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Winterfeldtstr. 37, Nollendorplatz U-bahn, Berlin-Schaneberg, Berlin, Germany

The best falafel I've ever had

I'm so lucky I live around the corner from this place - 3 euros for the best (3-ball) falafel I've ever had. Baharat uses all fresh ingredients, the tomatoes, cucumbers, ETC are amazing. If you're vegan MAKE SURE TO TELL HIM - NO YOGURT SAUCE! I get the spicy mango sauce, and besides even if I could eat the yogurt sauce I wouldn't because the other one is better. :-P

The fruit juice is 3,50 for a large (big glass!), but it's freshly made and worth every penny (share it, or get a small for 2 euros).

Recently, they've had this amazing thing on the menu called the "Mesa plate" for 3 euros -- it has three dishes all freshly prepared: tabouleh, baba ganouj, hummus, with pita bread. Order it, you won't regret it!

Also, this place is open late (1 or 2AM I think?), but it's quite small. That said, it's cozy and I often sit in the window seats while eating.

23 Caoyuan Hutong, Beijing, China

Friendly but too much mock meat

I went there with a big group and tried a lot of dishes. The mock fish was quite good, but I was disappointed that about 90% of what was ordered (everything except the eggplant/potato dish) included mock meat. Even the jiaozi (dumplings) were chock full of fake pork without enough veggies to complement it.

The atmosphere, after spending a while trying to find the place (not obvious -- I speak/read Chinese so that made it easier since the hutong sign was all characters!), was nice, and the staff was friendly and attentive to our large group. The prices were OK, mid-range.

I don't think I'd return except for a small bite or to have a cup of tea; the lack of veggies and overkill on the mock meat was just too much for me to really enjoy it.

Maaßenstr 14, Berlin, Germany

Excellent "buffet"

I've been here many times since it opened. I usually go when I'm really famished because they have a sort of buffet thing - you buy a falafel sandwich (white or wheat pita bread; 3 euros) or salad bowl with falafel balls (3,90 euros) as you base. Then you get your choice of items (self-serve) to put on top. The choice is usually pretty awesome because it ranges from typical toppings and sauces (tahini, spicy, tomato and cucumber) to various marinated veggies (carrots and cranberries, zucchini, onions, etc), couscous, and small cut potatoes. I especially find the sandwich - just 3 euros - to be a quite satisfying lunch or dinner. I have never tried the juices (they're kind of expensive) but they have regular bottled drinks and tea for about half the cost of those. If I'm starving when I arrive or sharing with others, I usually do an order of the (supposedly bio/organic) pommes (fries).

All that and the service is even nice and the place clean and usually quiet.

As the previous reviewer has said, it's amazing that this place is practically across the street from Baharat. IMO if you REALLY want just falafel, Baharat makes a better falafel ball so I would go there. If you're with friends or want something with more variety, or have that pommes craving (usually that's me...) then go to Boussi. But in either case, you'll be happy and full in the end. :)

Friedrichstraße 103, Berlin, Germany

Very fresh, a bit bland

I had the spring rolls, polenta sticks, and vegetable soup with rice noodles and tofu. I like the polenta sticks and spring rolls, but I didn't think they were anything to write home about. The soup was quite bland, and they didn't have any extra sauces on the tables to put in it, so I just took the red dipping sauce from the spring rolls and dumped it in the soup. (That helped a bit, but if I want rice noodles and tofu with veggies I think I will keep going to the woman at the Thai place across the street from my apartment -- lots more flavor with the coconut milk/curry powder combo!)

Despite this so-so experience, I'll definitely return because the menu is super veg-friendly and as a vegan I realized I had tons of options (or easily modified options) that were much healthier than the average veg place in Berlin -- which is typically fast food for vegetarians -- and I many things on it I have yet to try. Also, the place is big, lots of seating, very clean, and they have a nice looking juicer with mixed juice options.

All in all, I recommend this place ESPECIALLY to people who have restricted diets: vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, and gluten-free people will all find something to eat here! (total cost of a main dish + side was 5-6 euros)

Solana Lifestyle Mall, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Beijing, China

Great value for 100% vegan buffet

I had never heard of this place and stumbled on it... wow! I am so glad I did! I agree with the other poster about the buffet, you can't beat the price for a vegan buffet in this city, especially when it has variety that includes Southern Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese xiaochi, a chef cooking up other things (like zhua bing, the stringy bread that's very thin and yummy!), and 100% vegan desserts -- red bean pancakes, mini cakes, etc. They also have mini hotpots (with all the stuff you'd want to put in it) and a variety of drinks, including hot soy milk, a variety of teas, an orange drink (not fizzy or overly sweet thankfully!), and a red bean drink (not too keen on that, too thick for my tastes). If you want sugar or salt or anything you will need to ask for it (or pick it up off a table), but they'll let you stay there forever and eat or sit around and try all the drinks like I did.

Also, I have to say, one of the things that most impressed me was the focus on organic fruits and veggies, and the fact that many dishes focused on veggies as the key ingredient: this is not solely a mock meat feast like so many other places.

Alcohol is the only thing you would need to pay for, but they do have it. (Beer is about 12 kuai there for a liter, I think - the people next to me bought some to go with the massive amounts of food they were consuming.)

[As for finding the place, just in case you can't find it right away: I entered near the Costa coffee on the ground level of Solana mall. If you don't know: Solana mall is located at Chaoyang park's Northwest corner, but can be accessed from Liangmaqiao subway (line 10) Southeast subway exit (near the Youyi shopping center and Kempinski hotel). Once out of the subway exit turn left (pass the trattoria restaurant corner) and follow the canal, crossing over the bridge bridge, continuing left, then right and sort of walking behind the Liangma restaurant. You'll then go straight and follow the canal a bit more to the park/mall area. If you decide to take the subway, however, I recommend bringing a map and just trying to get to the west or Northwest of Chaoyang park from Liangmaqiao. Once there, it's hard to miss. ]

26-1 Guozijian Dajie, Hutong, Beijing, China

Friday buffet before 8pm - best deal in Beijing!

I have to agree with other reviewers: best vegetarian restaurant in Beijing. I live just around the corner (moved recently) and decided to give it a go with some other veg/vegan people last Friday.

For vegans, be aware: the dessert table (aside the generic fruit--bananas and apples) is not for you. They have egg or dairy in a lot of the desserts, so if you're going for that you need to look elsewhere.

Aside from that, I was impressed with the availability of sparkling water, pu'er cha, range of dishes entirely made vegan, FABULOUS sushi nori, and mini / personal hot-pots with lots of fresh veggies and other trimmings to put in them! All included in the price of 68RMB.

4250 Capitola Rd, Capitola, USA

To the point

Ok, I've lived around the world and I spent 3 years in Santa Cruz. Dharma's is, hands-down, the only mostly vegan (entirely vegetarian) restaurant I've *ever* visited that has many dishes it does quite well (not all are terrific: I would recommend the "Asian-style" dishes for vegan Pad Thai and I LOVE the dan dan noodles, but I was only so-so on the vegan pizza). The Mexican entrees and Italian ones aren't bad either, but I was most impressed with the Asian-style and the salads. The salads are not just fresh and very green, but have a variety of ingredients in them so you won't get bored. :)

But here's the best thing this restaurant has: dairy-free 'milk'shakes with about 8-12 different flavors!!! It may cost a lot (I think $5+) for the shake, but you get a pint glass of dairy-free heaven, I am not kidding you I have travelled to Dharma's just for the mint chocolate chip shake, and I've even just ordered a single slice of pizza or small salad in order to save room for it.

The other big item on the dessert menu are any of the cakes they have that day made my Black China bakery - vegan double chocolate, vegan German chocolate ETC. You won't be disappointed. I tasted BC here and then called the company to order my wedding cake.

The major problem with Dharma's is that it's too expensive (please charge me half the cost and give me half the food!) and it's out of the way for those without cars. I lived in downtown Santa Cruz with a bike and no car, and public transport is kind of backwards (often inconvenient and behind schedule), so I wished it had been closer. It makes for a nice afternoon bike ride, but it's definitely not the kind of place you want to be traveling to in the dark on a foggy or cold night in SC (which is often).

Still, I have to say, I have yet to find its match anywhere else I've been or lived (several places in Europe and East Asia).

Note to gluten-free people: they have vegan, gluten-free pizza on the menu.

30 Yonghegong Da Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Easy to find, cheap, fresh ingredients

The title sums it up: this place is simple, uses fresh ingredients, and had set menus that make it cheap (< 25 kuai for a full meal). It's extremely easy to find, right near the Lama temple, you can't miss the lit-up sign that says "Fairy Su". The service is friendly and everything is REALLY clean. I speak Chinese, but they speak English very well -- menu in English with good translations, too.

My one and only complaint is that I haven't been completed WOW'ed by any of their dishes yet. The eggplant was served cold (?!) and the mushroom dishes are fresh but lacking flavor. On the other hand, I guess I should be glad since that probably means no MSG or extra s**t added. :)

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Cake was nice

I had the peanut butter and jelly layered cake and while the cake bit was a little dry, it was dense and surrounded by peanut butter and chocolate icing, thus making it delicious. :)

I was disappointed by the drink. I ordered a hot chocolate and it tasted like half-melted dark chocolate with cinnamon but it had a powdery after-taste and the chocolate had not entirely dissolved. Tasted like when you make your own at home and haven't stirred enough. There are so many good places for finding hot drinks made with soy milk in Berlin that I found it kind of expensive to pay 2,80 for something of which I consumed only half because, frankly, it was not really drinkable. I will return for the cakes for sure, but not the drink. I noticed another person nearby only finished half her latte, so I guess it's not just the hot chocolate that's not up to par.

The atmosphere is nice, cozy, and comfortable. It's a nice place to have a chat or work /read for a bit.

145 Laurel St, Santa Cruz, USA

Lived three blocks from here for 2 years

Saturn cafe made my decision to become a vegetarian/almost-vegan a pretty easy choice. I haven't been able to eat dairy in years, so you can imagine my excitement when I moved from the east coast (dairy lovers) to Santa Cruz and discovered that the place three blocks from where I lived sold dairy-free chocolate soyshakes until 4AM every night...! Trust me, some of the best vegan comfort food in the world is found at this place: steak fry baskets, sweet potato fries (YUM), huge organic green salads, the soy shakes and other vegan desserts, and oh yes, the vegetarian and vegan burgers (not all are vegan, you have to check the menu and/or ask the waiter). My roommate, a non-vegetarian, LOVES the jalapeno burgers. The staff is quite knowledgable about the ingredients in the items on the menu so don't hesitate to ask.

The best value item on the menu, without question, has to be the vegan breakfast burrito (served all day long): it's basically soyrizo, tofu scramble, potatoes, stuffed inside a huge tortilla, with sides of salsa, guacamole, and the soy sour cream. I think it's still $6.95 last time I checked (June 2010). This thing will last you two meals (unless you're starving and haven't eaten in a while :) ).

Now, here are the two bad things about Saturn besides the weak coffee (go to Delmarette!!! It's down on Pacific Ave next to Del Mar theater, organic roasted beans and strong flavor):

- Saturn is often too expensive. A soyshake is $5.25 + sweet potato fries ($5.95) or organic house salad ($4.95) + tax and tip = about $13-15. A vegan burger + fries runs $8.50-9.50 + tax and tip (as do most of the standard dinner items). Yikes. On the other hand if I *just* order the vegan burrito..... :)
- The service is sporadically crappy, and I've noticed it doesn't really matter how many people are in there. By crappy, I don't mean waiting a long time for food (although some people will have to be patient here) but I mean waiting a long time to order because they aren't sure who's supposed to be attending my table, or a waiter who can't remember what I ordered. On the other hand, they're usually friendly once you get their attention.

Goethestrasse 5, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

Lacking something...

The service was super friendly, decor nice and very clean. Lots of options on the menu, even for vegans. I really, really wanted to like this place and I did - the samosa was good (not greasy and a little bit of spice), the chai was spicy and warm. Then we got several main dishes, naan bread, mango chutney, etc. It just wasn't that great. The curry in both dishes was too thin and lacked the spices. I know it's Germany, but somehow I hoped or expected something more... at least it was better than the last Indian place I tried, and it was fairly cheap for Indian food here. Also, why the heck do they serve people individually? Indian food is meant to be shared around the table... I found it odd that we clearly ordered to share and were delivered with two very European-looking setups: small salad, small bit of rice, and main dish, on large individual plate. I'm not sure I'll return.

20 Ju'er Hutong, Beijing, China

Good food, nice atmosphere

They have terrific vegan bibambap (sp?)! Make sure you say no egg - or sometimes they will ask. It's 39 kuai as of November 2010 and includes all those fun little side dishes, like kimchi, string potatoes, etc. They had a lot of options for vegetarians and even vegans (different types of meat substitutes if you want that, or just veggie dishes). I was impressed. The place is very small, so I guess if you go when it's busy you may not get a seat. It's easy to find.

This website won't let me give the place 5 stars because technically they serve vegetarian and non-veg people, but I have to say the food is some of the best I've had in Beijing. There is a lot of crap all-veg places here, and this one is better than all those!

Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

"fast" food?

5 stars for Yellow Sunshine because the food is yummy, it's cheap as hell, and the staff is friendly. My one and only complaint (-1 star) is that I wish it didn't take forever to get my food. The first time I went was on a Tuesday at 9:15PM. The second time was Sunday around 10PM. The concept of "fast food" here seems a bit of a misnomer. Both times I waited over 20 minutes for my food (first time I ordered the gyro plate, second time just a plain burger thinking it would be faster!); they seem to short staff even when busy... They should consider changing their tagline of "bio fast food" to "bio food" or "bio veg burgers."

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