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I have been a vegan since June 2007. I have been married for 31 years to a wonderful man, we have no children but a very full household of 7 cats, 2 dogs and 7 Koi.
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Charlotte, N.C.
15 Mar 2007
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Redwood Forest in Northern California
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Reading - Teeny Bit of Trouble by Michael Lee West
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17 Feb 2015
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Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:

I prefer to eat vegan because I feel so much better when I do. I am not as tired and don't have the stomach problems I used to, plus I just can't bring myself to eat something that was alive, breathing and feeling.

I joined HappyCow Members Community because:

I wanted to be able to connect with people that have the same interests and lifestyles that I have. I wanted a community where we could exchange information and help animals and the enviroment.

Here are some places I've been that I liked... and places that I would like to visit one day:

Mostly my husband & I have just travelled around the states. I did love Canada when we went to visit. That was few years ago, but it was beautiful and the people were so nice. I would like to go to New Zealand some day and my husband would like to visit Sweden.

Some of my favorite veg*n foods include:

I am just getting started with this lifestyle change, but I like almost all fresh raw vegetables. The Boca burgers are good, the Boca Ground meat is good. I didn't care for their sausage though. Subway makes a nice Veggie Patty wrap. I also like the Silk Soy Milk.

Here are some books, movies, magazines, and my favorites that I would recommend to other HappyCow members:

I like the cookbooks "How it all Vegan, etc. They not only have recipes but also tips on vegan friendly products, how to make some items at home and stories. The "girls" are crazy. I just love them! Vegan Freak Radio is awesome and full of great interviews and information.

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Posted on 07 Jun 2010

How the heck are you? I haven't been on either for for a year. My how time flies. Lot's going on a the moment. My granddaughter is doing great. She moved just after Christmas with her mom and dad to their own home. Still have my son living here. Goodness he's only 29, he's got tons of time. My animals are popping off one by one. Still have my dogs but now I've got a kitty, his name is Franky. The horses are doing fine, although I had a rough year with my Clyde. He colliced really bad a couple of times, thought I was going to lose him at one point, and his one hoof keeps abcessing. So far so good, touch wood. In the middle of a kitchen reno. What a mess. Can't wait until it's done, then I can get back to cooking.

How have you been? Anything new and exciting? Hope you're keeping well. Keep in touch, it's been way to long.


Posted on 22 Apr 2009

Holy cow it really has been a while!! Guilty here too. The weather here is up and down. It snowed about 2 weeks ago, boy did we ever get dumped on. Just when you think it's safe to put your woollies away. It has rained for the last 3 days and today is on the cold side. Starting to see some growth in the garden however. If the weather and committments would cooperate I'd be able to get out there and clean up. Happy Earth Day. Can you believe baby Alice is 11/2 years old already? My guinea pig Rosie passed away in March. Thankfully the ground beside the house was soft enough to dig, so we buried her there with the hamster and bird. At least she's not alone. so now we are down to 2 dogs, 2 fish and a ferret at home. Still working on the cat issue. I might stand a chance once the kids move out. That's it for now, take care friend.

bye, Julie


Posted on 13 Sep 2008

Hi Deana,

There was only minimal damage in my brothers area, thank God. We are experiencing a lot of rain at the moment care of IKE. I really feel for the people of Texas. Our gas prices have gone through the roof over night. They are up thirteen cents a litre. I got gas today and payed $1.33 a litre. I'm not sure what that is in gallons. Nothing like taking advantage of a bad situation. Other than that we made it there and back safely.

Take care, Julie

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