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65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tasty, good, relaxed atmosphere

06 Jun 2012

It has changed since 2008! Menu is completely new and prices are on a high side (up to 120 for rolls and 180 for pizza). The portions are still generous. I checked the second floor - it's as cosy as it can be, nothing in Chiang Mai can compare! At least, among veg.places. Food is delicious, staff is quick, very friendly and accomodating. I loved the atmosphere.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 21, 2008

49/7 Soi Muban Wang Sing Kham, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Organic products

09 Nov 2012

I buy there vegetables, tofu, noodles, beans, nuts, spices - it's not expensive, prices are fair. The owner is friendly and offers money back if you bring back glass jars, + discounts if you have your bag to put products in.

Moom Muang Road, Soi 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The best restaurant!

28 Jul 2008

It's the best restaurant in Thailand I've visited. The portions are huge and everything is incredibly tasty. They have fresh bakery, soups, salads, sweets, lot of food. I didn't see anything not vegetarian. The service is a bit slow, it's true.

Th Rangsiyanon, Pai, Thailand

Food is good

30 May 2013

Exceptional menu, the food is a little tiny bit on oily side, but... the choice make for it. Tasty. Not salty, more like home food. Really nice instructions about thai food on the wall.

42 Mahidol Rd T Haiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand


17 Apr 2009

Ok place for cheap thai food. Not the best kind - they use garlic. There is also a shop selling pills, healthy products.

152/6 Kaeo Nawarat Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cheap and vegan

20 Jul 2009

It's a nice place with good enough soups, main dishes and snacks. It's so basic and simple, so don't await too much. It also closes very early - 3pm.

17 Moo 3, Chaweng Beach, Bophut, Chaweng, Koh Samui, Thailand

Expensive but delicious

11 Jul 2011

Very plain setting near the spa: few tables, kitchen and toilet. If you come at evening, they may run out of stock, so you can order only few positions. The food is expensive (170 baht) but delicious. Even small babies enjoy it. My baby didn't like to it anything raw before we visited this place.

Suthep Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good products but not organic

21 May 2012

Doi Kham don't claim to be organic, it's a mistake. They say they offer safe products but they do use chemicals. Still, vegetables and fruits look better and they offer some rare varieties of herbs and so on.

opposite Maeyen Pagoda, Pai, Thailand

Love it!

30 May 2013

I love it! It's such a great place for vegans! The owner cooks alone but she is really fast! The food is amazingly delicious. Lots of choices for shakes for vegans - I need to come back to try more!

Such a great vegan banana cake!!!

313/37 Moo 10, South Pattaya Rd, Pattaya, Thailand

Very good and friendly

28 Jul 2008

The menu is not very wide, but everything is clean and tasty enough.

Moo 3 T. Wiang Tai, Pai, Thailand

Popular place

30 May 2013

The place is super popular with Russian-speaking clientele due to the friendly owner Kostya. The food is so-so, the prices are a bit on a high side, the place can be cleaner, but the atmosphere attracts many and many people. The choice is amazing, lots of teas and healthy products, wheatgrass juice, tasty varied kombucha. You must visit it at least for drinks. I'd say, eat somewhere else.

25/34 Soi Srivichai, Suthep Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good selection of vegan ice-cream

19 Aug 2014

Very easy to find thanks to the big sign. You need to turn left from Suthep road if you face the mountain where the Bangkok Bank is.
Huge vegan selection of ice-cream! 25 baht per schoop is a good deal, because normally we vegans can find only sorbet at 39 baht per scoop or more expensive.
But not all the tastes are vegan, toppings are not, bakery items are not, drinks aren't vegan. So please be careful.

188/1-3 Mueang Samut Rd, Imboon village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good shop for vegetarians

21 May 2012

Nice selection of vegetarian products (eggs included), drinks and religious chinese goods. Lots of frozen soy meats.

191/3 Suthep Rd, Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ok food

20 Sep 2008

If I got it right, it's open place near Wat Suan Dok. Ate there two times, it's ok place and cheap, too. They also sell bakery without eggs.

JJ Market, Asadathorn Rd., T.Changpuak A. Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

You must visit it!

22 Oct 2008

The buffet is great, delicious, big variety of dishes. They have fresh cut vegetables, steamed vegetables, 3 dressing for them; 5 soups, brown rice, different noodles with 2 curries for them, dessert and choice of herbal drinks, plus ice and water. It as great as it takes! The place is very neat, clean and modern. Khun Churn shouldn’t be missed!

Bangkok Mediplex, Sukhumvit Soi 42, Bangkok, Thailand

Expensive but nice

10 May 2012

I went to Khun Churn with a friend and we opt for the lunch option. They give you options to choose from and it's only 150 per lunch. Tolerable, but portions are really-really-I mean it - REALLY tiny. Like in a doll house.
The food is delicious but very spicy. They cannot change it in case of lunch set, so my friend wasn't able to eat most of her servings.

Other options in menu is expensive, about 120-200 baht per dish.

424, Rama 3 Road, Front Soi 20, Bang Kholaem, Bangkok, Thailand

I didn't like it

11 Jul 2011

1. The settings are kind of poor for this level of prices.
2. I asked several times if the food was spicy and they stated that no, but brought me overspicy crazy spicy food!!!!
3. Burmese tea leaves salad doesn't consist of these leaves as you can suppose but was sprinkled with them!!! And everything else in this salad was soaking in oil so you almost cannot eat it, so disguisting!!!

29/4 Chang Moi Kao Rd, Tombol Chang Moi, Amper Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Decent place

20 Sep 2008

It's decent place with some delicious meals on the menu. Do try their sandwich. The pancakes are better than at Blue Diamond. The service can be slow.

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