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Peace ...

Cont'd ...

4. Green Survey @ School
You could generate some survey questions (that create awareness, find out what other feel about this topic, how much they know about it) and get student to fill in and at the end of the survey, get them to pledge to go meatless for 1 day a week (optional).

Discount Voucher for Vegetarian Food @ eateries can be given out as a token of appreciation (optional).

This can even be done prior the awareness project start, to gather feedback and general opinions.

5. Green Competition/Green Picnic/Green Party
Have a mini fun contest - encouraging other to submit a Veg*n Recipe with photo, a Vegetarian Food Review @ the Vegetarian Eateries or a vegetarian menu @ non-vegetarian eateries, Blogging Entries ...

Winner's post or recipes can be displayed in school or blog or newsletters or ...

6. Offering of Healthy Food Option (Veg*n Food) in School or FOOD FAIR or Mass Green Party or Green Picnic, all are welcome to have one meatless or green meal.

During the awareness period, get the non-veg stall in school to offer vegetarian menu or option.

7. Give out Flyers / VCD ...
Such info can be pin on classroom or notice boards or ... You don't have to re-create it, if you can get them- even meatless VCD, from some organisation (free). Get permission to download or print out the materials (save time on creating)

8. Movie Time
You could show Food Inc. or Earthlings (related to the subject) in school at outdoor or open field or indoor.

I would prefer open field like open field cinema, it can be pair with a picnic event for more fun or additional reason for people to come. At prominent open space, it has the traffic, can attach more pass by and easier to get people just came to rest and watch for few minutes.

Let me know if you need more ideas or info.


Peace ...

Oops! I try. Thanks for asking. Some ideas inspired by various events or discussions over the forums, some are very raw and need polishing.

Great, you are creating awareness in your school. WOW.

Don't have too high expectation for such awareness but build in lots of fun in it which will create lots of positive energies for you to go on and for other too.

It is safer to go for mild one to test out the situation as not all can accept the concept of vegetarianism that easily. Subsequently similar events in the future can then progress to deeper level ...

1. Go Green Talk @ School ...
In my country, there is Vegetarian Society (VSS) who would go to school (with the school approval) to give talk about different aspects of Vegetarianism and they do invited some Popular Vegetarian to such talks to inspire or as role model or to debunk any myth that vegetarian diet.
If you have such organisation near you (need not be vegetarian society, it could be those who are eco-friendly organisation bring awareness on global warming and Green Diet, healthy eating could be part of the talks or exhibition), you could invite them over.

2. Green 'N' Healthy Cooking Demo @ School
To make things interesting, you could factor in some Fun Mini/Mega Workshops or Demo like -
How to make a milkshake/smoothies or interesting fusion salad or something unique vegetarian from other cuisines in other countries or with health tips. All can have a taste of the product.
Invite Chef from Cooking School or Eateries to come to demo and share how to cook ...
If possible, give them some hand-on and it could become another small talk topic for them to tell/share with friends etc.

There is workaround for such constraints like no open fire, so go for no cook recipes or participants can bring their own equipments, pay a small amount for the ingredients or get sponsor.

3. Exhibition @ School ...
Put up some exhibits with beautiful, clear, easy to read, "non- threatening" green info (like simple recipes with photo, healthy info, factory farming, other sources or sites link, who and who is vegetarian and why, vegetarian conveniences food, list of veg*n eatery (maybe) etc) @ school ...


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