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Chef/CEO of Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro By Chef Mayra Pura vida literally means Pura = pure and vida = life, but "pure life" in correct Spanish is actually "vida pura", making the real meaning of "pura vida" closer to "plenty of life", "full of life", "this is living!", "going great", "real living", or "cool!" "Pura vida" can be used both as a greeting and a farewell, to express satisfaction, to politely express indifference when describing something or even to say "thank you". The phrase has become widely known throughout the world and is used by many Costa Ricans (and expatriates). Some foreigners view the phrase as an expression of a leisurely lifestyle, of disregard for time, or one of wanton friendliness. However, Costa Ricans use the phrase to express a philosophy of strong community, perseverance, resilience in overcoming difficulties with good spirits, enjoying life slowly, and celebrating good fortune of magnitudes small and large alike. Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro maintains this feeling through the energy of its atmosphere and food. Vegan Chef Mayra crafts each dish in the spirit of pure life, using only the freshest whole local ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. The Chef incorporates macrobiotic, vegan, ayurvedic and raw food principles that focus on low-temperature and minimally processed cooking, keeping micro-organisms and enzymes alive. At Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro, we grind whole spices and use only the freshest herbs. Our oils, sweeteners and salts are all unrefined. We offer items that are Gluten & wheat-free, fair trade and organic. Our ingredients do not include high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, GMO’s or hydrogenated oils. In addition to our commitment for health and well-being, we maintain a philosophy of responsibility to our local and global communities. Our foods are locally produced whenever possible, while remaining affordable and therefore more widely available. Compassionate Cuisine = Wellness for the Planet, Animals & Health We at Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro believe Healthy Food has Flavor. Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro serves compassionate cuisine that is full of flavor and full of pure life to tempt the taste buds and please the body.
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05 Dec 2007
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Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:

A very important watch for everyone, gives you facts about the meat and food you eat. After watching you will have more of an understanding of the rational behind Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, and grass-root eating practices. SEE LINK http://www.jazzyscaribeanflavoor.biz/Page.html

I joined HappyCow Members Community because:

Community support, being part of one same community.

Here are some places I've been that I liked... and places that I would like to visit one day:

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Some of my favorite veg*n foods include:

Tofu sometimes gets a bad reputation because it is rather colorless and tasteless on its own. Don’t be fooled—this is tofu’s best quality! Like a sponge, tofu will absorb whatever flavors and spices you marinate or cook it in, making it quite the chameleon. Although it is made from wheat, seitan has little in common with flour or bread. Also called “wheat meat”, “wheat gluten” or simply “gluten”, seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute.

Here are some books, movies, magazines, and my favorites that I would recommend to other HappyCow members:

This is very crazy but sort of interesting: Shooting Vegetarians (U.S.A. 2005) (85 minutes) Neil, a punk rock vegetarian, is being forced to go into the family butcher business. He decides to save the world instead. In this eccentric independent comedy, Neil (Guillermo Diaz) is a vegetarian who is into punk rock, skateboarding, and his girlfriend, Daisy (Reiko Aylesworth). However, working for a living isn't one of Neil's strong suits, and in time his father decides it's time Neil came into the family business. This is problematic for Neil, since his dad runs a butcher shop; after a few days, Neil can't handle the slaughter, and exacts a strange form of justice on his father. Meanwhile, both Neil and his close friend Austin (Neil Driscoll Jr.) find they've both become obsessed with the manager of their favourite coffee shop. Directed by Mikey Jackson.

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Posted on 01 Oct 2009

I just saw your pre work out juicing blog on HappyCow. Thanks!

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