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Primitivo de la Reta 927, Ciudad, Mendoza, Argentina

Good veggie buffet

28 Dec 2008

This is a great all you can eat buffet, and you can also take what you want and pay by weight, which comes out a lot cheaper, especially if you're not a big eater. There's a lot of yummy Italian selections, in addition to other things. Raw salad bar is small--there's more variety in cooked foods. I paid $2 for dinner last night and $3.50 tonight (I was hungrier tonight) for a full plate of many different things (a little of this, a little of that), and bread is free.

Melgar 101B, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru

Cheap, decent food

28 Dec 2008

I ate here several times, and sometimes it was good, and sometimes it wasn't. The soups are great and the fruit salad is usually very good. You can also get very cheap sandwiches for there or to go, like a soy burger for $1 or less, or a triple sandwich with avocado, tomato and egg or whatever you want. Not the greatest food, but really cheap and if you're not too picky, could be a great option. Don't get the pancake or omelette unless you like very fried food! There are tons of veggie restaurants in Arequipa--just look around. On Jerusalem Street alone there are at least two others, but they are more expensive (and better food). There's another cheap one past the big church in the real local downtown section of town, but I forgot the name or where it is--right near Calle Nueva somewhere. They have decent food and interesting cakes, such as quinoa cake, etc.

Garibaldi 93, San Martin, Mendoza, Argentina

Great little veggie place for a quick bite

28 Dec 2008

I stopped by for lunch today and yesterday, and loved this place because you can get as little or as much as you want and pay by weight. I got a little piece of 5 different things and it was only $2, and I found everything very tasty. Yesterday I just got a snack (a small piece of carrot-veggie cassarole) and it was only about 60 cents! No food for dinner, only for lunch, between noon and 3:00. No place to sit there, but great for grabbing something to eat on the way--they'll give you a plate and silverware, and they're very nice.

Mar del Plata, San Martin, Mendoza, Argentina

The only veggie restaurant in Mar de Plata

28 Dec 2008

I searched around, and this is the only veggie restaurant I found in the meat-laden city of Mar de Plata. There's plenty of Italian food around, but this was a nice, big vegetarian buffet. Everything was vegetarian except for one fish dish, but there were at least 20 other dishes that were 100% veggie. Great value for all you can eat for only 16 (about $4.50) pesos, including dessert. Right on San Martin pedestrian road, so easy to find (San Martin 2463). Very nice people. Open noon to 3:30 and then 8:00 p.m. until midnight (from Jan 2, 2009 on, for the season).

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