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Nakamura-ku, Mei-eki 4-3-25, Castle Plaza B1, Nagoya, Japan

Rock Solid

I've been coming to this Akbar since 2002 (there is another one in Fushimi/Sakae as well). I found it purely by accident while wandering back to Nagoya Station from the International Center.

In addition to having a dedicated vegetarian menu (varied but not particularly original, don't expect dosai, idli etc), Akbar is vegetarian friendly to the extent that they even have a Vegetarian plate on their daily teishoku (fixed) menu. This plate consists of two different curries (usually a palak paneer and either a potato based curry or a dal) and is accompanied by a small salad, sweet yogurt and either naan or rice and followed up by a drink of choice (including lassi or chai). The teishoku lunch is fast and filling.

Overall the food is on the rather spicy side but certainly not painful. The default level is enough to raise a sweat for the occasional spice-head and spicy enough to prevent complaints from a hardened chili master. Heat level can be adjusted on request. The dishes are all well seasoned and the naan is massive. The chai is heavy on the tea leaves, rich and pungent - just the way I like it.

Service is competent, not overly friendly but fast, efficient and patient of requests. Many of the staff speak some degree of English for those without Japanese.

The only downside to Akbar is that there is a smoking section and no amount of good will can prevent smoke from stinking up the place if there are a number of smokers.

Nevertheless, Akbar have become a permanent fixture on my trips to the city and is well worth the slightly longer than short walk from Nagoya station.

5-17-10 Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

Great, but not what you might expect!

Generally great with good prices and a solid diverse menu. Inside is clean but quite cosy. And when I say cosy, I mean small. But this is Tokyo after all.

Those who have been to other Govindas type restaurants may be a bit perplexed by what's on offer. Think Hare Krishna via Macrobiotics and you're pretty much there.

Nevertheless, food is prepared with care and there is a great selection of magazines and cookbooks in both English and Japanese.

Ginza Kosaka bldg 7-9F, 6-9-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Almost perfect

A fully vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo? Surely not! But it is true. The Ginza branch is housed in a narrow building a short walk from the station. There are two or three floors availably for dining. Decor is Indian.

The first time I went, I went alone and enjoyed a number of dishes. Food was perfect and service excellent. That said, it was a tad expensive.

The next time I went was with family and friends. We enjoyed the buffet lunch (all you can eat) which came out very affordable. With four curries, rice, naan and dessert, not bad at all. My eldest son loved the saffron rice and ate a bucket of the milk dessert!

That said, it is odd that there are no South Indian dishes on the menu. I mean with all the diverse curries (tamarind, buttermilk) dosai (fermented rice/bean crepe), ottopam and mind boggling array of chutneys, pickles and soups of South Indian cuisine, who could go wrong?

Oh well, great place nonetheless.

4-96 Nonami Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya, Japan

Great shop, bad location

Karuna has a great selection of vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic treats. This store is also affiliated with the Taiwanese Buddhist temple nearby. I actually went to a vegetarian cooking retreat at the Buddhist sanctuary in Nakatsugawa, Gifu a few years ago.

Prices are fair and the selection is great. I'm a big fan of the mock Unagi (grilled eel) made from mashed tofu, lightly fried on a sheet of nori and seasoned with unagi style sweet soy sauce and sansho.

Only problem is, Karuna is quite a way from downtown Nagoya. A long train ride is required and then a hike up a long hill. If you go by car there are only two or three parking spaces. Be careful!

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