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2409 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

A favorite, but could use some improvement.

30 May 2009

I love Ecopolitain's all-raw vegan menu, and my experiences here have mostly been good. However, individual menu items can vary greatly depending on the day, season, and whoever is preparing your food. There's usually only one person waiting tables, and they may or may not be preparing some or all of your food as well, so service can be slow. The restaurant itself could be cleaner, and the kitchen could be tidier.

That said, I've never ordered food here that I didn't like. Raw food is an interesting concept to most people, and almost every non-vegan or raw person I've brought here to try it out has loved it and asked to come back with me. The only person who wasn't down was a young man who apparently couldn't stomach raw vegetables of any kind.

I recommend the falafel plate, sprouted hummus, and daily pies in particular. They have good take-away items as well, if you check out the fridge and dessert case.

1821 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, USA

No complaints here.

30 May 2009

Hard Times is just right for what it is, and the poor reviews I've read for it usually seem to come from people who were expecting something very different. It's a all-night, collective dive diner that happens to offer really good vegan food. The restaurant and facilities are not pretty, and service with a constant smile doesn't seem to be a priority, but if you want good eats at (almost) any hour then Hard Times is perfect. The staff isn't ridiculously chipper, but I've never had a problem with anyone being too surly or rude, either. This is not a place I would bring my grandmother for Sunday brunch. If I needed to use the bathroom, I'd probably rather wait till I got home. The background music is the choice of whoever is working at the time, so it may not be to your specific tastes (it's often not to mine). But the food I've ordered has always been good, the prices are very reasonable, and they offer a fair selection of vegan pastries, cookies, etc. in their dessert case.

When you come in, your write down your order (plus the price and your name) on a slip of paper and give it to whoever is working the counter and pay (cash only). They relay this to the cook while you find your own seating, and when your food is ready the cook will call you up to the counter to get it. You add your own condiments and such here as well.

I highly recommend the vegan biscuits and gravy.

2532 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Perfect Vietnamese take-out.

30 May 2009

Great, fresh Vietnamese food for cheap. The menu doesn't cater specifically to vegetarians or vegans (this type of cuisine just happens to be so) and items aren't marked, so you may need to specify vegan "no butter" etc. when you place your order. The staff seems happy to oblige and make substitutions when necessary.

I highly recommend the mock duck spring rolls, almost any mock duck entree, and the curried mock duck bánh mì sandwich.

2200 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Mostly recommended.

30 May 2009

Almost everything is vegetarian and can be made vegan, is very fresh, and tastes great. I highly recommend their "Doozie" salad and anything with guacamole or hummus.

As other reviewers have mentioned, they recently raised their prices and it's now pretty expensive for the amount of food you actually get. The juices and smoothies are especially pricey.

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