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1. 1 in 5 (4 yr old) kids is obese. 2. $2 Trillion dollars a year are spent on healthcare, more than 5 times the defense budget. 3. We pay more per person in health care than any other country in the world. 4. 1 out of 3 people born today will develop Type 2 Diabetes 5. Most people equate meat with protein. You can get as much if not more from fruits/veggies. 6. Coronary Artery Disease is caused by cholesterol in the blood stream leading to plaque buildup. Meat and dairy are the number one cause. 7. In 1958 there were 18 cases of prostate cancer in Japan; that same year there were 14,000 people who died in the USA from prostate cancer. 8. In rural China in the 1970’s their risk of heart disease was 12 times lower than the US because they consumed no meat, no diary and no processed foods, 9. During World War II, Germany invades Norway and confiscates all their cows and farm animals to feed their soldiers. Norway was forced to eat a plant based diet consequentially, the deaths from coronary artery disease dropped dramatically. After World War II when the meat was reintroduced to Norway, the instances of heart disease and stroke skyrocketed! 10. 500 Calories of a whole food plant based diet signals to the brain that your stomach is full, but 500 calories of processed or refined foods tricks the brain into thinking it’s only half full causing us to eat more and/or overeat. 11. There are 94,000 correlations between diet and disease. 12. Surgery and medicine cannot reverse the effects of coronary artery disease but a whole food plant based diet can actually reverse the effects of heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases! 13. Many people say that adopting a plant based diet is extreme. Isn’t having your chest cracked up for bypass surgery extreme? 14. Everyone equates dairy with calcium. 15. Why is it that the places that consume higher amounts of calcium, still have higher rates of osteoporosis? It’s contradictory…. 16. USDA makes the guidelines in what is healthy and in creating the “food pyramid.” People who sit on the board at the USDA are financially backed by the major corporations in the food industry. So are they “really” advising us of the best diet or are they advising what is driven from their pocket books? 17. The livestock industry creates more global warming then the entire transportation industry according to the United Nations! 18. Heart Bypass surgery treats the symptom and not the cause. That procedure alone does not prevent you from having a repeat heart attack…. 19. If everyone adopted a whole food plant based diet, our health care cost would dramatically go down by 70%-80%. Food for thought: “ He who takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the time of the doctor.” Chinese Proverb Don’t live to eat rather eat to live!
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Butler, Pennsylvania
17 Apr 2013
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