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15 Jefferson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, USA

Best Thai In Grand Rapids

24 Jul 2012

Bangkok Taste is hands-down the best place to get Thai food in Grand Rapids. Everything from their Drunken Noodles to Green Curry to Curry Pad Thai is downright delicious and offered at a great value. In fact I would say this is one of my favorite places to eat in town.

Fair warning: while many Thai places claim to have high spice levels, this one really does. If you do not like hot food, order no spice or mild. It's still insanely delicious.

6 Jefferson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, USA

The Best

24 Jul 2012

Bartertown is the best restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI. Where else are you going to find farm-to-table vegan food at this price, where the staff seems to genuinely enjoy their lives, and the food tastes this amazing? I had a raw pecan maple bar here once that was a life-affirming experience. I love the specials, the $2 tacos, the ever-evolving menus. Not to mention the selection of hot sauce--my god, I LOVE ALL THE HOT SAUCE. The waitstaff is genuinely nice, the atmosphere is fun and cozy, and every time I eat here I leave feeling like a better human being for both supporting a great establishment, and for treating my body so well.

6 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, USA

The Younger Brother of Bartertown

24 Jul 2012

Same location and veg-friendly focus as Bartertown, but with late-night hours, punk rock on the stereo, and everything coming in a tortilla. Where else in the world are you going to find a late-night, cooperatively-owned, farm-to-table, affordable, vegan burrito joint? But Grand Rapids has one and the food downright kills.

I visited after a trek out to the beach, and filled up on a delicious 14" breakfast burrito that appeased my hunger, but didn't leave me feeling like shit. Plus they were playing Rancid. I look forward to going back.

209 Diamond SE, Grand Rapids, USA

Great Vegetarian Soul Food

24 Jul 2012

Atmosphere and spirit-wise, Gaia Cafe is everything I could want. The servers are friendly and good at what they do, the interior is very simple, and I love that if I want more coffee or water I can just get up and get it myself. It's all very laid-back and well lit.

The food is hardy and tasty, though most dishes contain dairy or eggs. Fortunately, the waitstaff is happy to offer substitutions, such as tofu or avocado. I am a big fan of breakfast here, but get there early or prepare to wait in line.

It's a small place, with a small menu, but each option has been tasty in my experience. Definitely try their vegan bars as well.

53 Commerce Ave, Grand Rapids, USA

Not Impressed

25 Jul 2012

When Stella's first opened the atmosphere was gimmicky and over-the-top, but it boasted a largely vegan menu and cheap drink specials. Having gone there several times during this period, I will say that their food was good, but not great. The prices were a tad high, and the quality was lacking. They also earned a reputation among my friends and I as having some of the worst waiting service in town. It took forever for anyone to come to our table, and when they did, it took them forever to get the order in.

Now Stella's has rebooted their menu, with higher prices and much less vegan food. Now most of their food options are either stuff with cheese or loaded with bacon, or both. I won't be making it a point to go back.

146 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, USA

Weird Location/Awesome Food

24 Jul 2012

So this sushi place is in the basement of the McKay Tower on Monroe Center, and while the environment feels like a mall food court, the food is top-notch. I have ate here several times, and each time I have been impressed. They have several veg-friendly options, including rolls with avocado, kim chi, sweet potato and many other delicious foods. Definitely recommend!

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