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100 words or less? Surely you jest! Oh no! I'm not like Yoko Ono - who can win John Lennon with the single word "YES". Do you really want the guy who gets by with a quickie? Or would you rather have the kind who could really blow your mind like in the song "Hey Mickie!"? My new description may go over like a Led Zeppelin... song! Our "Stairway To Heaven" may be less than 1/4 inch long!..... Out of my brain on a rickety train, I'm a choo-choo chooser. To do what I know I ought and climb aboard a new train of thought that frees my inner muser. A new train of thought, one that goes gliding, past the ways and the daze of what the old world has been riding. A train with a new perspective,- a different outlook. And like the Japanese Bullet Train, barely 1/4 inch off the ground was about all it took! There's no man in the mac who says ya gotta go back - to the cliques,... clacks. And like riding on the backs of giraffes for laughs, the old train can be alright, - for a while - where the ego sings of castles and kings and things that go - with a life of "style". If perhaps we would break apart, and get in touch with the heart, we may find ourselves... Going from touching,... to really feeling. Reciting,... to revealing. Existing,... to (more) fully being. And from looking,... to truly seeing..... Something,... someone,... and the things that truly matter. Leaving behind the bump and the grind, and all the senseless clatter. (Has anybody seen the bridge?) (100114) For those who don't understand, - they can stand under, - while you and I go flying by - and look through our new window of wonder! (100114) 8/13/14 So jump on the train. Be free at last! Glide free from the "saints" and restraints of the past! Looking for some free-thinking young lady fellow veg*n gliders - for passion and imagination are found among the outsiders! 8-19-14 I have no prejudice about any race or kinds, (aren't we all creatures of Nature?) I've tried talking to the animals but it seems they have already made up their minds. (Perhaps man is not (yet?) up to their stature.) I bought some batteries, but they weren't included. So I had to buy them again. There's a mystery waiting to happen if you might care to slap in some power for things to begin! 81314-1000114 You may say I'm a dreamer but before I say toodle-oo, is a dream something from which you awaken,... or something that awakens you?
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Davenport, Iowa
[email protected]
21 Feb 2009
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Classic Rock, including Psychedlic and Bubble Gum music.
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22 Sep 2015
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