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7 Fletchers Walk, Birmingham, England

Great cake!

06 May 2012

I was in Birmingham for a conference in the Town Hall. Catering was adequte but no vegan cakes! So I was able to nip to Veged Out every day for cake and some much needed peace and quiet. Over the three days, I had chocolate cherry, lemon drizzle and bakewell cake. All were excellent and only £1 a generous slice. The highlight of my visit to Birmingham.

56 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Not just baked potatoes...

24 May 2008

Not being a fan of baked potatoes, I have avoided this wee place until recently. However, following a friend's praise for it, I had to investigate.

Today I had a vegan haggis samosa and a slice of mandarin and chocolate chip cake. On a previous visit, I have had mango and kiwi fruit cake and the haggis samosa. The samosa was tasty and spicy. The cakes were gorgeous.

And while I was waiting for my cake to be sliced, today, I had time to look at what else they have - a wide range of vegan and veggie salads which can go on top of a baked tattie or you can have them without the tattie, on their own.

Plenty of choice and vegan baking - what more could I ask for?

123 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

Chocolate cake!

19 Aug 2011

I've been here a few times. I usually have black coffee and vegan chocolate cake. The coffee is good, the cake is excellent. Very rich. It's like a really thick mousse on a lovely chocolatey base. They do two varieties, hazelnut or berries. Sometimes, alas, they have neither. Instead, I have had a vegan hot chocolate which is really lovely. If you love chocolate, it's great. If you want savoury food, then don't bother! You can also buy their chocolate bars but most of their individual chocolates aren't vegan. They've started doing sorbets and ice creams, some of which are vegan.

16-18 Newington, 2F, Liverpool, England

Brilliant cupcakes

11 Jun 2015

I had a few days in Liverpool and I went here 3 times. I had a great vegan breakfast for a very reasonable £4.70 including coffee and toast. The cupcakes were brilliant. Chocolate chilli beetroot one day, coconut and lime another. I liked the atmosphere, very relaxed.

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