. Then ended the meal with a huge waffle and a cafe gourmand. The staff was great and we'll be back to enjoy this place.

9 Rue Jacques Coeur, Paris, France

Great cafe!

10 Mar 2012

This is a wonderful little spot for lunch! We made a trip to this place because of the good reviews here and we were not disappointed. It's a tiny little place, probably only 12-15 places, but that means a lot of personal attention. We ordered the plate of the day (shepherd's pie) and were pleasantly surprise with the variety platter that was served. Several little salads and sides that were all delicious. The owner/staff were all very attentive and friendly. I would make this special trip again.

6, rue du Forez, Paris, France

Nice enough

05 Jan 2014

Sort of a coffee house with a menu. Decent options for vegans. Portions smallish, but sometimes that's just right. Many of the tables have short stools instead of chairs with backs. Big couch area for lounging with friend though.

58 rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, France

Even better than the original

19 Jan 2014

We enjoyed Cafe Pinson 2 for dessert and a glass of wine. The menu also looked great, but we had already eaten. This place is much more comfortable than the first cafe Pinson. It's both perfect for lingering over coffee or a drink, as well as for a full dinner. Service was excellent and we would definitely recommend it. Now looking forward to #3 if they continue to improve every time!

Classy enough to take your parents, but cozy enough to go with friends.

8 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris, France

Kind of weird to eat in a store, but amazing food!

05 Jan 2014

We didn't know what to expect, but were thrilled that we happened to get a table for dinner. It's strange to think of eating in a clothing (vegan) store, but don't let that stop you from going. Carmen will tell you what's for dinner and you will absolutely love it. Food was amazing! Don't miss the vegan tiramisu.

Estrada do Rodizio, Unit 2, Almoçageme, Sintra, Portugal

relaxing lunch spot

03 May 2014

Wonderful food! Definitely worth the stop! The staff is super friendly and welcoming and the cooking is excellent. There isn't a menu, you get what's on the board that day. But I can't imagine anyone being disappointed (or leaving hungry). Desserts are amazing too. All this wonderfulness for 15 euros (lunch).

49 Blvd De Sebastopol, Paris, France


30 Apr 2013

This is the best pizza I've ever eaten! It really is that good! The crust is perfectly crunchy and the tomato sauce is magical. And the restaurant is 100% vegetarian!

The location of the restaurant is great -- close to Les Halles and the Pompidou center. It isn't a pizzeria in the sense that you are seated with table service. Rather it's more of a take away place with pizza sold by the slice from the counter. But there are about 40 seats or so, so you can definitely sit down and enjoy. There are also some pasta bowls and salads and desserts available too.

It's entirely vegetarian, and there are always several vegan options. There is always a roasted veggie slice available that's excellent. But if they have the "chik'n" or the meatless bolagnaise, give them a try as they are two of my favorites.
Updated from previous review on Sunday April 28, 2013

31 Avenue Simon Bolivar, Paris, France


13 Oct 2014

We stopped here for lunch and were happy with several very delicious options. The soup of the day was very flavorful, the lentil salad was fresh and colorful, burger was a bit soft but delicious, and desserts were just the right size. The decor was simple and nice. We'll be back to test out the dinner options soon!

130 S Green St, Chicago, USA

A must go to restaurant

27 Nov 2011

If you like fine dining, go here. Vegan or not you're going to love this place. The service is excellent, and the food is outstanding. I HIGHLY recommend the butternut squash soup. I don't know what Karyn did to it, but it is out of the world wonderful!

This is a classy place with many interesting choices. The portions are large and the prices very reasonable. I can't wait to return!

29 rue Du Bourg Tibourg, Paris, France

Several good vegan options

02 Sep 2012

I have never seen what the restaurant used to be, but I was super pleased to find a restaurant with vegan options on the menu -- a rarity for Paris! I really enjoyed the mushroom roast and my hubby liked the burger. The restaurant was very pleasant, and in a great neighborhood. I'd definitely go back.

3217 Cahuenga Blvd West, Los Angeles, USA

Great little spot

16 Aug 2011

The restaurant itself is small and nothing fancy, but the food and service are excellent! It's located next door to a Holiday Inn Express and we went there with two kids who were skeptical about vegan food. Between us four we had See Me Noodles, fish wrap, red curry, cowboy dinner, grilled potatoes, and spring rolls. All received great reviews from everyone. Oh, and the Thai ice tea and fruit smoothies were great too. This isn't the place for a fancy dinner, but it is a place for a great meal (or take-out)
Updated from previous review on Monday August 15, 2011

20 Rue Laplace, Paris, France

Finally a vegan shoe store in Paris!

17 Nov 2014

I've purchased shoes from Vegissime online and have always been happy with their customer service. But sadly, too many times the shoes just didn't fit right. Now all that has changed with the new store. Now all the shoes and sizes are in stock so you can test out all the different styles and brands to see what is right for you.

The owner is very helpful and I highly recommend this place!

27, rue Saint-James, Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

Great lunch spot

05 Apr 2013

This little cafe was perfect for lunch. It's located in a great pedestrian area and the food was good. It's an order at the counter and we'll bring the food to you kind of place. The plate of the day is always vegan and there were also several sandwiches and a soup. Oh, and a great dessert! The decor of the place is nothing fancy, you sort of feel like you are eating in someone's apartment. But if you are hungry and want homemade food, this is the place for you.

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