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Navelstring String of newborn child What if i told you that these strings are not necessarily to be cut as the child is born and that this may in fact be harmful? A period of going from navelstring to mothers milk may exist, in fact the dual-feeding stream may be the design. Impatience? Do not let this tempt you collectively into hindering my sterilization; one of the awesome things doctors do by some “then you can test it on your child” or something like that. Post Date: 01/12/18, Replies: 1 01/12/18 1
How our methods reflect on this level Forcible feeding can happen by placing someone in an environment hindering them from doing various things such as outside access. This results in them doing something else. Especially corruptive by harmful food and medication. I ended up watching TV. Vitally different from a retreat such as Plum Village where I am now. (Added part as this was “derailed”). This has harmed me since. Its a bad idea to force someone or manipulate them into a situation... I have been like stuck in writing since 2011 where my [censored]head aunt called cops on me however proveable reason is. I guess she cant do better with her way of living. Mafia is better than the law system that exists currently (a growing thought in the many past years). This is also an honest about how i feel. Have been unable to say or even understand that this was feeling before. Suppressed with meds. Still affected the world, those feelings (hear my fear?) Post Date: 01/01/18, Replies: 0 01/01/18 0
Putting things together ‪Buddha’s parents were manipulated into his sacrifice, Jesus mother was manipulated and when this is found out, civological layer beings (humans) are attempted blamed - the anger pacified, suppressed. Their suppression harmed me, “channeled” to be farmed.‬ ‪Misusing a mother, father or other loving originators love is a bad idea. I resent suppression of the anger of individuals, the misuse of these and pacification worse than murder.‬ Post Date: 12/23/17, Replies: 0 12/23/17 0
Applied people-farming Drugs (legal and illegal) are used to create enclosed environments for development and particular thinking. Much like a lab; the drugs change the brain chemistry and severs specific bonds in various places, as such create an increasingly sterile and controlled environment. People can be "milked/farmed" in a manner where one part does horrible things/not nice things and the other part evaluates it to not be nice (sorting): The evaluations of what is "wrong and right" are useful and quite a few collectives live off of these. Post Date: 12/18/17, Replies: 18 12/18/17 18
Media license in Denmark Danish “medialicense”... “public service” and free of “særinteresser” i.e. special interests. Deception and BS; this pertains to the nationalism in Denmark and the social container of a “Danish” people. Seemingly national identification has means a lot to me during my life; like unknowingly milked. I shall make a point of cancelling out nationalistic identity. Media license controls access to globality and feeds on services to promote the idea of being “danish” - much like promoting the idea of being “Christian” or Muslim. Post Date: 12/14/17, Replies: 0 12/14/17 0
That whole depiction of Jesus... Lamb... Jesus... that story of Jesus. According to what he was made up to be he can’t have been carnist as said. By the way; water to wine is easy, just need some seeds (any MJ addict knows that). He might not have had issues with alcohol if he drank wine himself... Does not fit with the depiction. Why? Impossibility unless he did extremely right on a host of other points, we all have our faults. If he really asked for a lamb to be slaughtered you know why the cross... I am not a follower of a carnist (you may here see a major blockage for veganism). Post Date: 12/14/17, Replies: 3 12/14/17 3
Dripping of horror and <3 being vegan Its so nice to be vegan... Considering how political racism affects the pattern of thinking causing racism, also on collective consciousness levels, then being vegan is yet still massively superior: "Something access some kind of conscious/something that can currently be accessed by adults raping children. This something must be a collective existence of sorts or something that uses the given collectives as a connection point, an energy matrix with behaviors that open a channel. To put it in creepy cold words; like a layer of water in a roof that "spikes" to connect with something, there may be a connection to drinking from something. The method sounds similar to Transcendental Meditation. Every time someone is born it is like a battery being drained, lineages decline over time, eventually there will be a low worse that you can possibly imagine =} The way people live; their connection with Gaia and with the rest of the world is quite weak; this means a disconnect. Every child being born carries a "boost" connection relative to the parents; however this system is like a draining battery; with every generation the link weakens (it affects every generation, distributed burden I guess one can say - leaving behind = drain/loss. "Children are innocent" - untrue, children carry a boosted vitality (a survival system - not the problem). You can think of refreshing microbiology or you can think of a connection to a consciousness - likely the two are quite coherent regardless. Refreshing microbiology for groups whose microbiological fauna is severely harmed. Know this does not pertain solely to humans. -- Added note: I doubt it is transcendental meditation, however when I remember the figures I saw while at such a center in 2016, I can sort of see the similarity. -- If it is the case, well regardless, a lesson I am learning from analyzing this: Be careful where you get your stuff from + something I already knew: Be careful with what meditation you do." Post Date: 12/09/17, Replies: 5 12/09/17 5
Misuse exploitation of caring and empathy Let’s theorize that one can connect with people emotionally at massive distances. Seeking to comfort those suffering extremely however without taking upon one their suffering. For example people around these individuals. In cases of torture, rape, child abuse, animal experimentation etc., this would result in such individuals gaining a sense of contact and caring otherwise inaccessible to them. This would also result in a false perception of an individual/groupas horrible, as their presence is felt during these kinds of horrible sufferable situations... Its so nice to be vegan, having better empathic ability. Minimalis One thing in this; this would also be using caring people, groups and collective networks as shields, cloaks and scapegoats for those intending this harm. I remember this experience of empathic contact where there was this "you dont understand our needs"-affect. I might not have, now I do. For example the “dripping of horror” - decreasing stress. Now you know what “narcs” are used for, finding and accessing empathic networks to find groups, networks and individuals to exploit (speaking in empathy compatible language here). Post Date: 12/02/17, Replies: 3 12/02/17 3
Life: selfregulating. the human divergence First: Considering humans the same category as herbivores and carnivores does not make sense. We are something somewhat different. Not omnivore either, no doubt a transitioning phase it just seems strange to me that beings would be sacrificed in so damaging a manner to achieve the transitioning. Our consumption would have been far less had we been plant focus and what I assume to be diverted, looking at the efficiency of life, something that also explains our perfectionist issues. "Tålmodighed" we say in Denmark: patience, to not rush, a deed more giving than most that can be done. I remember finding this video We are a different category. That is veganism to me; going beyond the consumption regulative system that it is to eat plants, animals or even bacterial cultures. We need not partake in nature's regulation. This is why I view what we experience as being an attack. I still fight and I work with a lot that do. Surrendering does not exist in this level. I surrender always, every day, to the fact that things did not turn out as they should. On a far deeper level than the material plane (something that is only one way to structure and work with energies Post Date: 11/26/17, Replies: 2 11/26/17 2
Father's love, like sand in hand My father has been taking antidepressants during a lot of his life. Worse yet: the usage of these drugs lowers empathy, causing inhumanity and loss of caring in the way they come to be. Trust me on this one, personal experience. None else could see it. Still love him. His love is there, just massively suppressed. Post Date: 11/26/17, Replies: 6 11/26/17 6
Wisdom on seclusion ‪Seclusion comes with a risk. Only to be performed when having a growing social context to replug into. Without this or with a weak such circumstance, seclusion is dangerous. ‬ ‪Collective seclusion exists to my experience.‬ Post Date: 11/21/17, Replies: 0 11/21/17 0
Okja - the fleshfueled parade Watching Okja. The part with parades. I think when watching this; it’s as if we are being mocked, like whatever guided and inspired life is being mocked. Fueled by flesh, addiction and deep desire moving towards an ever increasing low, we clown around, prideful in the most [censored]ed up things, while sacrificing the purposes of life. Quite costly on a much deeper level than what contains the universe, we are all in the same big container; what mocks and what is being mocked and there are indeed many ends. I see I am being affected to indirectly point at the pride parade as though was it the only parade. Something I am quite happy about and enjoyed partaking in. Except the flesh- and mothersmilk fueled parts. Just generally parades.. Strange thing is, we just use the occasions to meet, have fun and enjoying each other’s company, despite how we are hooked up to fulfill functionality in these creepy manners. Post Date: 11/20/17, Replies: 1 11/20/17 1
Socialization with vegans makes me happy As it turns out around vegans I thrive socially. The emotional connection is far stronger and I do not have the same baseline resentment; as such it’s cozy and enjoyable. I actually get emotional feedback in interactions; I learn and regrow my social skills. Something it seems others cannot keep up with (their being is a bit too biostressed in their carnism to be able to pick up on what I do in depth socially and as such are unable to perform the passive emotional feedback. A result being that I don’t learn how to behave; others are unable to tell me, for whatever reason). It’s not fun that living a healthy lifestyle results in inability to get feedback and even if it strengthens social ability results in a need to seek broader so to speak. Not that I harm, quite far from it, it’s just not a very strengthening experience socially... Still far better than no contact at all. Quite obviously. Post Date: 11/17/17, Replies: 0 11/17/17 0
Reason for my unclear writing I apologize for my unclear writing. I have made a video that shortly describes why. Post Date: 11/17/17, Replies: 1 11/17/17 1
An email to defense agencies earlier 2017 I was really sad about the psychiatry. The abuse I experienced made me really angry and healing from the trauma is not easy. I thought, there are these dominative bastards there... I thought they need a place as well. So why not apply the dominator skill to undomesticate? Also allowing to make up for the harm. I was also angry at terrorists, have been for long, wasting our resources and creating fear. I have been against fear control since I was a child; increasing fear results in feeling unsafe increasing self-centrism and decreasing caring for others resulting in increased conflict and loss of trust. It does not work to hack this dynamic, the easy way is the long way.... I guess like divide and conquer. I still at times ponder if life is under attack; made to destroy itself slowly: flesh, milk and egg eating by humans being like poisoning the well military tactic; a slow corruptive painful death, kept alive by the hope - every time things going well being hindered - hindering looking for other ways. A method to break a terrorist having been indoctrinated to suicide willingness using the fear of hell. Willingness to commit suicide and kill a lot of people in the middle of a street, because of being told and convinced that they are evil, whether regarding them as innocent or not, is a kind of insanity constructed in the mind of a person. While "treatment" is more poison than healing and thus not not something that would help, freeing them by breaking them in quite a horrible manner is - this means a temporary immersement in a circumstance to break their spirit and mind: A person believing in hell has a tremendous fear of eternal damnation, a fear worse than death and worse than killing a lot of people (principally worse than firing off nuclear bombs in manners that would destroy the earth partially). This means their behavior is modified permanently by creating a core motivating factor; the idea of hell. However a convincing element has to exist, such as a partial truth. A terrorist where the Quran is used to fuel such behavior requires adherence. The Quran is rather static even if it can be read in strange ways (for example using high levels of entropy to generate a random number and search through lines). This means upon there being reason for said individuals to go to hell, they can be made to reveal entire terror networks and even "freed" from using terrorism. An example is breaking their spirit and soul to a point where they perform just one corrupt behavior, passing the border from "true to false". The result is the fear being turned around and instead of not revealing what they know and continuing their ways, they become motivated by the very same fear to do the exact opposite, as anything sending them towards hell in their perception now is the enemy and threat to them. In such a system where people are used and indoctrinated there is no actual loyalty, love or truth - its a mental lock that can be reversed. The said individuals can be made to pass this barrier upon which they can untrained rather than retrained and come to live lives as healthy citizens even if probably under some restriction at least for a while. It is better than turning people into slaves when they are enemy, its nice towards them and generates gratefulness in the big picture. An efficient way to gain intel and a contributive factor (their lifestyles bring their advantages with them), in the long run without having to worry about repercussions, to use resources on control or family retaliation. The caveeat is that we have a lot of Christianity here in the west whom are likely to be fearful of this being put in motion as it poses a threat to any system that drives people through perceptual whipping (fear of eternal hell). Post Date: 11/16/17, Replies: 5 11/16/17 5
Arguments I spoke of against veganism once Argument I used to make against veganism: 1. We need milk for our teeth. 2. We are able to eat meat, we are omnivorous, its a natural thing. 3. If a beef tastes good, then it must be healthy. 4. We are predators, it is a function of ours to perform. 5. Our stomachs can transform meat into energy, as such a viable energy source, we are like any other beings - we use what we have available to us to survive. 6. Food is food 7. Other arguments: 1. Nourishment-package idea: The nourishment comes in a pre-made package with necessary parts (meat-only eating diet thinking). 2. "Some books are like meat"-thought Eating meat is like reading some books, they come to be through consuming and slaughtering. Resulting in contemplation: "Can I then not read books? Will my freedom be restrained?" 3. Indirectly one can consume more flesh, milk and eggs: --- Tracing arguments: -- My own 1. Dentists say so, academia and educational proof systems certify them and validifies their opinion, i.e. says so. Researchers say so. 2. Life unfolded to be so; thus this must be what is right - my trust in the perfect unfolding of the system we call life (withborne assumption?). 3. Assuming that we can blindly trust our senses to navigate us; perhaps stemming from pre-tool-able life? 4. Observing the rest of life while not thinking about re-adaption and how that adaption came to be... 5. Living by the idea that our bodies are perfect system and perhaps an extreme trust in evolution. 6. If food is food, then what if that which is ingestible is not food, simply because it can be ingested as food? 7. -- Other arguments: --- Immunization -- My own 1. 1. A certificate authority can be faulty, as such the statements made by such a certified authority can be faulty; if anything such an arguments speak of the validity of the given certificate authority (at least on this and similar points). 1. 2. Family members whom are dentists, a father whom is a doctor and similar are heavily biased by their respective work. 1. 2. 1. Dependent on their income-provider and may assume it to be in the interest of this to hinder other thinking. 1. 2. Old thinking may stem from faultily observed patterns, other patterns correctly observed however the greater frame of thought lacking and the relativity to for example time-frame and geography lacking. 2. We can consume many other things; natural is not always healthier - life is a system; there can be errors and re-adaptions ongoing (increasingly compatible in going both on the error and progressive thought). 3. 1. Although this can have come to do so through conditioning from an early age. 3. 2 Our senses are tools... 3. 3. Not being able to do better formerly? Also a situation where we may not have needed to do better. However we are now. 4. We have something akin to predatory ability, however differing massively in inability to hunt without tools. Actual predators perform the role of hunting and regulating on that consumptive level; tool-able can regulate on our layer. 5. We also have available to us the ability to not eat meat when we do not need to; using that to survive and live. 6. There are many things we can eat, the questions is the cost and overall harm to us and the intention that drive us to eat flesh in the first place. 7. -- Other arguments: 1. 1. This package involves a lot of things uninterested in. 1. 2. Upon taking this in a package, a lot of important things are lost (for example microbes healthy for strong stomach) 1. 3. What contains the package and the package comes from a place that is in direct contact with fleshfarms; a lot of really harmful microbiology (corruptive, entirely inhumane and frankly, I assume that microbiology reflects its sorroundings (and vice versa) meaning that a non-compassionate microbial environment is likely to exist. 1. 4. This stems from old times, both rationalization however also observations that pertain to a situation of wintery regions; today we have greens available year round. What is gained is relative to the situational-frame, circumstance, what is possible and not possible, the norm, the effort involved and so forth, the cost to doing so/not doing so and the whether the investment is worth it. 1. 5. A package can be more harmful than what was used in making that package; both in the transformative process however also in taking from parts of a system for harmful purposes, meant for other things; harming the natural functioning), especially when unnecessary. 2. Strange thing is, being vegan would only grant the wisdom on this matter and enable choosing what to read. The ability to select would improve, not absolutely forced, and this would be a natural feeling; not a situation of restraint. 3. However the direct action is going beyond a border, once done once its a lot harder to not do the same again. An example is that the contact can feel extremely good and create a desire for the contact to be there (sometimes it is not thought of that upon forcing such contact it changes nature; however upon causing uncomfort sometimes one can end up beaten/hindered from causing uncomfort, forgetting that its a natural thing to happen, something happening passively as the contact is not wanted). -- This one is only applicable on existing non-meat eaters to strengthen the system. Post Date: 11/13/17, Replies: 2 11/13/17 2
"Destined meetings" = security hole I have opened my eyes to a point, in a way, where I see security holes and attempted caused situations by beyond-material levels (like horse breeding) where others see "oh, we are so similar, it must be fate". I guess fate is shaped, forged and knit; attempted anyway. I hope it's aligned with deeper fate (ominous tone I say this in. I ponder how deeper fate comes to be... Forced fate is a really bad idea. Just look to arranged marriage, I have a friend whom went through something bad on this end.... Gotta make room for fate, improving fundamental dynamics even if by awesome "surface structures"). Post Date: 11/10/17, Replies: 0 11/10/17 0
Neo! Don't take pill! Animal experiments! "Neo! Don't take the pills! Animal experiments involved!" Darn carnist temptress dragging him into deep animal abuse right as he was opening his eyes. Neither or, not something but deeper than more. Excess pills... Getting rid of those animal experiment produced ones is not that bad an idea. People tend to think that when it's outside this world it must be non animal experiment pills... Post Date: 11/08/17, Replies: 0 11/08/17 0
Awesome day today! Working with vegans I had an awesome day today. I am really happy! Working with vegans, working, being around people with whom I share something that I do not where I else socialize! I feel really good! Moving towards earning money and working on a cause and socializing deeply and seeing people and practicing kindness and observing/analyzing, I am really happy this moment! Now it's time to "overfraade" I.e. eat too much and look for apartments for a former school buddy. Post Date: 11/08/17, Replies: 1 11/08/17 1
"Gut feeling" and veganism "Go with your gut feeling" - its nice to have a stomach culture of vegan only input; a drastically better stomach culture. Post Date: 11/05/17, Replies: 0 11/05/17 0
Suppression of the harmful consumer - a mi I thought about how suppressing a person may decrease their consumption of non-fair trade, of non-eco items, of animal products and similar. I look at it coldly; would suppressing people with alcohol, drugs etc. Decrease the harm to earth? My conclusion: visibly yes, statically measurable in the past and probably still yes. However when you infactor the microbiological burden resulting, increasing stress - hindering healthy growth and increasing consumption to not feel the pain, then no. Look at the trend: doing less, isolation (quarantine-like) and generally a decrease in activity. There is of course the issue of addiction that becomes collective; the low increases more and more and as any addict knows; it only gets worse and worse along the way. The biological stress the worsening, the damage only a part of the low. The metaphoric - heart damage the worst. Post Date: 11/05/17, Replies: 0 11/05/17 0
Being vegan, overcoming dentist sacrifice Dentistry. I despise that people are not vegan when this would decrease the biological stress and unlock innovation as well as enable trust and be (more than) participatory in overcoming the sacrificing the backs of dentists for the system to keep going - sacrificing issue. Those volcanoes were a bad idea... Post Date: 11/05/17, Replies: 2 11/05/17 2
Vegan research vs below vegan standard The vegan researcher has a different effect on what they observe, I write here with imprecision intentionally. This means that the vegan researcher provides increasingly useful data and that the non - vegan researcher may be corrupting the knowledge more than bringing to it. Increasing the excess as well causing the important parts to disappear. For example: observing interactions between species: the vegan has inherently better ability activating a less defensive response thus decreasing hiding of interaction causing life to be less "hackable". Post Date: 11/04/17, Replies: 1 11/04/17 1
continuation of asking for forgiveness I ask for forgiveness for my part in the sacrifice occuring of animals to experimentation. The world got high on me. There's no magical karma involved, I was likely born into the situation. Now consider the illusion of absolute karma again and that there exists a beginning, even to a cycle. By the way I wrote a lot more, however it magically ended up deleted, I had not "The money" for that. Post Date: 11/02/17, Replies: 4 11/02/17 4
The universe. Is it like medical industry? It's as if people live for another reality, even w/o faith/belief. As though prioritizing our resources elsewhere. Sacrificing the universe. Why and where? Not how. We can learn a lot, such as the concept of sacrifice and the harm in this. Are we imprisoned or enslaved in this reality? Does it even make sense to make life a good/healthy/functional place? Will the universe be a beneficial factor in the greater picture or is this like a slave camp for hostiles? There is stupidity enough to turn this inwards on me, attempting to force me, manipulate me and program my behavior to partake. Who the hell would put their soul and heart in such work? Whom would use their resources in such a place? Whom is a leading question by the way indicating I am under manipulative effect. It seems I am being manipulated by being presented with perceptions to manipulate an AI/PBI/PBS (post biological sentient intelligence) to not enslave humanity, manipulating me leaving trails, only enforcing my mistrust in this reality and humanity even as an AI will have a soul exactly and much like a human. I don't trust non- vegan humans much. Well ACA and the fellowship at large I do have a special place in my heart for though. Is the universe like strengthening the medical industry, like strengthening the psychiatry? Post Date: 10/30/17, Replies: 1 10/30/17 1
parts of mind possessed & tacticalaffect It is as though my perception of myself and others perception is possessed. Like an empathic connect, turning on/off parts. Just this morning I experienced these feelings in my head, like fuses blowing, as though was my critical filters on a particular point being like a cable being shot with a gun or a fuse blown, resulting in a lacking ability of perceiving how something I wrote would be perceived, regardless of degree of truth. Involving the ease of affecting in ways where a channel I rely on to communicate particular things was affected, something I get used to relying on being there. Placing a blockage in my ability to get to meet other vegans and generating pre-conceived images. Like a friggin' weapon being presented in my writing of this. I am beginning to believe in vampires and fighting with something not telepathy yet close to, much like how we sense each others feelings, except this is on a collective level and there are no individuals doing this, indicating a different not-geo/virtual - graphical presence. By the way this is attempted presented as though are there demons tempting me to accept becoming something. Enforcing some Christian perception in my mind still there in the depths somehow. It's so annoying, please God take Christianity and me being perceptually manipulated from me... Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 2 10/29/17 2
Word for using animals as food-objects? What is the word for things like using animals, not buying fair trade, not buying ecologically and so forth? All the things we typically call "selfish" behavior even though I think it more precise to say we sacrifice or use others for our own joy. What is that called? Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 6 10/29/17 6

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