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Hi, I don't make fun of meat eaters. I don't call meat heads idiots or foolish, even if I might think it. After all, I ate meat till I understood that it was better for me not to do so. Many vegetarians tend to preach down to meateaters as if they're superior but most of them were in the same position prior to their conversion. Alzheimers is a point in question that has been around for some time but all the so called clever (and expensive) scientists haven't got a clue. My opinion is that meat eating is the greatest contributing factor to this debilitating disease. As for scientists they always want visible proof for their investigations but what they cannot factor in is that there is a greater intelligent purpose behind everything. When they are meant to find the causes then they will be presented with them and not before. Obviously there are other factors that bring on Alzheimer's besides eating meat, one should also consider the chemicals in agriculture and within the injections of antibiotics for animals. Meat eating is now much more prevalent than in the past so it's not surprising that reactions will become more and more severe, this with other factors help to bring about a situation in the human body that causes damage to the brain. As I said, there are whole communities of vegetarians especially in India and alzheimers is unknown to them. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure it out. Other diseases have always been there as no one is free of fault or is perfect in this world. I chant the Hare Krishna mantra and I refrain from eating meat, fish and eggs.
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26 Nov 2010
Hare Krishna
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Vrindavan and Alachua
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28 Dec 2011
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