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Spiritual Vegan Entheogens It is very trendy to go to South America to go through Ayahuasca ceremonies. Entheogens have been used since the beginning of humanity for spiritual expansion. History records their use from Soma of early Vedic culture to LSD in the 1960s. Today, the Native People of North America have legal access to peyote for their ceremonies and psychiatrists are once again experimenting with LSD and other entheogens scientifically to find their therapeutic use. Interesting studies have been done recently with MRIs showing a much vaster brain activation and neuronal interaction with LSD confirming scientifically that LSD indeed accesses the entire brain for cognitive activity unlike normative brain functions. On YouTube, one can find multiple Entheogen Gurus from Alan Watts and Timothy Leary to Terrence Mckenna and Ramdass. These people attest to positive results from correct psychedelic usage, the history of these spiritual medicines and their social implications. Of course, due to profound governmental ignorance, most of these substances are illegal although some lesser known entheogens are not yet classified and are still legal. I personally do not drink alcohol, I do not take illegal drugs nor do I take entheogens of any type and I do not even use pharmaceutical drugs unless under extreme circumstances. I also do not drink coffee and I do not smoke anything. For me Vegan Meditation is enough, and when one practices correct meditation, it far exceeds any entheogenic supplements. I do, however, support the complete legalization and correct medical application of entheogens. For example, micro-doses of psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana have been shown to cure PTSD in military personnel and a huge number of other psychological and physical impairments with no real side effects. Because the War on Drugs has been a complete failure and has caused much harm without changing any collective behavior, we should at least legalize those substances that offer medical value in spite of protests over profits from pharmaceutical companies. The most interesting thing about these entheogens is that they are vegan. Yes, one more time vegan technology leads the world to a brighter future. It is interesting that plants organically offer view expanding medicine to help us on the spiritual path of realization. The plant world not only feeds us, gives us clothing, gives us medicine, gives us shelter, gives us energy and transportation, but naturally occurring and growing plants let us reach into other dimensions to bring us into a larger sphere of understanding. Post Date: 08/11/17, Replies: 2 08/11/17 2
Holy Vegan Water Almost every religious and spiritual culture honors water as sacred. Vegan Jesus said that He is the Living Water, Vegan Shiva and Vegan Parvati bathe in the hot springs in Manali, Vegan Krishna and the Vegan Gopi Girls bathe in Vrindavan, every Vegan Buddha Temple has water offered at the altar, The American Indians and the Druze pray for rain, Every Hindu worships the Ganga River and washes with water before entering a temple to then pour water on a Vegan Shiva Lingam or a Vegan Krishna statue, the ancient Egyptians worship the Nile, Catholics have holy water and baptismal water, other Cristian sects Baptize with water, the Jews use water in their Passover Seder Plate, Muslims wash with water before entering a Mosque and almost every religion has prayed for rain during drought. Water is life, water is the origin of life, and life is renewed each time it rains. Every drop of water is filled with microscopic life forms. Vegan Buddha asked his monastic community to use water filters to not hurt the life in water and in so doing, to practice Ahimsa. Vegans prefer to drink reverse osmosis filtered water to not harm life. Our bodies are about 60% water and for babies that percentage is much higher. We must drink water every day to live. Fish live in the water and circulate that water through gills all their lives continuously. It does not just rain, hail, and snow, there is a very long history of: virga, sprinkles, fog, clouds passing low to the land, floods, rivers, creeks, tributaries, artesian springs, aquifers, ground tables of water, natural mineral waters, natural soda waters, sea waters, springs, hot springs, water sheds, deltas, storms, flash floods, arroyos, hurricanes, typhoons, snow avalanches, ices, frozen ponds, ponds, vernal ponds, water falls, frozen water falls, water sources, icebergs, frozen continents, sub oceanic springs, water currents, ocean waves, tides, lunar tides, solar tides and the list goes on and on. With water central to all of life, with water sacred, with water recycling constantly, with multiple phases of water all around us all the time, and with everyone composed mostly of water, how can we be running out? And more importantly, how could we ever stoop so low as to pollute our water? To destroy a water source or to desecrate water in any way is to sin against life and to sin against our very humanity. Perhaps the greatest sin against water and life is to trap water inside of innocent sentiency and then to torment it, torture it, slaughter it and then eat its bloody flesh while letting such sentiency’s waste fill the creeks and rivers with bacterial waste against their free will to kill fish and make all the rivers undrinkable. Like us, animals too are composed mostly of water and like us they are part of the water cycle. We share air, water and life with the animals and fish of this planet. We do not own the water, it is a natural right we share with birds, fish, animals, amphibians and reptiles. The water footprint of agribusiness animals, dairy and animal products is enormous. Bovine water footprints are 15,415 liters per kilogram of meat. In the US alone, it is estimated that livestock uses approximately 347,000 million gallons of water a day. Milking cows consume about 35 gallons of water each day. Beef is 4 million gallons of water per ton of meat. Vegetables are 85,000 gallons of water per ton to produce. Animal meat production also has led to the burning of the rain forests which directly impacts the water cycle, deforestation which impacts the water cycle, polluted rivers, ruined watersheds, toxification of creeks, high methane levels, enormous amounts of petroleum transportation and has overburdened our water cycle. The answer to these problems is simple, and it also returns sacredness and purity to water, it will help return our rivers to a drinkable state and will stop the drought problem. Go vegan. If everyone eats organic vegan food only, there is plenty of water to go around, plenty of food for everyone, less suffering on our planet and greater health and vitality in each person which reduces medical costs. This is the true path humanity must walk to find the sacred living waters that will quench our weary endless thirst that wrongful consumerism has created. Water is a doorway to Godliness, it should not be turned into Hellishness. We need to procure our life waters by respecting and controlling the pathway uses of water. Plants are 85% and higher in their composition of water. This means that plants are very dear like babies, filled with living water and life. Plants are our teachers for whom we must work and we must treat plants with respect. Plants and minerals give us food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and transportation. We need never to hurt another animal to live well. The decision is ours. We can keep this place as a living planet, a blue planet, a water planet of life for ourselves and future generations. We do not need to destroy our planet with pollution, we must not desecrate our planet with animal slaughter, nor should we end all life on our planet with wars; we should never even think that these are acceptable choices. We must do what is right by the Waters of Life we all share and Go Vegan. This explains why every major religion, every major medical institution and every heart knows on Earth that going vegan is correct. It is indeed correct with God, with medical science and nutrition and it is correct with all of life. Go vegan. Post Date: 08/10/17, Replies: 12 08/10/17 12
Fasting Renunciation is a discipline that can reap great benefits for both the practitioner and the world around the renunciant. Going without food and or water, fasting, is one such type of temporary renunciation. There are many types of fasts. One can quit meat for a while for a meat fast, one can quit dairy for a dairy fast, one can stop eating wheat or other specific food sources as a fast, one can fast of all food but still drink teas, water and juices for a liquid fast, there are water fasts, and the list goes on and on. The reason why fasts are temporary, is that once one changes their status to permanent, then they are no longer fasting but have transformed. So, one who fasts from meat for a month and then stays without meat is no longer fasting but has changed to a vegetarian lifestyle. Fasts can put stress on the heart and can affect blood sugar levels and so the best way to conduct a fast is with your physician monitoring the situation. One possible side effect while cleansing is diarrhea so proximity to a toilet may be important. Fasts are central to all spiritual and religious practices. Vegan Jesus fasted in the desert fasted for forty days and nights, Ramadan is a month of fasting from all food, all liquids, smoking and sex, Hindus fast more than most religions: on the eleventh lunar day (Ekadashi) twice a month plus on most festivals, Jains are always reducing their intake in a constant fasting struggle plus festivals and holy days, Lakota practices include Hamblecheya or a vision quest of no food nor drink during that medicine path, Catholics practice a minor fast at Lent, and the list goes on and on. Some people fast for good health or dietary reasons. Fasting permits the digestive tract to clear out internal mucus, it improves bowel functions, it is done for colon health, to rid oneself of undigested foods, to cleanse from environmental toxins and for increased energy. Fasting teaches one how much time is spent in a day contemplating food, buying and preparing food and cleaning up from food. Fasting energizes and gives a person much more active time in a day. Typically one gains any weight loss during a fast back when normative eating returns. To couple fasting with meditation, mantras, prayer and scriptural reading is phenomenal. One finds a more central essence of one’s being as they pear down to a core identity through the fasting process. Gone are the extraneous mental concerns and habitual patterns as one finds a more central true nature revealed. Fasting is like going to the top of a mountain, it is a place of clarity, insight and vision. Now, let’s get a bit more sensible about fasting. It is only dining schedules. If a person eats beef hamburgers every day, to let a few days pass between burgers might let an animal live, they might feel a spiritual quality, they might derive some health benefit, but they just waited between burgers. It may hurt to fast, and some people get such a pleasure from their long drawn out suffering pose in public, but it is just a delay in the normal dining patterns. If you want to truly experience something spiritual from renunciation of diet, go vegan. By going vegan one no longer participates in the greatest mass of suffering on Earth, animal slaughter. One also renounces the burning of the rain forests, the carnist experience of eating flesh and the demonic format of living at the expense of innocent sentient animals. Think of someone who eats lamb shish kabob or kung pao chicken or meat hamburgers as their regular diet. Do you think their waiting a few days for the next animal to kill and eat is going to help their soul? Now think about a vegan who lives in renunciation, only consuming plants and minerals for food, medicine, clothing, shelter and transportation. Do you think if they give up eating all together for world peace that this will help? Going vegan is not a fast, it is returning to a normal lifestyle. When normal vegan people fast to find higher spiritual ground, they truly find it. Post Date: 08/08/17, Replies: 0 08/08/17 0
Vegan Murugan Floating; sailing slowly without a ship, effortlessly moving forward, zero gravity. I look down and see that I have on large plastic white gloves and boots. I suddenly realize that I am looking through a glass bubble. I am in a space suit with no tether and no space ship. I topple a bit in my new awareness and see the great blue marble below, Planet Earth. How did I get in this situation? I return to face my destiny and re-position myself to look forward in the direction I am gently approaching. There is someone up ahead with tools working on a huge machine. As I get closer I see that it is a satellite. Approaching contact, I can now see a young, handsome man and strangely, unlike me, he has on no space suit. My space suit starts to melt away. “Hi,” he says. Now I am chatting with a satellite repair man and we are both wearing blue jeans and tee-shirts in outer space. Neither of us have on space suits but it all seems to make perfect sense. His name is Vegan Murugan. He introduces himself. He starts to eat official NASA concentrated squeeze food from a plastic wrapper marked MRI and he assures me it is vegan. “I can’t stand this space food,” he grumbles and gleefully shouts, “This one is fixed.” He shuts the final compartment he was working on and puts the food wrapper in his pocket. “How about some real vegan food?” he asks, “Come on, I know a place that serves the best vegan green papaya salad you will ever eat.” From nowhere appears a peacock that resembles a motorcycle in an avant-garde sort of way. I jump on the back and we start flying in an ever descending, approaching orbit towards Earth. There is something magical about the meeting of atmosphere and space. It is somehow exhilarating and refreshing to fly there in an open-air vehicle with luminescent feathers. Below are many bonfires, or so it seems. “Those are spiritual lights that reach to the heavens, lighting up each time there is a victory for the Vegan Way,” he calls out to me. Vegan Murugan is the God of Vegan Victory. “Vegan Vijay, Ki Jaya,” he hollers as he lifts his right hand in the air to wave at all the people that became vegan, served vegan food, spared an animals life or made a vegan presentation or a vegan decision and their action lit a bonfire of righteousness. Suddenly Vegan Murugan tells me the papaya salad is over there where he is pointing. I notice he has separated from me and he is flying away towards what looks like the Himalayas. I am floating again, toppling, returning and then…I suddenly awake from my sleep. I must have dozed off. My notepad is still playing the South Indian Puja to the very God I had been visiting. I remember putting on this three-hour YouTube video of a group of old men in India who were wearing white cloaks, sitting on the floor of a temple, singing Sanskrit off key thinking it would help me rest for a short nap after having had a sleepless night last evening. I floated back into my body and awoke upon re-entry feeling alive, rested, happy, alert and fulfilled. I had been in the presence of God. This was not something I would ever forget. I had to shower and leave quickly, I overslept with my quick shut eye. I had to meet a friend at a vegan Thai restaurant and you will never guess what we ordered. Post Date: 08/04/17, Replies: 1 08/04/17 1
Spiritual Veganophobia A ‘phobia’ is a mental illness. Some cases are very mild and some are very traumatic. There is hydrophobia which is the fear of water, agoraphobia which is the fear of being in public, homophobia which is the fear of gay people and the list goes on and on. We should never follow social, cultural, political nor religious trends that support such mental illness. Following mental illness and expecting it to become a new social norm has been attempted in the past with horrifying results frequently coupled with extremely high death tolls. Such was the case for the fear of Protestants and Catholics during the Reformation, the fear of black people from pre-Civil War days to the present, and xenophobia which is the fear of strangers, foreigners and outsiders which is at the root of all wars and genocides. There is a new phobia on the scene, 'Veganophobia.' There are still dwindling numbers of people afraid of a vegan diet even though the American Medical Association and a multitude of other renowned health and nutritionist organizations have determined it to be the healthiest diet on our planet. For some people, this is a private crisis due to childhood programming from ignorant sources. Other group affiliations which prosper from despicable market strategies of animal abuse also endorse veganophobia to support their ill-gotten gains and financial security. I would like to address yet another less practiced form of veganopphobia and that is 'Spiritual Veganophobia.' Vegan Buddha explained 2,500 years ago that titles and labels are self-limiting false images that only leads one to suffering. To call one’s self white, male, republican, vegan, protestant, rich, educated and sexy is one example. No one should have to bear such an identity burden. If one is white, then one conflicts with yellow, red, brown and black. If one is male, one competes with the females. If one is republican, one has made enemies of all of the democrats and if one is vegan, one might be singled out for ridicule by cattle ranchers, sheep auctioneers, fishermen, hunters and the like. Vegan Buddha explains that for the sake of peace and to reach people’s hearts, the use of such labels may only cause suffering and that it may be more skillful not to use such labels. I have met two people in my life that do not use the term ‘Vegan.’ To them, this is food (vegan food) and that is not food (Non-vegan food.) This is a jacket (cotton) and that is not a jacket to wear (leather.) By not labeling themselves, their diet nor their lifestyle, they feel that they have reached more people and done more good. To them there is a game to be played that enacts all of the righteousness of the Vegan Way, without the spotlights, fame and notoriety of cultural narcissism. They teach by example and are not directly afraid of the term ‘Vegan,’ and thus are not true phobics, but they find such labels as useless and as an obstacle for outreach. On one level, they are correct; real food that simply may be called ‘Food’ is only that which is vegan food. Such non-self- labeling vegans are not really ‘phobics’ but are they are enlightening beings of great magnitude. Post Date: 08/02/17, Replies: 0 08/02/17 0
The Physics of Vegan Emergence (This topic is written for people educated in Emergence Theory Physics. It was* written in the future.) Consciousness is vegan. This is because consciousness is universal, intelligent and meaningful. Higher dimensional Intelligence of non-repeating Mandelbrot type geometric imaging determines Time, Information, Evolution and Progress in Vegan Emergence Theory. What is emerging? Vegan Consciousness is what is emerging. The Gauge Symmetry Transformation of the coalescing E8 Crystal Lattice of True Vegan Consciousness refracts into the Fourth Dimension through to the Quasi Crystal of individuated sentient minds, diverse torrents that are Matrices of thought formation Pixels measured in Planck Lengths for this Emergent 3D Vegan Reality to occur.** There is a singular flaw in modern physics, and it is so humorous, I almost do not want to rectify it. All of reality is not Information, it is Communication. When this thought formation finally integrates into modern physics, granting Quantum Mechanics its due respect, then the math will work. It is not just Observation, but Integrated Communication sent and received and understood that effectuates change. At first, physicists will assume that Communication descends, then ascends, and then descending and ascending from Eighth to Fourth to Eighth Dimensions until it is realized there is no up nor down and Communication is circular in the lower dimensions and spherical in the higher dimensions. The higher dimensions are less physical, like thought. Lower dimensions are more limited and dense like a brick. In the future physics will announce that Karma, a function of Consciousness interacting with reality, determines the flow of all Causality Loops of Communication. This explains why the advent of Vegan Consciousness is important to recalibrate the ‘Karma Function’ of life which, in this case, acts as a disruptor field emanating from Future Eventuality to condition reality. With all time occurring all the time and affecting all time all of the time, Animal Justice, Vegan Truth, Food Justice and Vegan Ecological Realism are Eventuality Determinisms of Non-determinism. The truth is known that these concerns are correct, progress or Evolution must then be activated towards this Inevitable Outcome Directionally, even intellectually if not physically, and thus the Direction of Consciousness is to reform 3D into Vegan 3D. Veganism is a coefficient for known Future Eventuality guiding Evolution which makes it a Relative Constant. The big question is, how does the Golden Ratio, the Supreme Constant, relate to Vegan Evolution? The fundamental constant of nature which is mathematically known as the Golden Ratio, bears the inevitable outcome of all mathematical analysis programed into it which will be known as the Constant of Inevitability to which all motion, work and evolution is aimed, otherwise known relatively in this instance as Vegan Transformation. The Golden Ratio is the “Middle Way” of Physics and is the goal of entropy, the Directionality of Motion, the neutral grounding of this Electric Universe and the mathematical equivalent of the beguiling numberless number zero but with Delta Numeric Value depending on its dimensional mathematical applications. The cognizance of the E8 Crystal Lattice is faster than the speed of light which is the approximate limit of 3D reality velocity and so it integrates outcome before lower dimensions can even perceive the quandary. In fact, the E8 Crystal is in constant super-fast motion which supersedes the speed of light and therefore appears as energy from any 3D view when in truth it operates at the speed of thought and is nonexistent in its existent nature. Therefore, the Vegan E8 Crystal Lattice depends on the Golden Ratio to give Thought Communication physical form and the formation of Direction in 3D. This form is in a constant flux of Directionality towards evolution in 3D and, in this case, towards the evolution of Vegan Reality which has already occurred as the outcome of Truth and Decision in the 8th dimension and thus is the constant for life Evolutionary processes on Earth. (* Correct verb conjugation for this inter-dimensional message.) (** Gold is the language of the first dimension, Diamond is the language of the second dimension, Math is the language of the third dimension, Mandelbrot Geometric Imaging is the language of the fourth dimension, Symbolic Imaging is the language of the fifth dimension, Fifth Dimensional Math Fused With Mandelbrot Type Fourth Dimensional Geometry is the language of the sixth dimension, Infinity (Expansion) vs. Non-Infinity (Contraction) is the language of the sixth dimension, Formlessness is the language of the seventh dimension and the Third Dimension is the language of the eighth dimension.) Post Date: 07/30/17, Replies: 0 07/30/17 0
Vegan Ethics The only true Ethics are Vegan Ethics. For a person to explain what is or is not moral having just eaten the flesh of a baby lamb and dipping their bread in its blood, is surrealistically macabre and hypocritical in the extreme. It is beyond high strangeness to suppose that competitive, waring, predatorial, classist, elitist carnivores have any true morality to offer. Vegan Ethics considers all life as sacred and that inclusive to all decisions must be considerations towards all sentient beings. We cannot prosper as a species if we decimate all other species and annihilate the living ecosystem of life that both composes us as living beings and surrounds us as our environment. Vegan Ethics considers life cycles as genuine determining factors in evaluating behavior, considers the ongoing struggle to overcome ignorance as the supreme purpose of both life and Vegan Enlightenment, and Vegan Ethics is inclusive of all life in the present and all life in the future as the primary concern for all decisions. Vegan Ethics honors renunciation such that by limiting our consuming to plants and minerals for medicine, food, clothing, transportation and housing is known to be the source of correct living. Vegan Ethics does not consider the consuming of animals and animal products as freedom, rather it is the source of tyranny both spiritual and temporal. Vegan Ethics understands that the consuming of animals and animal products is not just morally repugnant, spiritually wrongful and scientifically incorrect, but that it is part of extenuating social, political, cultural, religious and humanitarian failures. All carnivorous systems of economics, resource management, religion, culture and politics are self-consuming, auto destructive and complete failures. Only Vegan systems of economics, resource tenure, religion, culture and politics can establish sustainable methods of life practices. As individuals, the fundamental foundation of ethics exists within every vegan as they choose to consume what is right and healthy over what is not. To then couple Vegan Lifestyles with existent structures of morality that are modified into a Vegan Spectrum of acceptability, then ensures the cultivation of Vegan Ethics in a correct manner. For instance, one who is vegan and then practices vegan Buddhism is going to not only consume resources correctly, but will not steal, will not lie and will not lead a morally corrupt lifestyle. Vegan Ethics is far beyond the simple obeying of governmental laws and eating correctly. Vegan Ethics involves an entire consumer base of all products consumed, it involves a connection with all of life in non-speciocentric terms, and it involves a purified consciousness derived from a correct diet that does not toxify the body and brain with animal products. Post Date: 07/26/17, Replies: 0 07/26/17 0
Religion of Being A rainbow exists. It is intrinsically a sacred, spiritual thing that initiates a religious experience for many people. It has been used as a symbol in many religions including both Judaism and Christianity. Therefore, we may say that rainbows are a ‘Religion of Being.’ Rainbows do not have churches, ceremonies, bank accounts, systems of morality and a priest caste, therefore, we may not say that rainbows are a state sponsored religion. The difference is that a rainbow does not ask one to participate, does not profit from interactions in the market place and does not serve governmental requirements, but to view a rainbow is to enter into a divine temple of life. When the Buddha walked the Earth, when Jesus was alive, when Hinduism and the Jain traditions began, they were not religions. They were Religions of Being. They started as a method of being but were not intended to initiate corporate status. Vegan realism is the same. One purifies from being vegan, one corrects one’s Karma by going vegan, one shifts one’s consciousness by practicing a vegan diet, one derives a vegan lifestyle by having years of vegan experience and so a true transformation through the Vegan Way of Being occurs. However, there is no ceremony, no system of morality other than tempering one’s consumerism, there are no churches and there is no priest craft to this process. Therefore, going vegan is a spiritual act of the Vegan Religion of Being but it is not a state sponsored Religion. However, this too will change and evolve over time as did Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and the Jain traditions. One day there may be ceremonies of entrance, ceremonies for seven-year cycles of renewal, marriage ceremonies and funeral rites offered to those for simply being vegan. One day systems of morality extending into ecology, concepts of private property and public commons, sexuality and human behavior may develop in vegan culture along with cosmologies of the divine. One day there may be priests and nuns and monastics of diverse Vegan practices. Then ‘Vegan’ will share the status of a state sponsored religion. Post Date: 07/23/17, Replies: 0 07/23/17 0
Vegan Spiritual The courts have erroneously decided that Vegan is not a protected religious belief. They judge what they do not understand. They make decisions about vegans and vegan rights as concerned and controlling carnivores. They cannot possibly understand the shift in consciousness that occurs through the vegan life process let alone the spiritual and religious ramifications of experiencing vegan realism. In this regard, the courts are biased and wrong for attempting to make such rulings without any comprehension of the vegan experience. This among multiple other examples of blind justice, however, does not at all undermine the emerging truth. ‘Vegan’ is intrinsically spiritual and religious. On the one hand, one may argue as I have that Vegan is normal and that eating carcasses is abnormal and macabre. By Zen standards, that which is normal like carrying water and chopping wood, is what is spiritual in life. What is not said by the Zen Masters in this same allegory is that ‘Normal’ is not low minded, animalistic, desire driven, irreverent, destructive and insane. It is not ‘Normal’ to destroy ecosystems, conduct genocide, torture, eat carcasses and cause harm for money. It is Normal to eat vegan, meditate, choose love over hate in every instance, dispel greed and overcome ignorance. But there is something more than normalcy to the vegan experience. There is an extraordinary dimension with the purified mind of a vegan and how vegans connect with life emotionally, psychically, spiritually and religiously in a manner not available to carnivores. It is as though the communication between Man and the multiverse and God is returned. By living in obeyance of Genesis 1-29, the Sutras, the Sastras and the highest standards of all religious thought, one is returned to the full presence of God and life, not separated from but rather a loved part of existence and God and all splendor. Vegan Life is a spiritual experience, it is a religion of being and it is the way of righteousness. The detractors of such truth will fall away like dross by the hand of time. Truth cannot be suppressed nor maligned. Vegan lifestyles are sacred upon this Earth and are honored by every religion, by the community of the living, those that have been and those yet to arrive. The only way to fairly distribute our planet’s resources is not through capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism nor existent non-vegan religious cultural and social structures. The only way for life to continue here on this Earth without mass die offs from war, lack of water, lack of fuel and lack of resources is through a global vegan transformation. By living in renunciation and accepting only plants and minerals as reasonable sources of medicine, food, clothing, shelter, and energy will there be enough for everyone. By returning to vegan sanity, we will no longer have massive overpopulation because so much excessive promiscuity is derived from ingesting and using animal products, conducting carnivorous diets and suffering the resulting value systems of such wrongful consumerism. The amount of water to produce animals for food is astounding, to give this water and all grains directly to people and not to animals for slaughter is far more intelligent. We can save the world through vegan rationalism and in this manner, the Vegan Way is not just spiritual and religious, but it is our only true salvation in life. Post Date: 07/23/17, Replies: 3 07/23/17 3
Vegan Tarot There are no pictures of meat eating in a typical Ryder Waite Tarot deck. Of course, this does not mean that all Tarot decks follow this rule but the majority do. The art of Tarot interpretation is a vegan skill if the Tarot Reader eats no meat and permits no animal products in the Tarot circle. If any Tarot Cards represent meat eating, it is the Devil Card which would reflect someone who says they are vegan but is not, and the Death Card which represents an arrogant meat eater who thinks he or she is right but is definitely wrong. There are also ignorant meat eaters, and they could be represented as the Reverse High Priestess, the Reverse Empress, the Reverse Fool and the Reverse Five of Wands. Someone who makes money selling animal products is the Five of Swords, and someone who works in a slaughter house would be the Reverse Seven of Swords, the Ten of Swords, Death, the Reverse Devil, the Reverse Ace of Swords and the Reverse Tower Cards. Veganism is represented by the Six of Cups, the Ten of Cups, the Sun, the Star, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Aces, the Seven of Pentacles, the Nine of Pentacles, the Ten of Pentacles, and the Queen of Pentacles. There are no reverse cards for the Vegan Experience because it is an upright moral choice. There are a lot of vegan choices, there are many pathways to a vegan lifestyle and this is represented in the abundant number of cards that reflect vegan choices. Post Date: 07/22/17, Replies: 0 07/22/17 0
Vegan Shiva Vegan Shiva is the highest and greatest devotee to Vegan Love and Vegan God. He arrived first to this planet from the sky and when jealous enemies of truth sent adversaries and obstacles his way, he wore them as jewelry and began to dance upon their ignorance. He turns darkness into light. He draws medicine from poison. Vegan Shiva is muscular, primitive and engaging. He is often called the Vegan God of destruction, but this is a misnomer. There is nothing to destroy, He just reveals the empty nature of all things. It is his job to end the multiverse when the time ripens to perfection. His alleged dance of destruction is only a natural response to the collapsing of the Great Illusion into its true form, the emptiness. Then when the calmness of nothingness is returned for an eternity or two, the magic sound of His sacred Om gathers strength. Starting faint and in the distance, the Om resonates louder and fuller until it fills the entire void and brings forth light from darkness, and separates the illusions of firmaments and planetary waters from their skies and life begins again with the rising of Vegan Vishnu from the Causal Sea giving birth to Vegan Brahma who is all of creation itself. He lives in caves, smokes the best ganja and is served the best vegan cuisine on Earth by His devoted wife Vegan Parvati. As a Vegan Goddess, She does not shop at the stores, She does not do dishes, and She has no dishwasher. When her children Vegan Ganesh, Vegan Murugan and Vegan Ayyappa, two of which were born from different women and one which is born from her but with no man, when they are all hungry, and Vegan Shiva is starving from meditating and performing Vegan Yoga Asanas, She decides what to make. She then becomes the beautiful Vegan Woman down the dark alleyway in the poorer parts of Lima Peru who sings to the radio while she cooks her plantains. Suddenly She appears as an old Vegan Tibetan woman making rice near a plaza behind a temple, then She becomes a Vegan Hindu girl making Vegan Curry from native plants near the huts by a river. In a matter of seconds, the food appears and her family eats in their cave, high in the Himalayas, giving thanks and sharing peacefully. We must pray to Vegan Shiva and ask that he collapse part of the Great Illusion early. We ask that he rid us of the slaughter houses, the carnivorous diets and the aggressive meat eating minds. If he would rid us of these few things we could all work together to recreate a Vegan World with our Vegan Minds and Vegan Hearts and bring forth greater Enlightenment for all to participate in with their life force. Vegan Shiva can bend time, bridge dimensions and collapse the illusions that we think are real. It is time to put Vegan Shiva to task and work with his pure spiritual light to accomplish greatness for all. Simply chant, “Om Vegan Shiva, Om Vegan Shiva, Vegan Hari, Vegan Hari, Vegan Om, Nama Vegan Shiva,” and then make this simple request to end carnivorous behavior. If enough people join in prayer, anything can happen; we can change the world. Post Date: 07/13/17, Replies: 0 07/13/17 0
Food Forest Vegan Food Forest There are two systems of agriculture that should converge in any Vegan Food Forest project. The two systems are Permaculture and Natural Farming. Permaculture clears the land, enriches the soil with compost and plants already growing plant starts like trees for a tree canopy, fruit trees which typically are shorter, large shrubs, small shrubs, root vegetables, vines and medical herbs as a ground cover which makes a self-sufficient zero scape forest of edible plants. Natural Farming does not till the land nor does it plant existent plants. Natural Farming gathers seeds, uses natural clay and rolls the seeds into clay-seed balls and tosses them on the land to benefit from the coming rain. Natural Farming techniques enrich any Food Forest. A Vegan Food Forest does not use farm animals nor animal husbandry nor animal products as fertilizers and other aids. Here are some videos that are on YouTube. If you cut and paste these URLs it brings you to YouTube and displays compilations of videos. Food Forest Grow Rice: Natural Farming Mother India: Cooking in a Food Forest It is truly Spiritual and Wise to return Vegan Sensibility and Sustainable systems of Vegan Food distribution and to cultivate a correct Vegan Philosophy from these models of interaction with nature. These systems of agriculture and food production are reflections of profound strides having been made in consciousness. Mother India is a reflection of vegetarian Hinduism, Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka who wrote "The One Straw Revolution" grew from vegetarian Asian Buddhism and Taoism and Food Forests have grown from a desire to regrow the Garden of Eden. Placing these Agri-Food- Philosophy systems into a Vegan Context, by extracting and expressing the vegan aspects of these philosophies and conjoining them under a vegan umbrella lifts them to yet a new higher level of realization. Post Date: 07/10/17, Replies: 0 07/10/17 0
Vegan Ashram To understand the idea of a Vegan Ashram, some definitions must first be offered. “Vegan Sacred Space” can be a private location within a person or physically manifesting outside a person. A vegan who lives with carnivores might have a shelf in a closet with prayer beads and a picture of their favorite Deity, and this is that person’s sacred space which reflects a place in that person’s heart. A “Vegan Temple” is where one practices their Vegan Tantra either alone and/ or with a select few if it is a ‘Private Vegan Temple’ or with others if it is a ‘Public Vegan Temple.’ It can be a room in a house or a commercial building dedicated for this use. This is a larger more defined form of a Vegan Sacred Space. If this is a non-religious space for things such as Vegan Political Action Groups or Vegan Business Meetings then it is called a “Vegan Meeting Room, a Vegan Office or a Vegan Meeting House.” When vegan people share a residence for the purposes of fulfilling a vegan goal or practicing a vegan study, this is called “Vegan Intentional Living.” A group of Vegan Nutritionists or students trying to get Masters degrees in the same field of Vegan Studies or a group of people in a new city opening a new Vegan Restaurant might share a rental to accomplish their same goals together. When there is a building that is used for vegan people of intentional living but it is a transitory group of vegan travelers who stay there off and on impermanently when they are in town, this is called a “Vegan Vihara.” Originally the term vihara was used by Buddhist Monks who would stay in such places for the rainy season temporarily. Today we have timeshares which are similar but they lack the shared value system. Members of a Vegan Vihara usually met at or share the same Vegan Ashram. One sees this often in big cities like NYC. A “Vegan Ashram” is where people gather to live on a more permanent basis to learn a Vegan Tantra, perhaps months or years. Vegan Ashrams are typically in beautiful rustic country settings because they are like a retreat compound. One may leave the Ashram at any time and return later or not, but the intentional living of an Ashram is of the deepest dedication often involving temporary vows or pledges. An Ashram is a retreat house for education and ultimately a place to stay if one wishes to be an educator at the Ashram. We need every vegan to establish their sacred space as a location of personal regeneration and from where to teach the Vegan Way of Being. When enough vegans have established their sacred spaces, some of them might conjoin in a vegan business venture and choose to establish a Vegan Intentional Living situation which can then also serve to entertain fellow vegans who have established their sacred spaces and to educate pre-vegans on how to Go Vegan. When enough Vegan Intentional Living places exist, a Vegan Temple, a vegan meeting house or a Vegan Vihara can be established. When enough Vegan Temples and Vegan Viharas exist in the city, a Vegan Ashram in the country can be built. This is how we can build a strong Vegan Culture, a large Vegan Political Movement, build more vegan businesses and restaurants, and establish Vegan Religions and Vegan Tantras that unite all the vegans. By doing this, there will be more vegan places to go in the city and the country for work and vacation which only enriches all our lives. Post Date: 07/09/17, Replies: 0 07/09/17 0
Vegan Impermanence Vegan Buddha has said that all things are impermanent. How do we create sustainable Vegan Cultures and eventually Vegan Civilizations and one day a Vegan Planet when going vegan can be a transitory phenomenon in one’s life? Vegan Marriage is impermanent with a 75% divorce rate in the West even if the reception was catered by a Vegan Caterer and if the Vegan Flower Arranger did not use Venus Fly Traps. Vegan Children and Vegan Babies can grow into carnivores for flippant reasons like teenage rebellion, chasing after a boy or girl’s attention, to fit in with peers or because someone told them to do so. Adult vegans who do it wrong by not taking vegan D3 vitamins and vegan sources of B vitamins might give up. Others join and quit regularly for a myriad of reasons. What is the glue that will make Vegan Lifestyles stick? The best way to Go Vegan and Stay Vegan is by having a Vegan Tantra, or a Vegan Spiritual Practice. One of the greatest arguments for Vegan Religion is that it helps contour our thinking processes, conjoining the mundane activities of cleaning, cooking and eating veggies with the sacredness of life. By defining one’s cosmology in vegan terms, one is more apt to remain vegan because the vegan experience is then deeper than just a diet or lifestyle choice which can easily change on a whim. We need to create respectable Vegan Ashrams that practice Vegan Tantra and Vegan Religion, that grow Vegan Food Forests employing both Organic Vegan Natural Farming techniques and Organic Vegan Permaculture. These counter cultural centers could foster many vegan businesses to grow. There could be vegan food businesses, vegan herbal medicine businesses, vegan cloth and clothing businesses, vegan bamboo furniture businesses etc. The community, by all practicing the same Vegan Tantra, would grow together as a unit, with new comers, children and visitors helping it to grow in population. Eventually these Vegan Ashrams could become Vegan Towns, then Vegan Cities and eventually elect Vegan Politicians. What keeps these people mindful is the Vegan Tantra which keeps out the poisons of greed, anger and ignorance and makes sacred love, marriage, family and work. This cannot happen by following a Vegan Guru. It must be the Vegan Tantra that truly works. I practice such a Vegan Tantra, and there is a big difference between something that truly works versus the false religions and false gurus of our times. Existent non-vegan religions and philosophies will not work. Then the impermanence is actualized by how quickly the Vegan Way of Life grows. Post Date: 07/08/17, Replies: 0 07/08/17 0
Family Who is not a member of your family? The Lakota say ‘Aho Mitakuye Oyasin’ which means I honor the circle of all my relations. This includes the sky and Earth, the birds, the four legged animals, the fish, the reptiles, and all the two legged animals as well. It is about finding connection with the living and realizing that this complex life system is a family of interrelations without which we could not survive. We need the bird to eat the seed and fly a hundred miles to release it. We need the rain and Earth to nurture the seed, we need the growing tree to breathe and to house the animals each of which serves a vital life function like the bird. We all need each other to live. Like the Lakota people of North America, Kung Fo Tzu is a famous Chinese philosopher saw all of life as a large family. He knew that women were the source of life, but in his view the family needed structure to successfully serve the needs of the life-giving mother. The son had to obey the father to ensure the family business was not undermined, the money from which the wife would create a home and more children. The man had to feel he was in charge to sustain his fertility, and so a role of patriarch was created to stabilize the male in participation within the familial relations that the woman created. This helped to provide protection for the family and income. Many of the things Kung Fo Tzu has written have been wrongly criticized by those who do not understand the true message and historic context of his philosophical treatises. He was alive from 551bc-479bc. He too saw all of life and all of humanity as a singular family through which one’s destiny, role and purpose was founded. Buddhism redefines family with the six realms. We are not just family members with life, connected to our fellow humans, the plants, and the animals, but with the departed as well. Our relations extend into the heavens and hells, the hungry ghosts, the gods and the goddesses, the Bodhisattvas and the Buddhas. We are part of a larger sphere of inter-dependency that co-creates life. Indeed this cosmic family does not just exist for one life, but reincarnates in a multitude of possibilities that consistently reflects our Karma perfectly life after life. We are so very interdependent that should even one person fall and goes to hell it is a failure we all suffer together. Likewise, every time a Buddha is initiated and comes to fruition, all share the blessings in this life and every life to come. What does veganism do to the cosmic family of the heart? Vegans protect the animals with their diet. Vegans know that animals are part of this sacred family that weaves life. Vegans grow with a more purified Karma because they eat what is appropriate for humans and do not steal flesh or reproductive fluids from other species to consume. Vegans can interact more successfully with all six realms of life; the Gods and goddesses, the humans, the animals, the hungry ghosts, those that inflict punishment in hell, and the victims in hell who are brought to this most lowly position due to their own choices and behavior. Vegans serve as a shining light to all. Yet for a vegan to be an effective family member, a spiritual practice needs to be in place and actively exercised in one’s vegan dedicated life to develop skills for correct participation in the family of creation. Vegans must purify in mind and heart, not just body, to be the shining example for the six realms and the entire family of creation. Going vegan is the most important contribution one can make to the evolution of this circle of life. By renouncing all but plants and minerals as a method of diet, medicine, housing, transportation and clothing, our entire family group Karma purifies and we can all then reach higher ground together. Post Date: 07/06/17, Replies: 4 07/06/17 4
Sacred Marriage The divorce rate in the US has been estimated near 75%. Fertility rates are dropping in the West so much so that the ruling elite of Europe have imported vast Muslim populations, for better or worse, that reproduce in higher numbers to replace the non-reproducing indigenous European populations. The ruling elite know that a growing consumer base to their capitalistic economies and a growing base for their work force matters more than ethnicity, religion or indigenous culture and genetics. How has this happened? We must look to current events for answers. Population levels and the institution of marriage seemed all right in the reconstruction period of economic recovery after World War 2 until the late 70s. By the 90s a fertility dystopia rife with broken marriages set in with no cure in sight. Although there is no simple answer to this complex topic, there certainly are a few obvious cultural patterns that did develop during this time. One variant concerns the environment. Nature provides Eros for love. During the late 70s onward, massive amounts of city building destroyed much of the world’s nature. No longer was it safe to drink from a river, trees are now in tree museums known as arboretums and one can drive for miles from mall to mall through canyons of cement. Another variant is the failure of Christianity. With the fallout of Catholic pederast scandals filling the headlines, Catholic attendance at Church has dropped precipitously. Protestant religions that use to emphasize family and work now run mega Churches that only banter eschatology or the end of the world. The end of the world and pederasty does not lend well for fertility nor over all acceptance of religion. Instead people are flocking now to atheism and dropping religion all together. What is the impact of Atheism on fertility? Without the sacredness of marriage or any belief in the esoteric concerning abstractions like love and God, people live together and break up often in an endless pursuit of personal pleasure and self-realization. Atheism also seems to effect birth rates negatively in China where an enforced one child policy led to an enormously imbalanced male population which inherently is impotent without women. The rise of feminism during this time also reduced fertility. We can see this from two levels. Islam, a notoriously male dominating patriarchal society, does not have a fertility problem other than it seems to over produce. Feminism, by contrast, steals away male virility. Men fought off the British, men wrote and signed the constitution, men built the cities, men invented electricity, the phone, the computer, air travel, the car, tract housing, universities, museums etc. Feminists walk in and demand that it all be handed over to women and deny men their most fundamental rights of child visitation after divorce. So many women that are feminists have no manners, are rude, narcissistic, masculine, aggressive and domineering. Feminist men often cultivate the feminine side of their personality and the conclusion is infertility. Women demanded equal rights in the work place which means that both parents work and so many generations of parent-less latch door children fill our prisons on drug charges. In terms of a vegan context, perhaps we should review the Atheist Vegan Feminist agenda. Do we really need to be led by women who wear party dresses and army boots, purple hair and bad make up, who are rude, aggressive, and ill mannered? Vegans need to redefine marriage, love, the role of man and woman, and especially God to reproduce. Vegan children are the most wondrous beings I have ever seen. It would be a shame to see the vegans become infertile and without love because a few greedy women who wanted to steal our cultural power convinced other vegan women that sperm stealing and single parent families are successful models. We need to operate from a male virility cosmology where love and God exist and marriage is sacred if we are going to compete with the Muslim culture. Otherwise in our next incarnations we will be eating lamb shish-kabob and chanting “Allah Akbar!” Post Date: 07/06/17, Replies: 9 07/06/17 9
The Vegan Tree of Life I have traveled half way around the Earth just to visit a tree, not just any tree, but the Bodhi Tree; a source of great enlightenment. I have lived in California in the Oaks near the Mexico border and moved to the Oregon border just to be in what is left of the Redwood Forests. I have moved to Yucca Valley to live in the Joshua Trees and I consider my trip to the Hoh primary growth rain forest of Olympia Washington to be one of the greatest adventures of my life. Once when I was in Hawaii I met a Kahuna and we spent the day making Ti Leaf Leis to place around trees on the Island. At one of my favorite Hindu monasteries near where I live there is an ocean rock necklace of stones with natural holes in them threaded by wire and wrapped around a branch of a sacred tree. I also have been fortunate enough to see not just the tallest trees on Earth, the California Redwoods, but I saw the oldest living thing on Earth, the California Bristlecone Pine Trees. I am not alone. Vegan Buddha was born under a Bo Tree, was enlightened under a Pipal (Ficus Religiosa) Tree and passed on into Parinirvana under two Sala trees. Vegan Adam and Vegan Eve had two important trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life. In ancient Sumer, Vegan Enki was the Vegan God who was portrayed alongside two trees representing the male and female aspects of nature while Vegan Inanna was often symbolized as Date Palms when she wasn’t seen as Cedar Tree, the Sycamore Fig Tree, the Apple Tree or the Olive Tree. In ancient Egypt, the body of the murdered Vegan Osiris was sheltered by a tree. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology people and Vegan Goddesses often became trees. Vegan Krishna as a child released trapped spirits of people inside of trees, and, to this day many Hindu Temples have colored yarns and threads wrapping trees from encircling believers. The Jain do not touch trees. They explain that there are many differing types of beings on the Earth. Some have only one sense, some two, some three, some four and some five. Birds see with infrared vision which humans cannot do and flies see with multi-faceted vision which also is beyond human capacity. Trees have only one sense, the sense of touch. Trees know the touch of birds and small animals, but humans are a frightening experience because they do not know if the humans will cut them down or hurt them. To not inspire fear in the trees, Jain people do not touch the trees but they will collect the fallen bark from trees that separates naturally. It is this naturally fallen bark that they pulp and use as the paper for the writing of their sacred Scriptures the Agamas. Modern tree technology is amazing. To prevent world hunger, a tree species was created that grafts 40 types of fruit trees into one tree. It is truly amazing to see this tree bloom so many different colors which can be seen on YouTube. It is called, of course, the Tree of Forty Fruit. Another miracle is the modern use of the Indian Moringa Tree to end world hunger. It is amazing how nutritious the leaves are from the Moringa Tree. And then, of course, there is the timeless African Fig Tree which is the source of all life in Africa eternally, from ancient times to modern times. There are ancient Olive Trees that saw the ancient Greeks and are still alive. There are ancient Tea shrubs in China that have over the many years grown into trees. There are the Rhododendron Forests of Dharamsala where flowering Rhododendron Trees thrive where the Dalai Lama lives which I have seen. So many trees provide medicine, food, beauty, shade, bird songs and peace. Tree worship has been practiced all around the world, but how many people do trees right? So many have done trees wrong. There have been foolish ancient cults that made animal and human sacrifices to trees. There are very foolish people who think they own the trees and can cut them down in clear cuts. There are even more foolish people that make no use of the Rain Forests and burn them and the animals that live there to ash. Find a tree. Do not touch it. Walk in circles around it with prayer beads and do your Mantras and prayers. Do this regularly so that the tree and the birds and animals recognize you. When the tree is ready to let you sit beneath it, it will let you know. Do not touch the roots of the tree when you sit. Suddenly this tree is your temple. Trees are perfect temples where one may practice their Vegan Tantra and Vegan Religion. This is a proper way to discover the Vegan Tree of Life. Post Date: 07/01/17, Replies: 1 07/01/17 1
Vegan Buddha Nature Everyone is genuinely good down deep in their truest nature. People make bad decisions which may make for great stories, but it also creates Karmic repercussions. When one bad choice leads to another and meets up with others that were made previously, it is a case of ‘Compounding Karma.’ We all suffer from compounding Karma from this life and uncountable past lives. Vegan Krishna says, “The ways of Karma are unfathomable.” Under this complex web of weighty compounding Karma is a basically good person who wants to be loved and who wants to love, who wants to serve and who wants to live, who respects all of life and who truly is looking for a way out of all this deadening compounding Karma. Vegan Buddha Nature is the key that unlocks how we all can return to this basically good person, with no guile, no anger, no greed, no ignorance, no wrongful speech, no wrongful actions and no patterns that builds more compounding Karma. The good news is that everyone already has a perfected Vegan Buddha Nature, it has just been 'deactivated.' So, let’s activate it. First one must go vegan. The only way to reach this pure essence of our truest nature of goodness which is our intended way of being, is to start with the first step of a thousand miles; go vegan. If you are vegan, you probably already know that going vegan is the most important decision one can make to join the singular way of living that genuinely benefits of one’s own health, the environment, animal welfare, and most importantly is how going vegan benefits one’s consciousness through purification. Going vegan returns us to our ‘Natural State of Being.’ Our natural state of being, however, lacks the tools of enlightenment to progress us further into correcting our Karmic pathways. After going vegan for at least two years, one begins to leave the transitional phase of a vegan lifestyle and begins to root into a permanent vegan lifestyle. It is from this point forward that one’s Vegan Buddha Nature can fully activate. If you have not yet passed the two-year mark, simply do the practices that opens one to their Vegan Buddha Nature. Have patience knowing that your true Vegan Buddha Nature will emerge in its full expression in time and that you may flash into it and out of it until you stabilize your vegan lifestyle choice. The next step is to try your best at practicing the Five Precepts as guideposts for untangling the snarl of life we tend to create while living on our own without checking any apparent handy manual for reference. The precepts are simple, and through their simplicity reveal an almost impossible task. We must try over and again to improve our task and to forgive ourselves as we seek to peel back the layers of compounding Karma and reveal our Vegan Buddha Nature. The Five Precepts are as follows: 1. No Killing. 2. No Stealing. 3. No Wrongful Speech. 4. No Inebriation. 5. No Sexual Misconduct. It also helps to develop a system of correct meditation which can be acquired from any Buddhist monastery. Simply call one up and if they speak the English language, ask them if they can teach you how to meditate. You can supplement this information with YouTube videos, lectures, books and classes on both Meditation and the Five Precepts. Buddhist monasteries are not generally vegan and thus they may teach meditation techniques but they are not freeing themselves nor others from compounding Karma if they meditate, practice the precepts and then eat the tortured, dead remains of another murdered animal with alluring herbs and spices. Buddhism only brings an individual into a practice that reaches the edge of true liberation, but it fails at completing the task unless it is coupled with a vegan diet. Also, many Buddhist temples, even the vegetarian temples, have animal skin drums. They will all tell you that you do not have to go vegan and that they hold the key to enlightenment. How can this be true if they drink the mammary secretions of other species after being weened, consume the embryos of birds and in many cases dead animal carcasses as well? They offer great educational tools, but the enlightenment is up to you. There is a vast difference between the Mahayana concept of a Buddha Nature and a true Vegan Buddha Nature. One first interacts with one’s Vegan Buddha Nature through meditation. After years of meditation and years of a vegan diet, one begins to realize that it is during meditation when one practices the Five Precepts best and that when sitting in meditation, one is indeed closest to Vegan Buddha. It is during meditation that one visits one’s own internal Vegan Guru which is the source of one’s Vegan Buddha Nature. Later, both one’s internal Vegan Guru and one’s Vegan Buddha Nature are activated and are always present in one’s daily life. This occurs at the same time as all self-defeating patterns of Compounding Karma are challenged as they arise and overcome regularly. If the years of commitment to practice scares you, do not worry. You have had billions of years of past lives, you will have billions of years of future lives and the few you spend in this process of purification, discovery and rectification is truly a small amount of time and effort compared to the results that will correct your life process now in this life and the next. Post Date: 06/30/17, Replies: 0 06/30/17 0
Vegan Quan Yin In every heart, there is a place that storms with hurt, confusion and loss. The rain pounds hard on the churning sea of devastation. Distant waterfalls and rivers overflow and push giant boulders to the shore as they flood the enormous wave filled ocean torrents with silty brown water to toss into the wild currents. There is pounding thunder that explodes and cracks as the sea of suffering swells. Lightning strikes the ocean of white caps and rolling waves that crest from past painful memories. A sea dragon rises in the confusing ocean tides, kept in place by rip currents and lunging swirls of despair. Lightning strikes so hard that it stays burning with white light above the sea dragon, and in that transcending light a faint image of a person unveils through sea foam and sheets of rain. Vegan Quan Yin surfs on the dragon’s back with complete composure, poised and peaceful, unaffected by the turbulence and drowning currents. With perfect dignity and concentration Vegan Quan Yin gently pours from a small vase the morning dew collected from wild flowers and herbs in Tu[censored]a Heaven. How is it that this enormous rainstorm, a hurricane of suffering upon the turbulent sea of causality, could possibly need more water, healing waters from above? With simplicity and grace the vase pours and pours and pours until the sadness and the storm dissipate to reveal a placid, loving place in the heart from where one may now do good deeds and feel the blessings of life unfold. Vegan Quan Yin has brought from these higher planes of healing infinite light blessings upon this world. Thousands of temples, thousands of vegan restaurants, millions of vegans, chanting, meditating, singing and Sutras chanted, filling the air with the sweet fragrance of blossoming flowers in Spring. Vegan Quan Yin does this as lives are saved from fires, drowning and other wrongful circumstances by those that call out this Vegan Bodhisattva’s name. Appearing as a passing smile, the motion of a tree in a breeze, a cloud flying overhead, the song of a bird and the humble and great presence of this Bodhisattva of compassion is present. Although peaceful and perfected in gentle gestures and manners, Vegan Quan Yin hears all the cries of all the sentient beings trapped in the snares of their own Karma. Vegan Quan Yin also walks through the unfeeling heart of downtown amid the street people, the trash and the passing cars. In Tokyo the name is Kannon, in Hong Kong it is Kwun Yam, in Bangkok it is Quan Im, In Delhi it is Padmapani and in Saigon it is Quan Am and always in every land with every breath and every kingdom with every thought the vegan way is diligently practiced. No matter the alias, the light of compassion opens in every being’s third eye like a thousand rainbows when a glance from Vegan Quan Yin notices you. Everyone is noticed equally and completely during this journey from the sea of sorrow through the cold unfeeling city to the heart of compassion, warmth and joy. Vegan Quan Yin has a Chinese address. You may find this glorious being there, because there is everywhere. No limit exists in the vegan heart of compassion, and everyone is healed through love and peace when Vegan Quan Yin puts two hands together in the Mudra of Anjali and welcomes your True Vegan Buddha Nature home. Post Date: 06/28/17, Replies: 0 06/28/17 0
Vegan Ascension We are leaving the third dimension and will be arriving into an entirely new dimensional reality soon. We are ascending with two other distant planets at the same time because we have all reached this critical juncture of parallel evolution together. We will be entering the fourth dimension and yet some individuals will transcend this growth experience like a stepping stone and enter directly into the fifth dimension which is the final goal of this process. Some will not make this transition and they will be left behind in the denser third dimensional reality to serve their Karma. The lower the dimensional field the thicker and denser the suffering and confusion, the higher the dimensional field the greater the abundant wisdom and knowledge and so too the lighter are one’s burden and pathway. Is this shared belief developing in our culture because of a dreadful sense of a fatalistic future where we will be shedding our third dimensional bodies? Is it rooted in ‘rapture’ thinking? Will this happen because of natural disasters and nuclear war or will it be a peaceful, gentle lift off from our dream state to higher awareness? If lightness of being and less Karma are the goals, and if preparations are now in effect to help this mass transmigration through cosmic dimensional worm holes in the time space continuum, then going vegan certainly is the right thing to do right now. Lightness of being is the vegan way. The food, clothes, building materials, medicines and transportation methods that are vegan support a lighter Karmic reality and certainly brings one closer to higher dimensional thinking and actions. If the lower dimensional realms are where Karma is thicker and denser, then it must be more towards the despicable act of meat eating. If this is truly a ‘rapture’ of vegans, it must be so because how we live is more important than what we believe especially if such beliefs are not supported by correct lifestyle choices. The Vegan Ascension is beginning. When we arrive, we will meet many others from other planetary pasts that now share this new dimensional field with us. We will grow in wisdom and truth as we find new vegan methods to reach further ascending portals of light bringing us to grow into the fifth dimension. It is all about vibration and purity. When our vibrational level reaches to the frequency of higher dimensional fields through purified vegan lifestyle choices and purified minds and hearts acquired through spiritual practices, we will ascend. Go vegan, practice yoga, commit to meditation, happily start chanting, open to prayer and continue your unending education to lift your vibration with a purified existence filled with correct decisions and arise, elevate and ascend. Post Date: 06/27/17, Replies: 0 06/27/17 0
Vegan Compassion Vegans have the correct foundation to practice compassion. Compassion is not just an opinion nor is it just an observation. If it were that simple, we would live in a far more compassionate world. If one truly wishes to cultivate compassion in their life, going vegan is the right first step. It is reasonable to expect a compassionate diet and lifestyle from anyone who seeks to fathom the depths of true compassion and, indeed, it is a very easy thing to accomplish. Vegan Compassion is derived from both a vegan lifestyle choice and being subject to impossible circumstances. Vegan Compassion does not rest with simply feeling or relating to another’s suffering, it involves a response showing the desire to resolve and alleviate suffering. For example, there are some street people who seem like they have not showered in weeks. Perhaps these people are junkies and alcoholics, begging in a big city. We have all seen this scenario play out before. You know that if you give such a person money, they might just buy more drugs, alcohol, meat or tobacco and continue their cycle of suffering. You cannot fix them, it is not your responsibility. These people who are begging on a street corner must fix themselves, if it is true that they need fixing at all. You cannot tell them that their suffering is rooted in their meat eating, their drugs, clinging to the past nor can you tell them it is a medical problem and that they should find help. None of this will do anything to help and it will only seem judgmental and rude from their view. They will tell you that you are the one who needs fixing. Giving them a cold shoulder and walking away hurts. So how does Vegan Compassion work in this situation? Compassion begins with truth. People are poor due to many diverse reasons, but it seems often that greed is central to this worldly condition; both theirs and others. If a poor person cannot give money, they should offer a smile, give their time, give their kindness, offer to help and serve others. This is how to overcome the greed that has darkened the world and caused everyone to suffer. When seeing suffering, do not hide. You are being challenged to find the cause of this suffering more clearly. Is this suffering due to those people’s thoughts and actions or are their poor choices part of a bigger social, economic, political, cultural and educational problem? Be touched by their lives. Isn’t this why we are all born, to touch the hearts of others. Let your heart be touched. Ask yourself if your life contributes to the machine that causes this problem, the source of such alienation, poverty, ignorance and wrongfulness. Consider what you can do in your life to prevent people from falling into such despair. The most important change and first step a person can make in their own life to prevent this type of criminal negligence of humanity is by going vegan. A vegan diet conjoins one with agricultural values of cooperation, cultivation, patience and helping life to grow. It is carnivorous to only care about one’s own spoils in the daily hunt. Plants offer unlimited jobs for humanity. In a carnivorous world, only the fit survives which leaves little room at the top. In a vegan world, by contrast, there is plenty of water, land, resources and work for all people for we live together as equals in this great circle of life. Through a vegan diet one does not contribute directly to war, ecocide, class stratification, alienation, and domination which is all rooted in meat consuming society. By going vegan, the preciousness of life is acknowledged in every meal. Sometimes we can only wait for the Karmic Wheel to turn and release others from their self-imposed suffering gained by living at the expense of fellow Earthlings that they eat. No wonder so many are driven to drugs and alcohol to hide from the terrorism of their carnivorous diet. It is strange that society has deemed harmful lifestyles that increase global suffering to be so normal and complacent and that it is alright to live in a world bent on self-destruction. If you live as a vegan, you are not supporting wrong views that leads to wrong acts upon the Earth. Of course, diet alone is not enough to obtain correct view, one must be educated and have a spiritual practice that invites the wisdom of Vegan Compassion. Let us return now to the hyperbole of the street people in our example. You cannot talk with these people, they will not listen, you cannot give them money, they will only perpetuate the problem, you cannot solve their problem and if you get too close, they might take advantage of the situation and cause you to regret trying to help. You can pray for them. As a vegan, you already have separated from mechanisms of carnivorous aggressiveness, and, as a vegan your prayers, chanting and meditation is very meaningful in a world where life is so cheap and means so little. Chicken wings can be bought for under one dollar, third world countries are driven to mass starvation and civil war, bio weapons are developed in labs under orders from respected world leaders, terrorists sell their trade to the highest bidder and land mines still dismember children. Can the simple prayers of vegans genuinely practicing compassion bring any light in a world drowning in such global misery? Maybe we should trust the purity of our vegan lives and let our prayers, chanting and meditations count. Say a prayer for the street beggars, chant a round for them and then meditate to clear your mind from the misery of their suffering. See them as healed, whole humans whose vegan enlightened nature is as pure as your own. Light the way for them to reach this level of goodness and purity in the darkness of their lives. Caring is the beginning. Be a guide for the wayward, live as an example and pray for the many. This prepares your heart and mind so when a genuine opportunity to help comes along, you might find yourself able to join in the experience of helping others to find their way. Post Date: 06/26/17, Replies: 0 06/26/17 0
Vegan Ganesh Laddus are small spherical sweets about the size of apricots or plums. They are stacked on trays, filling bowls, laid at his feet, on the table next to him, in his pockets and in his mouth constantly. He loves to throw them in the air and catch them in his mouth when he is making a point. There are many types of Laddus; Coconut Laddus, Boondi Laddus, Besan Laddus, and Malai Laddus to name a few. Millions of people offer him Laddus with Ghee or Soy in them, and although he is touched by their generosity and so he blesses these people, he does not eat them. Ganesh is a strict Vegan. The best Laddus in the world are found at Mother’s Market and Deli in Orange County California. There they sell Raw Vegan Fruitarian Laddus almost every day. They are found in the Deli in with the pastries but are rarely on display. You must ask for them because they are hidden on a shelf behind the pastry display counter. They do not call them Laddus, instead they call them doughnut holes; they must hide them and call them this ridiculous name because of Vegan Ganesh. They know that if Vegan Ganesh finds out about these Laddus, he will appear outside the store again. He starts playing his Vegan Mrdangam drum in the parking lot, slowly approaching the store as he starts chanting. Soon everyone starts singing the Shiva Bhajans he creates on the spot, and while the crowd that forms starts clapping, singing and dancing, he usually disappears for just a few seconds unnoticed, racing throughout the store, knocking over displays of fruits and vegetables, breaking mustard and vinegar bottles, stepping on prepared sandwiches, spilling guacamole containers until he finds the hidden Laddus and eats every single Raw Vegan Doughnut hole Laddu in the store. Yes, Ganesh is Vegan and so he is referred to as Vegan Ganesh, Vegan Ganapati and Vegan Gan Deva. He is not a typical vegan, he is soy free. He is not soy intolerant, he just does not need the phytoestrogens. He eats Laddus all the time, but will eat anything Vegan that does not contain soy in between his Laddus. It seems that by being soy free, he gets to eat many different types of bean dishes, especially Dahl and Sambar which he loves, and thus he devotes himself primarily to Indian food, happily missing out on all the mock meats and Vegan Chinese Food restaurants. Vegan Gan Deva also loves nuts, coconuts, dates, and especially ripe loquats. Be careful, he spits the loquat seeds which is one of his favorite secret weapons. I don’t think people realize that Vegan Ganapati, although civilized, wise, educated and lots of fun is like his mother and father, a hillbilly at heart. Vegan Parvati Devi’s name, his mother, means ‘Of the Mountains.’ So sometimes when he constantly chews Laddus or Loquats, he looks a bit like a mountain man chewing tobacco. The difference is that chewing tobacco leads to tongue, lip, mouth and throat cancer but Laddus leads to smiles and a large tummy. The way Vegan Ganesh was born is a Mountain folk story classic. Vegan Parvati had covered her body and face with exotic moist clays mixed with spices and herbs like sandalwood, turmeric and frangipani, to let it all dry in the sun and absorb impurities before bathing in the waterfall basin. She flicked some of this magic clay from her arm into a small golden brass bowl and said a prayer to create a guardian to protect her from intruders while she was in the water. Poof, her first son was born. A city woman would have showered first, imported clays and used a Lalique crystal bowl with her closest friends watching just before a large exclusive baby shower on a yacht. The fact that Parvati had not yet rinsed brings out an unrefined, simple Mountain folk naturalness to the tale. When her husband arrived, the young son fought him off as ordered by Mother. Vegan Shiva fought with his son to no avail. Then Vegan Vishnu, Vegan Brahma and others tried to wrestle with him for entrance to the waterfall with no progress to be made. The young boy lost his temper, or as it is said colloquially ‘lost his head,’ in defiance during his fights and became less God like and more animal like. The Karma for this is to have an Elephant head throughout the rest of his incarnation as a God. There was no violence in this vignette, no animal was killed for his sudden metamorphic head change because all the Gods and Goddesses are Vegan and very peaceful. Everyone in India knows that both Vegan Shiva and Vegan Parvati, Gan Deva’s parents, are famous not just for being great Yogis, but for their extreme ascetic practices. What most people will not face is the fact that their purification does not stop there, but extends into a strict Vegan regime. Originally Vegan Shiva had a loincloth of leaves and then later tree barks wove his attire. As a God, he created a vegan leopard skin wrap way before pleather was fashionable, being way ahead of his time, to help in the winters cold in the Manali Hills area while he and Vegan Parvati were looking for the hot springs. Basically, it was a nomadic lifestyle with Mom riding a lion, Dad riding a bull and everyone with knapsacks singing Kirtans and Bhajans as they hiked through the hills, collecting roots and flowers, nuts and fruits and leaves for meals and medicine along the way. Post Date: 06/24/17, Replies: 0 06/24/17 0
Vegan Emptiness Vegan Buddha spoke of Vegan Emptiness as a meditation realm, a philosophical and moral imperative, and as a force of nature not unlike light or gravity. There are many stages of Emptiness realization. Vegan Emptiness is the highest. First, let us define Emptiness. At this point, I could leave the rest of the page blank and call it Zen. Why? Emptiness cannot be explained, defined, understood, experienced, revealed, known, described, labeled nor measured. To do so is to create ‘Somethingness’ and so it is no longer is 'Emptiness.' Emptiness is the absence of all things, and to give it any description is to limit it to a concept which distracts from its ‘Non-beingness’ and exchanging it for a descriptive ‘Beingness.’ There are, however, differing views or levels of Emptiness. These levels or aspects are processes of acceptance as one prepares one’s mind for greater and truer Emptiness. Every Mahayana Sutra explains a different view of Emptiness, and the Theravada Suttas explain the Dhyanas (Sanskrit) or Jhanas (Pali), which indicates the levels of meditative embracement of this concept and the opening of one’s mind to Emptiness. Emptiness itself, however, is never directly defined by either Mahayana nor Theravada Buddhism but instead they indirectly describe its influence and significance. Modern science, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity view Emptiness as the precondition for the ‘Big Bang’ and thus it is a source of all life. It is therefore feasible to view Emptiness as alive or at the very least as filled with the potential of life and as an Empty Light rather than a void of Empty Darkness. Even darkness is now being evaluated by astrophysicists to be dark matter, dark energy, anti-matter and other existent phenomenon. Emptiness is so pervasive in Vegan Buddha’s teachings, that there is no word for preparing one's self in training for Emptiness, the process known as 'Meditation.' There are Jhanas which are levels of meditative experience, but in the past 25,000 years of Meditation practiced in the Vedic cultures of Buddhism, Jain Dharma and Hinduism, with Billions of people doing it, no Sanskrit word to this day exists for this process. That is because Meditation does not exist. The etymology of the English word ‘Meditation’ speaks of the Non-emptiness experience of thinking and reflecting or perhaps as a medical treatment and so it is not truly referential to the act of correct Meditation: Latin meditationem (nominative meditatio) a thinking over, noun of action from past participle stem of meditari "to think over, reflect.” One must integrate the original root of ‘meditationem’ from ‘mederi’ "to heal, give medical attention to, cure," originally "know the best course for," root ‘med’ "take appropriate measures." Indeed, when Vegan Buddha delivered the Four Noble Truths, he presented it as a medical prescription for the treatment of suffering. During the time of Vegan Buddha, healers would sing to the family of the ill person a description of the diagnosis, the cause of the illness, the outcome offered by the doctor’s cure and finally the actual medicinal therapy to solve the problem. When we ‘Meditate,’ we are in fact conducting a Vegan Medical Circle as we sit in the Vegan Dharma, embracing truth. We do this through contemplating Emptiness, not by thinking over, reflecting nor contemplating life as implied by Western ideology interpolated through the Western term ‘Meditation.’ So then, what is the highest view of Emptiness known as Vegan Emptiness? To find Emptiness’ pervasive nature, there can be no obstacles. Obstacles are what causes Emptiness to dissipate from the mind. How can the mind reach such a subtle and pure state of non-attachment, non-ego, non-being, non-Karma, non-suffering and non-obstructiveness with a lifestyle supported by the unjust and unnecessary torture and execution of innocent, unarmed fellow Earthlings for food? One cannot be Empty if one is full of dead carnage in one’s intestinal tract. True Emptiness is reached by worthy Vegan Practitioners, not by deluded fools who think they can eat animals and use Emptiness as an eraser for their dark deeds. In fact, many people try to overcome self-induced suffering from their own Karma of wrong diet, wrong thought and wrongful actions by addressing Emptiness as a panacea for their Karmic dilemma. Invariably such people only return to their dilemma with no place to hide. It is impossible to evade reincarnation when Karma is left unreconciled. It is easy to fool one’s self and join with other fools and build false temples and false religions that permit vices like the consuming of animal products, yet it is far easier to Go Vegan. Vegan Emptiness is derived by living a Vegan Lifestyle, practicing Vegan Buddhist ‘Meditation’ whereby no animal products are consumed during this Vegan Sitting Medical Circle of Dwelling in the Vegan Dharma as joined with outward statements revering Vegan Enlightenment. When finally the practitioner awakens from such ‘Meditation’ as one who walks the Vegan Eightfold Path, practices the Vegan Five Precepts and lives by the Vegan Paramitas, correct Vegan 'Meditation' has blossomed. Finally, the Vegan Practitioner must not be attached to this 'Meditation' process. This is accomplished by relinquishing the act of sitting in the Vegan Dharma and releasing from any Vegan Emptiness realization as illusions of the mind because there is no Meditation and Emptiness does not exist. What did come to pass, is the receiving of Vegan Diksha from one’s interior, selfless and true Vegan Guru of one’s Vegan Buddha Nature. Post Date: 06/21/17, Replies: 0 06/21/17 0
Vegan Astrology This topic is for people who do astrology charts and are somewhat advanced in their understanding of Vegan Astrology. The following aspects are those I feel are the best type of transits for shifting into a vegan lifestyle. Please feel free to comment or add to this list: Transiting Moon passing through the natal Sun sign with special attention to the solar conjunction. This monthly cyclical aspect is great for fasting. Unfortunately, it happens so often that most astrologers are too busy to notice. When the Moon conjuncts the natal Sun it is a great moment for silent meditation. Because most non-vegans consider a vegan diet a form of fasting when they first start and continue to think this way through some of the early transitional period, it is a great time to start a vegan regime. Transiting Saturn conjunct the natal Rising, Descendant, Nadir, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Saturn is a brutal disciplinarian. Regimes, diets, and fasting are not tough enough for this King of Karma. Usually one fasts because of lack of money, deep heart break, a broken date or missing the restaurant or store before closing time bringing one to tears. Saturn on the rising fasts to lose weight, Saturn on the Descendent does so to obey, Saturn on the Nadir fasts out of sorrow, Saturn on the Sun does so because food no longer tastes good, Saturn on the moon fasts because everyone at the store and restaurant seem evil, Saturn on Venus does so because of no money, Saturn on Jupiter is finally fasting after reading all those Shiva Puranas, Saturn on Uranus fasts because of roommate and Ashram issues, On Neptune due to health problems and Pluto because a guru said to and no one loves you enough to change that decree. Fasting is good, but going vegan is a much better solution. Transiting Neptune aspects: Because it is time to either go vegan or face cancer treatments or ulcer tests or cholesterol heart issues. Transiting Pluto Aspects: Because a change is required in life. Post Date: 06/21/17, Replies: 0 06/21/17 0
Vegan Astro Theology It is against Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist traditions to worship planets and stars. In the Abrahamic traditions, the story of Nimrod is espoused, although, the historic roots of this story are rooted in ancient Sumerian tablets that reveal a very different and more historically authentic view of this tale. In Hinduism, it is in the Ramayana where Ravana’s role explains the problems of planet worshiping. In Buddhism, worshiping of planets is simply not practiced. The contrarian view to these religious regulations is simple. Jesus was born under a star, the wise men followed a star. The stars were created in Genesis for signs, and in Revelation, the stars still play a foretelling role. Hindus use astrology regularly for ceremonies, calendars and arranged marriages. Tibetan Buddhists teach astrology, Islam gave the world the names of many stars and advanced astrology, pictures of Jesus and the Buddha frequently have solar halos that sometimes appear as Saturn’s rings rather than the sun’s corona, and the list goes on and on. This is the basic question of Astro Theology. Does the Divine speak through the vastness of our universe or beyond into the multiverse? In terms of Vegan Astro Theology, the bigger question is this: Does a vegan diet which is based on the solar receptivity of plants speak of a universal divinity that is symbolically intoned throughout the multiverse and in all planetary and interdimensional phenomenon? In other words, is going vegan an act of intergalactic divinity? The plants do not worship the sun and the moon, but they do respond to these celestial forces and other heavenly cycles including seasons so deeply and directly that it is part of their growth and life functions. Vegans live by plants and so vegans are invariably eating sunshine to live, as transmitted through plant wisdom. There is a sacredness of interstellar wisdom, planetary rotation and lunar blessings enfolded in every bite of vegan food. Vegan restaurants are temples to Vegan Astro Theology attesting to the power of solar generated plant food as the best and healthiest way of spiritual attunement, good health, ecological reverence and moral goodness. To consciously acknowledge the sacredness of outer space and to ingest its miracle of life through plants that are composed of our planet’s annual cyclical tilting of seasons and our star’s sun light is to join the intergalactic Vegan Astro Theology movement. Our space brothers from distant planets also understand the choice of goodness over evil. It is wrong to kill fellow sentient beings for food for they, like us, holographically hold the entire universe within their life forces and thus must be honored. Plants also are sentient on a different level of experience, for they hold a different role in our holographic universe. Their wisdom is purely Yin in nature and thus they are completely responsive to the divinity of this universe, growing in the direction of sunlight, blossoming seasonally and responsive to the lunar cycles, planetary retrogradations and solar flare cycles. Plants are not a Yang expression of direct creational involvement in the evolution of consciousness within the matrix of this multiverse holographic program, and so, although they must be revered for they are living, they may be harvested for food. The intimacy of consuming plants for food brings us as human Earthlings deeper into the mystery of sunlight, seasons, planetary rotation, lunar presence and nature in general. In this way plants are the high priests of the Vegan Astro Theology movement and the same can be said of minerals. Post Date: 06/20/17, Replies: 9 06/20/17 9
Vegan Reincarnation Food is central to the transmigration pathways of reincarnation. This seems like such an odd thought, but it is entirely true. Eating is a Karmic function. All of life eats, but at the expense of whom or what? What we eat determines who we are, what we have been and indeed what we will be in health, body, heart, and in mind. Food is a Karmic statement both symbolically and directly representing the summation of our actions and desires. Let us begin with an operational definition of ‘Reincarnation.’ This term means, “Returning in Flesh.” Flesh, however, is a mutable concept. The flesh of Human Beings is Skin and Muscle, the flesh of the Gods is Consciousness, the flesh of Divinity is Spiritual Light, the flesh of the Arabic ‘Jin’ is Fire, the flesh of Demons is Suffering, the flesh of all Heavenly Realms is Bliss, the flesh of the Bodhisattvas is Emptiness, the flesh of the Buddhas is Enlightenment and the flesh of Dreams is Desire. It must be understood that anything which continues after death is a form of reincarnation. If one goes to Heaven after dying, one might have a new Heavenly Body of Light, and that is a new reincarnation. If after death one goes to Hell that is the next reincarnation. If one becomes Emptiness and that Emptiness bares Consciousness or Relativity, or if such Emptiness terminates and is Impermeant this is the next reincarnation. One can die and return as an animal, a plant, an Enlightening Being, a God, a Space Alien or even on a different planet in another universe and still it is all reincarnation. One can reincarnate a new spirit in the same body while still alive. Some people remain in their body their entire life, while others may reincarnate inside that same body once and may view that experience as a ‘walk in’ or as being ‘born again.’ Others might reincarnate inside their same birth body many times at critical points in life and call it ‘cyclic development’ or ‘life changes.’ Still others seem to reincarnate thousands of times per second. The history of reincarnation is interesting. It is a concept accepted by the Hindus, Jain, Buddhists, Early Christians, Hasidic Jews, Ancient Egyptians, Many Native tribes, most UFO esotericists and countless others. The originating source of this concept is not found in philosophical nor religious circles of human society, but rather it is found from observations humans drew when agriculture was first beginning to seed in humanity. Man saw that plants died in winter and grew back in spring. A plant may die here and then grow again there. Plants are a primary teacher of man and the symbolic meaning of plant life cycles was not lost in its spiritual implications when it was discovered. Plants became the root inspiration for concepts of reincarnation pan-culturally. Jesus said he would come again and that John the Baptist was Elijah, Krishna said that we cast our bodies off like old clothes and put on new ones again while the Buddha said that we all have been here since the origin of this universe and we will be here until the end, reincarnating into every possible life form. The Buddha also said that in each incarnation we manifest physically with attributes, talents and abilities that reflect the sum of our past Karma. When Constantine converted to Christianity, the next day after his conversion having boiled his mother in law in oil, later heard that a small group of Christians were protesting his edited version of his state sponsored Scriptures. Their protests concerned the obvious censorship of all references to reincarnation which had been widely practiced in the early Episcopates. Constantine sent mercenaries to the protests and had them all knifed to death. These reincarnationists became the first Christian Byzantine Empire’s Christian martyrs. Now how does this concept of reincarnation relate to a vegan diet and the quest for food? Certainly hunting, slaughtering, torturing, sacrificing and eating animals is a pathway to lower realms, indeed Hell itself. Anyone who thinks they are ok with animal slaughter is self-deluded and their foolishness will not save them from their own Karma. They will suffer bad Karmic reactions followed by a long, slow and painful ripening of their foolish Karmic debacle followed by further and increasingly more intense Karmic retributions for their wrongful actions. Yet, eating a plant based vegan diet is an important contributing source of positive steps towards the higher realms including Heaven, Nirvana and the Deva Lokas. If one eats meat, one will reincarnate as a farm animal or a hunted animal and will suffer over and again the cruelty one committed in their past after being reconditioned in the Hells. People who eat vegan, however, will be protected in the higher realms from such misery. This obvious reality is underscored by many Scriptural tracts from multiple world religions which discovered this apparent truth separated in isolation both temporally and geographically from each other. The secret to reincarnation is simple; when we fulfill the true purpose of life we reincarnate under fortunate circumstances, and when we do not our future lives suffer. When we completely abandon all contribution to the evolution of consciousness, we may sustain physical beauty or other incarnational attributes from past good deeds from other lives, but we become as plants which are central in serving the continuation of life’s cycles but may be harvested as food by those still engaging in the purification and upliftment of universal consciousness. It is one thing to live for one’s self or one’s family, but our live connection to the universe in thoughts and deeds is the legitimacy of our incarnational presence. We can eradicate our purpose and become as plants if our selfish acquisitions are all that matters, we can fail miserably and commit selfishly diabolical acts rooted in greed, anger and ignorance to reflect a fallen consciousness and descend into the Hells, or we can contribute to the universal awakening of all sentient beings and the living universe itself and through a vegan, compassionate lifestyle, we can begin to ascend. If we choose this positive alternative which is the true purpose of life, we will cultivate a contributive lifestyle that seeks to improve the interconnection of and the reverence towards all of creation, promoting the free will ascent of all beings to reach complete and total enlightenment of purified, all knowing minds and together we will end universal suffering by solving all problems, healing all illness, and correcting all thoughts and actions. Post Date: 06/19/17, Replies: 0 06/19/17 0
Vegan Tantra Translating the vast concept of Vegan Tantra into English is like calling Michelangelo’s art a bunch of pictures and some cut rocks. Tantra is a mysterious Sanskrit word that incorrectly conjures wild ceremonial sexual images in most people’s minds. The English word that best describes the word Tantra, as ordinary as it truly seems, is the word ‘practice.’ Let’s say someone is a Catholic. Let’s say this same person, on the way home from work every day, leaves the bus mid-way home and says a rosary at a church and then jumps back on another bus to go home to cook dinner and do dishes. The religion of that person may be Catholic, but their daily rosary is that person’s practice. Perhaps a person is Buddhist. Meditating twice a week and chanting with beads once a month is their practice or Tantra. A Hindu person may always fast before going to temple and eat afterwards. Such regular fasting is their practice or Tantra. A tree grows from a seed, but dancing in the wind is its Tantra. Vegan Tantra means that there is an asserted effort to bring Vegan Consciousness into one’s life through a practice and that this practice is done in a vegan fashion. One might chant “Om Vegan Buddha” with seed beads strung as a Mala, or one might meditate or pray for a world vegan transformation every Tuesday holding saplings in pots. A Tantra can be one’s religion, but it need not be such. The word religion in Sanskrit is likewise untranslatable into English. It is the word “Dharma” or more formally “Sanatana Dharma.” Dharma is the etymological word for the Arabic ‘Din’ and the English word ‘Dogma.’ Dharma, however, is far more reaching than the simple idea of dogma and is more clearly explained as the Way of Life. Sanatana means eternal or ever unfolding. Sanatana Dharma then means the ever-unfolding Way of life. There is another concept in Sanskrit concerning religion and that is “Sadhana” which refers to moral codes, vows, mores, and commitment to the spiritual path of the Sanatana Dharma as revealed through one’s Tantra. Dharma is the cyclic structure of this multiverse. Dharma views Karma, love, reincarnation, destiny, family, career, interplanetary travel etc. as but simple components of the infinitely complex array of ever changing and moving sub-components of life. Dharma is not just your religion, but it is the fact that the sun and moon rise and set, and seasons occur so food can be grown so that you can be born from star dust to enact Vegan Dharma and dance your Vegan Tantra. You accomplish this purpose through cyclic repetitions of your Vegan Tantra as a resonance field of conscious awareness. Your Vegan Tantra is your existential ceremonial timeless dance of reverence and Vegan Dharma is the cosmic mainframe computer that disperses it as luminous cometary particles of enlightenment throughout this holographic multiverse. We all need to offer greater Vegan Illumination to end ignorance and open all human consciousness to Vegan Truth. Through a Vegan Planetary Transformation we can end war, have plenty of water and food for all, end the greatest mass of suffering upon our planet of unnecessary animal slaughter for food and we can restore our planet’s ecology. Plants and minerals offer humans abundant food, medicine, housing, clothing, transportation and work. Plants also offer us a new method of Vegan Tantra and Vegan Dharma. All vegans should have exquisite Vegan Tantras in their lives so that there may be seeds of Vegan Wisdom and Truth that will carry across the time space barrier and into the mind of creation to grow a better Vegan World. Post Date: 06/18/17, Replies: 2 06/18/17 2

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