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Practices that deepen your awareness Hi there. I'm a former vegan/vegetarian who "fell off the wagon" in the form of Paleo for some time. While my body truly felt wonderful eating that way, I soon slipped back into the SAD, and then through a series of spiritual experiences (that sounds presumptuous, but I think spiritual experiences are available to us whenever we are willing to open ourselves to them). I am now working hard on eliminating meat and dairy completely. I'm wondering how you all work to strengthen the mind/body connection when it comes to animals so many eat? How do you continually 'remind yourself' of the reality there, even when your body asks for meat? I realize this may not be an issue for all, but unfortunately I am finding it a hurdle. Post Date: 10/23/16, Replies: 5
Spiritual vegan friends Birmingham? Hello! I have no spiritual/mystical minded vegan friends at all and it would be great to link up on occasion. I live near Birmingham. Post Date: 07/01/16, Replies: 0
Karma Hsuan Hua Fa Shr, a renown Buddhist monk, once explained that the reason there is war is due to diet, Karma and reincarnation. He explained that if a cow is eaten by a human and then in the next life the cow is a human that then eats a cow who was the human in the past life, a circle of anger occurs. When a nation of cows are eaten by a nation of humans and they reverse roles in the future incarnation, going back and forth many times consuming each other, very deeply rooted hatred arises. When finally all the participants in this horrific carnivorous circle of multiple incarnations arise as human beings, they choose sides and fight a war. Karma may hold a secret as to why people eat meat. There also is a Tibetan Vajrayana sentiment that people eat meat to eat their enemies. Karma literally means to make or to do. We can make a wonderful world by doing the right thing and eating vegan. This releases us from the Karmic torrent of negativity that meat eating creates. Implied in the term Karma is the responsibility for our actions, sometimes experiencing the fruition of our choices many future incarnations after the fact. Eat Karma or eat peace. Is this the difference between meat eating and a vegan diet? The Hindi, the Buddhists, the Jains, many followers of Confucius, Taoists, many Rabbis and certain sects of Christianity all feel that vegetarianism is the first step of the long voyage into spirituality, compassion and rectifying one's Karma. Does one have to have good past life Karma to practice a vegan lifestyle? Can we change this planet's Karma by going vegan? Post Date: 06/04/16, Replies: 5
Its funny Hey all, I'm new here and wanted to raise a few points to see what other "Vegans" think. Good or bad, please chim in! I will give my background regarding deiteray habits in the relevant subform if that interests anyone also (never ate a steak in my life, etc.) - being Vegan does NOT constitute a 'movement', as much as some may think. - There are many flaws in this; namely that it creates a cult-esque atmosphere (T.F.F. which became, "do not come unless you eat bananas and bike all day) when sub-fractions dissipate from being Vegan in the sense of abstaining from meat and diary products and animal by-products and their focus becomes on what fits with their "clique" (for the record,,, never followed rawtill4,30bad). - The other issue that is related to this is the fact that all too many Vegans are all too willing to drive cars and procreate, which, btw, just having ONE kid will increase your carbon footprint by 1000X as much as I could drive an SUV gas guzzler around all day AND smoke, etc. - And that is just ONE kid. Over population, IS a problem. And I would encourage anyone who thinks about procreating to really take time to take a set back and really look at the situation. - There are numerous 'kids' out there that would love you have a loving family like you could/can provide... Just look at it. Look. Post Date: 06/01/16, Replies: 1
Jesus was a vegetarian Jesus is a vegetarian! Post Date: 06/01/16, Replies: 39
Why you are vegetarian or vegan? What kind of experience did you have when you decided to be a vegetarian or vegan? And why you are vegetarian or vegan? Post Date: 04/29/16, Replies: 9
Vegan Love Love is how we transmit our highest consciousness. Through love we can change the world. Love is the best way to reach people's hearts and minds. These truisms seem to effect everyone differently but they do effect everyone. Perhaps love is the key to opening other people's minds to a vegan lifestyle. When a couple truly experiences love in their relationship, their love has no bounds. Can that love be the key to discovering a 'universal love' which extends to animals and all life? Is there a 'spiritual love' that reaches beyond the ego and guides us to a vegan lifestyle? Should we be loving when we explain the vegan way of being to others and use calming voices with positive words of encouragement? Does vegan and love have anything in common? Did you or anyone you know become vegan through love? Post Date: 03/28/16, Replies: 1
"Belief" vs. Free Thinking "Belief" and "faith" in supernatural beings is not very compatible with free thinking. Religion teaches us not to think but to just have "faith". Just like politicians and hustlers. Religion makes us obedient puppets to those in power (corporations or churches). I'm anti-war, anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-speciesism. All this without a "god"! Donny Lutz Author Post Date: 03/21/16, Replies: 23
Working with others I've been an atheist for even longer than I've been a vegetarian/vegan. I think atheism and the questioning mind it promotes played a role in my education about animal issues. Some folks choose to build a wall between atheists and believers that cannot be breached. I've had the pleasure of working with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Jains, Hindus and others in my animal rights efforts. I include quite a number of "believers" among my most important teachers. The fact that we don't always agree has not stopped me from appreciating and benefitting from the views of religious folks as well as atheists. People who build walls have less time for building bridges. Post Date: 03/18/16, Replies: 0
The total concept of God God comes down to the world of human beings by entering a human body Krishna gave two statements in the Gita. The first statement is that He is unimaginable because nobody can know Him (Maam tu veda na kashchana …). The second statement is that He entered a human body (manushim tanumaashritam …). These statements together give the total concept of God. God is beyond spatial dimensions and hence, He is beyond imagination. In order to preach the spiritual knowledge, to give the correct direction to the humanity, He comes down to the world of human beings by entering a human body (a particular deserving devotee existing at that point of time, also called as ‘Son of God’). The human body means a human being. The inert material body associated with inert energy consisting of awareness with different feelings (jeeva) is the human body. Human body does not mean mere inert body containing inert matter and inert energy only. Such a body cannot be even a living body due to absence of life. If you say living body, it may mean the body of a bird or an animal also. Such living body cannot deliver the knowledge to the human beings. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace Post Date: 03/17/16, Replies: 16
Spirituality and Love SPIRITUALITY AND LOVE Spirit, soul, heart, zest for life, love of life Does spirituality have to do with scripture? dogma? commandments? Or more simply with empathy, humility and caring Is spirituality for the chosen? Or for the choosing Is it a thing? A state of being? Or a becoming Is spirituality constricting? limiting? reductive? Or expanding, inclusive, unfettering They speak of "universal spirituality" Words come easy actions not so much They speak of "universal love", while limiting love at every turn They speak of "unconditional love", while picking and choosing whom Can we really express unconditional love? Or must we. Post Date: 03/17/16, Replies: 6
Pleasing Vegans Vs Confrontational Vegans I remember when i was a vegetarian and did go drink coffee with a few vegan AR friends. I was the only one who used coffee milk, and they made remarks about that. I did feel that was pretty annoying to ruin the nice conservation we had with such a confrontational attack. LOL. It only took a short time for me to realize they were right and it really helped me to become vegan more fast. So in short, I am grateful to them for being confrontational. outspoken, and about vegan things to my vegetarian me at the time. Had they be vegans and not confronted me, i might have been a milk addict much longer. I hear often other vegans how they deal with non veggies, how they try to fit in with funny remarks about their vegan self, or simply try not to say anything at all. Some vegans even label outspoken vegans as or in a way to silence them and themselves. I feel that not only denigrates ones self but also non veg people not only despise you because you are vegan, but also despise you because you seem so weak and insincere about yourself. At highest non veg people praise you for non preaching just like they praise a dog for being a good doggy. I myself simply speak up when i feel i need to speak up. I don't get personal but i simply talk about about animal cruelty. I don't let society silence me or worse, silence myself with excuses. That would be the same as when any other topic about violence or cruelty would come up and not voice your opposition against it. Imagine, a conversation about rape (eg ) or a racist conversation ? Would you stay out of the conversation (you don't want to go against the grain) or speak out and say how wrong it is? Pleasing vegans or confrontational vegans ? What are your experiences yourself ? Post Date: 01/30/16, Replies: 13
the good news blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled blessed are the mercyfull for they will be shown mercy blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven! Post Date: 01/18/16, Replies: 6
Help! Boyfriend's family won't drop it Ok, some background: Was vegan for 2 years, met my guy 8 months ago and went vegetarian (reasoning: 50% financial, 50% because vegan freaked him out). So his family is hard core Italian, really fun and sweet and I love being around them except... dinner time is hell for me. I've had probably near 50 meals with his family and the veg thing is brought up every freakin' time. At first it was concern that I was or wasn't satisfied with the food, lighthearted joking, valid questions and minimal discussion. My usual response being to answer questions simply and sit quietly as they continued their discussion. Even though it wasn't intended negatively, after awhile I was getting frustrated and began to avoid eating with them. Until last night. My guy was already "annoyed" with me since I didn't want to eat lunch with him, his mom even jokingly threatened to hold me down and shove food in my mouth and I got angry and nearly grabbed my things and left. Wish I had. Dinner took a turn when I was jokingly offered the bar-b-que'd chicken and I politely refused as I always do. "Vegetarians want to save all the animals but they are eating all their food," "I'd rather see chickens in battery cages than pay $5 for a carton of eggs" and on and on it went. His mom even threw in a story about a fur coat she owns and how her minks grew up fat and happy on a farm. All this went on for a good 30 minutes while I kept my mouth shut, eating my potatoes and brussels sprouts, thinking how incredibly rude they were all being and how offended and hurt I was. I refrained from saying a word because when I get angry I get really mean. I'm lost, I don't know what to do other than refuse to eat with them ever again lol. I could talk to my boyfriend and/or his family but I don't think that it's my place to teach respect to people 2-3 times my age. In addition, I don't want to screw up this relationship just because my feelings are hurt, I also don't want to be the stereotypical veg and respond to them the way they are expecting me to. (Sorry this post was so long, but yeah... so upset) So now that I've painted the picture, what would you do? What would you definitely not do? Thanks guys Post Date: 01/15/16, Replies: 10
To Preach Or Not To Preach, That Is The Q i am always amazed when vegan people desperately want to be with non veg people. I don't mean that you have to have a bad attitude towards non vegans, after all we, at least myself, was a regular non vegan meat eater also. But when i remind my meat eating days, i am always most grateful to other vegans who didn't it when i ate non vegan, at least they always made a sligght remark that eventually woke me up. Ask yourself, all the great people who changed the ethical course of history, were PREACHERS, people who were so morally outraged that they did rub it into ANYONES face, no fear of being called . Martin Luther King! Post Date: 01/13/16, Replies: 10
Vegan Goddess A wise woman once told me the folowing after hearing atheist men speak on the radio: "Silly boys, it is easy to explain away God, but I would really like to see them just try to explain away the Goddess." She was right. Almost every living being is born from a womb. She has given us all bodies, fed us, clothed us, cared for us and given us life. The great Goddess has billions of names spanning every culture. She is known as Aphrodite, Mother Mary, Medusa, Tara, Quan Yin, Parvati, White Buffalo Woman and so many other names. The Navajo refer to her as Changing Woman. She is the Earth, the Moon, the ocean and the fertile valley. Stone age people would encamp only in front of natural occurring stone or tree Yonis. She is the great protectoress, and she is Lalita the little beautiful girl singing in the fields La Li La La La. If anyone could appreciate the vegan movement, sparing the animals and bringing good health back to the humans, it is the great Goddess. However there has never really been a Vegan Goddess. America has Colombia, an ancient Babylonian goddess on its money, state seals and dressed as lady liberty in New York Harbor. However America is only 3% vegetarian. America also over consumes and has international and national problems that leave one wondering if the Goddess is respected here at all. India with all of its overpopulation hosts a huge vegetarian base of 40-60% of its population. This is where she must dwell. The Buddhist goddess Quan Yin is also vegetarian but she only holds sway in Taiwan. In the Hindu pantheon of goddesses, and yes there are many, almost every god is accompanied by a goddess consort. The queen of the goddesses, the one who is the most peaceful and who is the great mother of all the other goddesses is Lakshmi. Lakshmi is also the protectoress of Buddhist monasteries. She is the goddess of form and emptiness. She is the goddess of wealth. She brings moisture to the earth and fertility to the crops. Her consort is Vishnu and since he is often busy, she is always available to all. However, India is a lactarian culture. Therefore I vote for the widespread support of: "Vegan Lakshmi" whose name can also be spelled as "Vegan Laxmi." What do you think? Should Vegan Lakshmi be the green goddess of the vegan movement, representing the great mother who feeds her children correctly? Through Vegan Lakshmi realization all things are living, even the empty void is living, always serving her cosmic dance of recreation. She is the goddess of wealth which will change our economy to serve vegan interests. She brings rain on our crops and fertilizes the field with the help of her cows. She is beautiful and seen in every other goddess for she is their source. Ladies, this is your forum...speak up please. Post Date: 01/13/16, Replies: 0
Jain Vegan The Jain way of life is the one of the oldest continuously practiced method for spiritual purification on Earth. Many scholars claim it is the oldest that can be proven as such, dating more than 6000 years. The Jains go so far back in the history of India that they have in their cultural memoirs alternative accounts of Hindu Avatars such as Shiva because they claim to have been an organized religion at that time and recorded their encounters. The Buddha studied under the Jains during his years of ascetic practice. The Jains have many interesting insights from their holy books, the messages of their spiritual leaders the Tirthankaras, and vast numbers of insights from their monastic and lay communities. One such insight concerns the topic of sentience. The Jains believe in an absolute adherence to Ahimsa or harmlessness and indeed are the contributing culture from where this concept was born. Indeed, so as not to harm a tree for paper, their Agamas, or scriptures, are written on tree bark that must first fall naturally from a tree without being removed from the tree by hand. When I was at a Jain Temple, I asked about this practice and a very wise holy person explained to me the following account. He told me that various creatures on Earth have differing sense organs. Certain birds can see infer red frequencies, others like dolphins and bats have sonar. Some creatures have five senses, some more and some less. According to Jain tradition trees have only one sense, and that one sense is touch. Trees feel the touch of sunshine, rain, the birds and the wind. Because of this belief, Jains do not touch trees. Because the tree cannot see whom is touching it, trees in general feel fear when they are touched. Unless one is willing to spend their entire life caring for a tree, watering it and showing it love while building a trusting relationship with that tree, it is better not to touch. The Jain community avidly practices vegetarianism. They also honor the vegan life pathway. To the Jains these are honorable methods of purification which are keys, along with their Dharma to obtain Moksha or liberation and enlightenment. Post Date: 01/11/16, Replies: 0
Paradigm shift, using their own methods I think there needs to be a paradigm shift...You cannot battle the desire to eat meat with logic. I became a vegetarian a long time ago, but it was not logic that converted me, but my inner conscience. I think we need a new a approach. A paradigm shift. For example, when you turn on the TV, you are immediately bombarded with things like greed, feuding, and violence. There are always commercials for Arby's meat, junk food, and beef, to the point of desensitization. We need to infiltrate this. We need to replace these messages with positive, vegetarian messages, on a subliminal level, using their own mind control techniques to reverse the mental damage they have bestowed upon us. Spread the word, change is coming! Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 3
Can You Be A Vegan And Kill Animals? Thinking about what exact is veganism. Can you be a vegan and yet kill an animal on purpose, as opposed to accidentally? Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 18
Reincarnation I really dig Eastern religion and have learned a lot about reincarnation. Some Hindus are vegetarian because they believe that the soul of a deceased family member or friend could be reincarnated into the body of an animal. Also an animal could have the capability to kill you in your next life if you eat meat now. Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 11
Who is The Real Maitreya? Is it you or me? The problem is solved for me, this is my conclusion: therealmaitreya.wordpress.com/about/ ...but what do you all feel here at the Happy Cow forum? Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 8
YouTube:Mahayana Buddhism On Vegetarianism Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 2
Vegetarianism according to Bhagavad Gita Bg 9.26 patraṁ puṣpaṁ phalaṁ toyaṁ yo me bhaktyā prayacchati tad ahaṁ bhakty-upahṛtam aśnāmi prayatātmanaḥ Word for word: patram — a leaf; puṣpam — a flower; phalam — a fruit; toyam — water; yaḥ — whoever; me — unto Me; bhaktyā — with devotion; prayacchati — offers; tat — that; aham — I; bhakti-upahṛtam — offered in devotion; aśnāmi — accept; prayata-ātmanaḥ — from one in pure consciousness. Translation: If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I will accept it. Purport: For the intelligent person, it is essential to be in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Lord, in order to achieve a permanent, blissful abode for eternal happiness. The process of achieving such a marvelous result is very easy and can be attempted even by the poorest of the poor, without any kind of qualification. The only qualification required in this connection is to be a pure devotee of the Lord. It does not matter what one is or where one is situated. The process is so easy that even a leaf or a little water or fruit can be offered to the Supreme Lord in genuine love and the Lord will be pleased to accept it. No one, therefore, can be barred from Kṛṣṇa consciousness, because it is so easy and universal. Who is such a fool that he does not want to be Kṛṣṇa conscious by this simple method and thus attain the highest perfectional life of eternity, bliss and knowledge? Kṛṣṇa wants only loving service and nothing more. Kṛṣṇa accepts even a little flower from His pure devotee. He does not want any kind of offering from a nondevotee. He is not in need of anything from anyone, because He is self-sufficient, and yet He accepts the offering of His devotee in an exchange of love and affection. To develop Kṛṣṇa consciousness is the highest perfection of life. Bhakti is mentioned twice in this verse in order to declare more emphatically that bhakti, or devotional service, is the only means to approach Kṛṣṇa. No other condition, such as becoming a brāhmaṇa, a learned scholar, a very rich man or a great philosopher, can induce Kṛṣṇa to accept some offering. Without the basic principle of bhakti, nothing can induce the Lord to agree to accept anything from anyone. Bhakti is never causal. The process is eternal. It is direct action in service to the absolute whole. Here Lord Kṛṣṇa, having established that He is the only enjoyer, the primeval Lord and the real object of all sacrificial offerings, reveals what types of sacrifices He desires to be offered. If one wishes to engage in devotional service to the Supreme in order to be purified and to reach the goal of life – the transcendental loving service of God – then one should find out what the Lord desires of him. One who loves Kṛṣṇa will give Him whatever He wants, and he avoids offering anything which is undesirable or unasked. Thus meat, fish and eggs should not be offered to Kṛṣṇa. If He desired such things as offerings, He would have said so. Instead He clearly requests that a leaf, fruit, flowers and water be given to Him, and He says of this offering, “I will accept it.” Therefore, we should understand that He will not accept meat, fish and eggs. Vegetables, grains, fruits, milk and water are the proper foods for human beings and are prescribed by Lord Kṛṣṇa Himself. Whatever else we eat cannot be offered to Him, since He will not accept it. Thus we cannot be acting on the level of loving devotion if we offer such foods. In the Third Chapter, verse 13, Śrī Kṛṣṇa explains that only the remains of sacrifice are purified and fit for consumption by those who are seeking advancement in life and release from the clutches of the material entanglement. Those who do not make an offering of their food, He says in the same verse, are eating only sin. In other words, their every mouthful is simply deepening their involvement in the complexities of material nature. But preparing nice, simple vegetable dishes, offering them before the picture or Deity of Lord Kṛṣṇa and bowing down and praying for Him to accept such a humble offering enable one to advance steadily in life, to purify the body, and to create fine brain tissues which will lead to clear thinking. Above all, the offering should be made with an attitude of love. Kṛṣṇa has no need of food, since He already possesses everything that be, yet He will accept the offering of one who desires to please Him in that way. The important element, in preparation, in serving and in offering, is to act with love for Kṛṣṇa. The impersonalist philosophers, who wish to maintain that the Absolute Truth is without senses, cannot comprehend this verse of Bhagavad-gītā. To them, it is either a metaphor or proof of the mundane character of Kṛṣṇa, the speaker of the Bhagavad-gītā. But, in actuality, Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Godhead, has senses, and it is stated that His senses are interchangeable; in other words, one sense can perform the function of any other. This is what it means to say that Kṛṣṇa is absolute. Lacking senses, He could hardly be considered full in all opulences. In the Seventh Chapter, Kṛṣṇa has explained that He impregnates the living entities into material nature. This is done by His looking upon material nature. And so in this instance, Kṛṣṇa’s hearing the devotee’s words of love in offering foodstuffs is wholly identical with His eating and actually tasting. This point should be emphasized: because of His absolute position, His hearing is wholly identical with His eating and tasting. Only the devotee, who accepts Kṛṣṇa as He describes Himself, without interpretation, can understand that the Supreme Absolute Truth can eat food and enjoy it. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama Hare Rama/ Rama Rama Hare Hare Chant and be happy Post Date: 01/09/16, Replies: 7
Jesus saves Jesus loves all animals and good people!He was a vegetarian and was and is the son of god. Post Date: 12/26/15, Replies: 3
Feelings abour animal cruelty Hello everyone, I'm new. I've been a vegetarian since October last year (wish it hadn't taken me so long) and I'm currently trying products to see how soon I could move to being vegan. I'm sure someone will have asked this before, but since you became vegetarian/vegan, have you found animal cruelty and neglect harder to process? The stories I read these days (for example just read about horses dying due to being randomly stabbed/set on fire) those just make me despair and not want to live in this world anymore. And it's not just stuff like that but also about cruelty in factory farming/slaughter houses etc., the list is endless. It's not like things didn't bother me before I was a vegetarian but now they just completely mess me up. I also started volunteering for my local rspca branch around the same time as becoming veggie so maybe that has something to do with it as I'm a bit more aware and more exposed to the results of cruelty/neglect. How do you deal with your feelings? Would welcome any tips for staying strong/remaining positive. Thank you x Post Date: 11/02/15, Replies: 3
Vegetarian since i'm a yoga teacher I am vegetarian only since 6 months, since I did my Yoga Teacher Training course last summer. People already looked strange at me for using all of my vacation days on a yoga teacher training course. When I came back and told people I don't eat meat anymore, they looked at me like I have been brainwashed. People seem to have difficulties with spirituality, respect for nature, awareness, etc. I try not to let it bother me, but still, getting comments all the time is not nice.. Does anyone else have this problem? Post Date: 08/25/15, Replies: 3
Self Fulfillment Through Nature Anyone living near Dartmouth Massachusetts and Interested in becoming involved with organic gardening & sustainable living practices based on vegan principles ??? Welcoming those interested in forming a way of sustainable independent living by respecting and harmonizing with nature. I am located in dartmouth Ma, and am going to transform a two acre property with several greenhouses into a veganic permaculture model. I pretty much have every thing I need to do this and would like to get others involved with it at no expense to them. The gardens and their enjoyment with all the produce from them will be for the use of those involved with the hope for others to follow. Whether you do not have the space to do this yourself and would like to get involved for the use of it or if you would like to get involved and follow the model on your own space with the help of others, what ever good reason you may think of come get involved. There will be many different areas on the land for summer gardening and lots of space in the greenhouses for winter gardening. Be a part of achieving self fulfillment thru nature! Post Date: 08/20/15, Replies: 0

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