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1331 9th Ave, San Francisco, USA

Great Bakery and Center of Sunset

This bakery is a breath of fresh air. They have vegan and vegetarian options only and their baked goods are extremely high quality, generously portioned, and the ambience is the best. I wish they had one in our neighborhood. I would quit work.

229 E 14th St, New York City, USA

Wonderful and Artistic Food

Beyond Sushi offers reasonably priced, super healthy, beautifully made and delectable vegan sushi and the staff is friendly. The combinations are so creative, tasty, and made from super healthy grains and locally grown and purchased produce.

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Always a good meal

We had a great meal here last year in January, so we came to meet friends at CB one more time. The restaurant is spacious, relaxed, airy, and everybody had a wonderful meal. The staff is very nice and are available when you need them. Highly recommend the place.

174 Ninth Ave, New York City, USA

Don't pass up the Hot chocolate

Cocoa V is a cozy and well designed albeit romantic chocolate bar.They will soon get a liquor license. We had walked for almost 2 hours in the cold and rain, and relished the warmth of the place. Their hot chocolate is out of this world. And for $4 it is the best deall in the place. The chocolate plate (5 little pieces for $13) was nothing to write home about. The chocolate mousse ($8) with raspberry preserve was okay. They have a very limited menu outside of the chocolate and dessert menu.

11 Division St, San Francisco, USA

Full hand

The portions are big, the food is very tasty, and the staff are very nice. The awesome burger tastes almost like a real hamburger. The vegan moussaka lacked the proper amount of cheese. Smoothies are like shakes.

195 S Main St, New City, USA

Great Food Reasonable Prices Lovely Staff

We come here often when we are attending courses in the area. Wendy is the best and the entire staff is helpful and very efficient. The portions are large, the food is great, and we are regulars.

248 Broome St, New York City, USA

Wow, buy a cupcake for $3.65

The cupcake was a la vegan betty crocker mix with really good icing. Price: a little steep.We would love to see every vegan place succeed to give us more options, but using spelt flower should not drive up the price by $2.50 per cupcake.

2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

A Wonderful Vegan Restaurant in the City

We were lucky to stumble upon this treasure in town especially after we had enough of the faux meat Chinese vegan places. The staff here are wonderful and ready to serve, the food comes to the table and for the most part the dishes were delicious. There were a couple which lacked taste (Kelp noodles, Mac n Cheese). The California Burger is divine, the Spinach Artichoke dip is out of this world. We loved the place so much that we went three nights in a row. The desserts are very good as well.

2211 Mission St, San Francisco, USA

Oily soft tacos

If you have had real Mexican this is not,in the same league. They serve an average guacamole with oily soft tacos. The eggplant dish was okay. The tacos were the same oily soft tacos with sparse contents. Save your money and cook at home or find another place.

5049 College Oak Dr Ste A, Sacramento, USA

Be Very Specific on the Directions

First things first: The food is okay, the portions are big, and the prices are reasonable. The wonton soup is enough for 2 and delicious. There is no stellar entree although they are okay. Make sure that you are very clear with the waitress about when you want to have the different courses. She doesn't seem to have much experience going to a restaurant herself. They bring out all of the courses at the same time, sometimes she brings out the soup after the entree. Not only do you need to tell her that you want the soup first but you also need to tell her that you don't want the other stuff until each course is finished. By the third time we were there and we were clear we really had had enough and didn't want to argue any more. We are pretty relaxed people but you can't argue with common sense. We still feel it is worth supporting this restaurant. They are good people at heart.

2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

Costs Less to Eat Here than Cook at Home!

Woodlands has become a weekly favorite of ours. You can't eat so much and such good food for less anywhere in the vegan world. Plus, the staff are very sweet and the ambience is lovely.

145 Main St, Nyack, USA

Very expensive for small portions

Food was just okay. For everything you order from the kitchen, the prices are stipulated. For everything you order from the counter (where you can choose veg, main dish, and rice) there are no stipulated prices. We paid $12 for a skimpy portion of food on one plate the first night and $16 the next. When asked why we paid more, we were told that we were charged for extra portions because we had asked for a little more. The server who is also the manager measures everything out in very small portions. They do not serve with a full hand and charge way too much. When we made a comment that the price was pretty steep for not a lot of food, Ricky the manager told us "I don't make the rules." Clearly, he doesn't try to make return customers either. For service with a full hand and reasonable and upfront prices, go to Veggie Heaven in New City. They are also nice and appreciate repeat customers. There was not a lot of traffic the two hours we were in Main Essentials, so I doubt their business plan is growing the business.

460 Amsterdam Ave, New York City, USA

The Perfect Place to Stop By

Peacefood Cafe is one of the friendliest cafes we have been to in NYC. One of the owners Eric comes by your table to say hello and chat. Peacefood is as much community center as cafe with lots of people coming and going but the pace is not rushed but light and fun. The food is very good, the desserts are good, and the prices are reasonable. It's a great place to meet a friend, date, or hang out and read the paper. Try the dumplings--they are exquisite.

110 Lexington Ave, New York City, USA


Arrived soaking wet on a Sunday night looking for a good meal and some warmth. The Mulligatawny Soup was delicious, the rest of the meal was mediocre at best--pakoras, samosas, kachoori. The staff kept running into the back of my chair and standing leaning their hand on the chair back. One didn't get the feeling they had any idea how to make people feel welcomed and enjoy their meal.

10344 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, USA

Do Not Miss This Place on Your Trip to Sacramento

Some places are just restaurants and some become your beloved cafeteria, an extension of your kitchen. Sunflower has been around for 35 years and the love and creativity is fresh every day. We ate 12 meals there during our 2 week stay. The Super Nutburger and Nutburger need to be sleuthed out by VegTimes Magazine. We need the recipe. The millet mushroom burger is also excellent. So, that's just the food. When you are waiting for your food, you meet interesting people. Sunflower is a happening. Thank you Becky Cliff! You have brought truly great things to Sacramento. We were unsuccessful in getting her to start a Sunflower in Maryland. Oh well. Just another excuse to go out west.

6304 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, USA

We Drive 40 miles Every Sunday to Eat at Sunflower

This is such a great place. The food is organic, fresh, and leaves you elevated when you leave. If you have any residual tension after a day of work, have the Wakame Soup. Tensions will be gone! The staff is so friendly and make your dining experience so pleasant. We drive 40 miles every Sunday to eat at Sunflower. Our only complaint is they have not opened Sunflower in Maryland.

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