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Nahalat Binyamin 31, Tel Aviv, Israel

Great place!

16 Apr 2013

One of our favorite places for lunch...anywhere . The food is fresh, delicious and homey with many vegan options, as a matter of fact 90 percent of the food is vegan.
For around 12 dollars you get an all you can eat buffet with many warm options and plenty of great salads. We visited the place many times during our stay in Tel Aviv. The ladies whom run the place are super friendly . The place is always busy and if you want to try everything you should definitely come early!! around 12.00 or 12.30...sometimes at 14.00 there is nothing left (we learned from own experience) . If you are in Tel Aviv do not miss it! great value for money and beyond that. It is a vegetarian place but with great vegan awareness they can point right a way the 3 or 4 non vegan dishes and help with what you should or shouldn't have. we would give it 5 stars!! unfortunately happy cow allows only 4 stars for a non vegan restaurant.

Yehuda HaLevy Str. 21, Tel Aviv, Israel

Food is nice

16 Apr 2013

Let us start by stating that we are the positive kind, we love good food and are critical but also try to look at the full half. So the food is nice , the menu isn't creative,, it is more of a vegan snack bar kind of food, burgers wraps some warm dishes and a salad bar..but for what it is it tastes good. The place is dirty though and unfortunately one of us even got sick after eating there ;-(...really sick. Now, in Israel in 38 degrees in the summer one should keep super high hygiene standards but this isn't the case here. It is kind of a pity because we would have liked to like the place , but there are other better vegan options in town that are cleaner and safer to eat at.

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany

Not recommended

14 Oct 2012

We had lunch here and this was our only bad restaurant experience in Berlin. The place itself doesn't have a nice atmosphere , it is dark and not too inviting , the service wasn't too friendly either (and it isn't language related). The food was simply not good! it didn't taste fresh , was very greasy and the vegetables looked tired and old. Would never visit there again and wouldn't recommend it.
There are so many other great options in town do not bother to make your way to this one.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

nice place!

19 Oct 2012

The supermarket is small but defiantly fine to have vegan only products without having to read the labels . The little cafe attached to it is cute. The bagels were tasty and fresh , we had a lime tofu bagel with fresh green pesto which was lovely a nice big fresh juice , a nice cranberry cheese cake and a really tasty brownie!
There are only a few tables, but it is a good place for take out if you are in the neighborhood, it is pretty easy to find and get to with public transport or by bike . The staff was sweet and friendly.
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 18, 2012

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

Great place

14 Oct 2012

The place is small and cosy and therefore reservation is required. We went in the early evening and hadn't reserved(happened to be in the neighborhood but were lucky enough to get a table for 1.5 hours, nevertheless if you wished to enjoy a longer dinner reserve a head. The place is very cute and cozy, the girl on the serving was super friendly and an English speaker! the food was fresh , delicious and beautifully served. We loved the atmosphere , food, service.. everything really. They have a changing monthly menu with well balanced and varied choice and some dishes of the day to top it. Might be our favorite dinner place in Berlin, highly recommended!

De Groene Passage shopping centre, Mariniersweg 9, Rotterdam, Netherlands

A great choice for lunch

19 Oct 2013

A self service with a wide variety of dishes, all vegetarian and 90 percent vegan. All ingredients are clearly stated near the dishes and vegan dishes are clearly marked too. The food is fresh , the choice is great so one can always find something to his/ her taste. Some dishes are nicer than others, we tried many , some were very good and other just OK, , but all are freshly prepared and all together it is a great choice for a vegan lunch or dinner in Rotterdam . The only disappointment was on the dessert front: we tasted the vegan lemon cake which looked great but didn't taste great at all. Nevertheless would definitely recommend the place and would return on our next visit to Rotterdam .
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 19, 2013

Beeklaan 385, The Hague, Netherlands

read the other reviews so decided to try

19 Oct 2013

We do appreciate the initiative very much but unfortunately were disappointed with our food. the selection of vegan places in The Netherlands is still poor and therefore we were very excited to read about this new place in Den Haag and went to check it out with high expectations after reading the reviews here. The service is nice and attentive and the place is clean. The cooking tasted perhaps like something you would be happy with visiting friends at their home but definitely not on a restaurant level. We tried the 'Oven dish', mix of Tofu and some vegetabls. We also tried the chipotle burger, which was better than the other dish. It tasted nice but it's texture was mushed and paid 16 euros for that. The 'salad' that comes as a side dish isn't very exciting either and pretty dry. The plating is what you would get here at a 'Dutch cafe', some side Salad, some potatoes and your main dish . A good word we should give to the vegan mayonise which was very nice. We hope it was a bad day at the kitchen or maybe the quality would improve with the time.

Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany

It is still fast food...but a good one

14 Oct 2012

We aren't really the fast food kind of girls but tried this place on our first night since it was very close to our place and we were very hungry!!! ;-)
It is still fast food and not very healthy, the bun is a classic one so made of white flower but nevertheless we tried two hamburgers and both were very tasty! especially the home made hamburger from lentils...the french fries were very nice too! could have been nice if the bun would have been made of spelt or 'a little healthier ' but hey, it is a burger place after all and for what it is it is definitely a good one!

Kastanienallee 49, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Very nice place !

14 Oct 2012

Visited the place 3 times during our week stay in berlin and loved it, it is a great place for lunch. It isn't vegan but the stuff is helpful with informing what is or isn't vegan and there is enough super delicious choice for vegans! they have very tasty and fresh indian thali, just ask if the curries are vegan and ask them to leave the Yogurt out we tried the thali 3 times and were never served the same curries so it is freshly made everyday! ...nice soups ...nan pizzas .. mexican quesadilla (ask to leave the cheese out) they make the bread on the spot. High quality food for a fast lunch or dinner. Nice mix crowed of local artists , tourists, young and older.

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