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҆martinska cesta 152, Ljubljana, Slovenia


18 Sep 2010

In Jablana you can get almost everything. But the best thing is, that you get good personal advice. So besides all the variety of choice you have to buy stuff, you actually get help from quite well educated ladies selling there (best is the owner).
Food, drinks, healthy fast food, herbs and spices, books, cosmetics, appliances and a friendly face. What more do you want?

off Agonda Road between Palolem and Agonda, Goa, India


07 Apr 2011

Wow! In the middle of the jungle there's a restaurant and they offer pure vegetarian meals with such interesting combinations. It's not indian at all. It's very much europian/western. They have tofu, lasagna ... and so many juices. The owner is great - he can explain everything to you and if you want to complicate your order he will take it and deliver.
He told me they were before on Palolem beach but it got too busy and they moved to this jungle just little above Agonda beach. It's quiet, calm and relaxing. While waiting for the food you can chill with a smoothie of some sort or a "power juice". Incredible. There's also a house cat that will ask for some food when it wakes up, but will not take tofu or seitan coming from your plate - it eats only fish - so it will stay hungry be cause they have none. =)
So, Blue Planet is the perfect getaway for evey day lunch if you're relaxing on Agonda. The beach itself is peaceful and so beautiful and than you just take a ride (rikshaw lets say) up to BP an chill out some more with good healthy food. All in all it will cost you about the same if you would eat on the beach.
I went there twice and the second time I ate so much I was fasting for next 2 days.

Zibertova Ulica 27, Ljubljana, Slovenia


18 Sep 2010

I love to eat there, because you get your food quickly, you take what you want, it's fresh and very very tasty!
I live in India and the food is quite different here - in a good way. It's way better.
And staff is always very friendly!

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