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507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Loved it!

This is by far the best vegan restaurant where I've ever eaten. I had the black eyed pea cakes, tomato soup, fettucine "alfredo" with "chicken" cutlets, and lemon cake. It was all delicious! I have no complaints. I was with my two non-veg parents. My dad had French toast which he gobbled up quickly, but my mom had the vegetable grain burger. It was her first time trying something non-traditional and she didn't like it. She only took a few bites and ate a few fries, and they refunded us for it!

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone residing or traveling in the area. You have to try it at least once.

179 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Great food!

My non-veg [at the time ;)] friend brought me here because she liked it and knew they had vegan selections. I had the green pizza and the chocolate cake, and I loved them both. We went to a concert afterwards and I ate the leftovers in line because I couldn't save it...

1388 Route 23 North, Butler, USA

Great store, service not so great

Well the ice cream person was not very nice, but other than that this place is awesome. They have most of the food and hygiene products I frequently buy from other health food stores, and the trip (20 minutes for me) was worth it just for the ice cream! I had gluten free cookie (though I eat gluten) and I thought it was excellent. It was better than most of the boxed vegan ice cream I've had. I did try a few other samples (they don't mind!) and they were all pretty good.

I had a really good time at this store and I'd go back. If you live near it and you're vegan or vegan leaning, you're very lucky!

564 Rte 23 N, Pompton Plains, USA

Best Store Around

Out of the stores in the area, this is by far the best one (unless you're willing to make the trek to a Whole Foods). I go there whenever I need something they don't sell in my regular grocery store. There are a couple of things they haven't had (like seitan), but generally they have a wide selection of vegan staples, meat/dairy/egg substitutes, and cruelty-free personal care products. If I had a bit more money I would shop there more regularly.

The people who work there are friendly, but the negative thing about this store is that it is mostly teenagers who work there and they don't know much about dietary restrictions nor what is sold in the store. Every time I ask a question, they always have to check with the manager, and sometimes there isn't even a manager there. That can be really frustrating.

The other two things I don't like are first, they don't sell much produce. They have a very small produce section, which is all good and organic, but I wish they sold more because I don't know where else to buy organic produce. (If anyone else does, please let me know!) Also, it's very disorganized, so if you're vegan, vegetarian, or have an allergy, you have to check the ingredients on everything. They don't have special ingredient sections; rather, everything is organized by "type" of food and by brand. I always wish they would have a vegan section so I didn't have to do so much exploring and label-reading.

33 Godwin Ave, Ridgewood, USA

I love the environment, pizza is pretty good

I've been meaning to try this place and I finally went today with my (non-veg) dad. He got the Big Cahuna pizza with bacon and pineapple, and he loved it. I got the Very Vegan pizza with soy cheese, roasted garlic, and cremini mushrooms. I think they use the same soy cheese as Amy's frozen vegan pizzas with rice crust... I thought it was okay, but not as good as Daiya. When I mentioned it to the waitress she said they just started carrying it even though it wasn't on the menu! Next time.

We both got the "large" pizza, which is eight square slices, so two personal pizzas. That meant we filled ourselves up there and then again with leftovers. It was $17, which I thought was a lot, but apparently that's how much any pizza that size would be. I was pleased that they don't charge extra for vegan cheese; all pizzas cost the same. They also didn't skimp on the vegan cheese, which I have seen other pizza parlors do (all to save money, after charging us way more than they should). All in all, I was very happy with the vegan options at this place and according to my dad, it's good for omnivores too.

40 Park Ave, Rutherford, USA

Among the best you'll find in NJ

This is a GREAT place to take your non-vegetarian family for breakfast or lunch. They have several tofu scrambles (the Vegan Popeye is great) and vegan pancakes and sausage for breakfast. They also have vegan burgers and a few sandwiches, and now they have vegan pizza and TexMex (nachos, quesadillas) with Daiya cheese. They'll put Daiya on anything if you ask for it. It's a great find since NJ is lacking in vegan options, especially in our diners.

The menu is a little hard to navigate on your first time, so just ask for the things I said.

153 Park Ave, Rutherford, USA

Can't get enough!

I have liked every cupcake I've had from here (probably about 12). They are all so creative, and the cake and icing are perfect.

I have also eaten their cookies and brownie bites, which are just okay.

1172 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, USA

Pretty good place for vegans

This is a really good place to buy vegan convenience foods like snacks and frozen meals. They now have (I think they just added it recently) clearly marked vegan and vegetarian items, which I find EXTREMELY helpful and no other store has that I know of. It's right there on the price tag for each item, so you don't have to read the ingredient lists.

I'm on a budget so I don't buy convenience food anyway. What I usually buy there is tofu and tempeh (you can't beat their prices), and sometimes raw nuts and things like that. I find it a really convenient and relatively affordable place to shop.

Go there late on a week night if you can. It is crowded all weekend, during lunchtime most weekdays, and after work on weekdays. The space is pretty small and it can be irritating shopping in such tight spaces.

609 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, USA

I love this place

I may be biased because I love Asbury Park in general, but this place is great. The only thing I don't like about them (besides serving fish... though I can't say vegans miss out on anything by going here) is that, because it is run by one couple, they are closed for a week during the holidays (when I usually find myself in the area!) and they are not open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to vegan food, as long as it's not tasteless, healthy food. But yeah, I have enjoyed everything I've tried there, which is a lot. I love the tofu meatball sub, the bean soup, the smoothies (PB&J, YUM) and the desserts, which if I'm not mistaken are all vegan. The portion sizes and prices are very good, and yes, the salad is small but really you are paying for a sandwich and the salad is just a side portion.

Also, the vegan items are clearly marked, and the service is excellent so if you ask them (on the phone or in person) they will tell you what you need to know. The last review I found to be very unfair.

57 Bloomfield Ave, Denville, USA

There is plenty of healthy food too!

This is one of my favorite restaurants. I am getting annoyed with the people who say that all they serve is fake meat and unhealthy fried food. Most of their "specialties" involve those things... the reason is that people have evolved to like those kinds of foods and they are popular. And these dishes are expensive because of the production costs.

However, they have a perfectly good section of so-called "healthy" foods. They have a list of steamed vegetables with various sauces. They have plenty of salads and healthy juices (which I find disgusting). They sell brown rice, and while most of their appetizers are fried, not all are. So there are healthy options and these are the more affordable ones as well. There is no need to rip on this place just because they choose to cater to popular tastes and those dishes tend to be most popular.

The service is excellent. They are good about recommendations, and once they didn't charge us for a juice because we hated it and no one drank it.

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