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You must not kill any living being for the sake of your food.
The killing is the greatest sin

You must not kill any living being for the sake of your food. God has given enough vegetable food that contains all the ingredients present in the non-vegetarian food. After all, the source of ingredients of any flesh is only vegetable kingdom only. Eating the non-vegetarian food is not a sin because same ingredients exist in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

But, you have to kill a living being for the sake of non-vegetarian food. The killing is the greatest sin.
You may argue that you have not killed the living being directly. Such argument cannot stand. Since you are eating the non-vegetarian food, the living being is killed. You are responsible for its killing. Therefore, you are the principle shareholder of the sin. There is nothing wrong if you eat a living being after its natural death. In Hinduism, there is a sect of people called ‘Kapalikas’, who eat the dead living beings. Therefore, they do not acquire sin. The tsunami is always due to anger of God since you are killing the living beings present in water for food. The earthquakes are due to killing of living beings that exist on the earth. God in the form of Buddha and Mahavir preached the non-violence and severely opposed the killing of living beings.

God in some other human forms might have followed the practice of non-vegetarian food in order to join with non-vegetarian people so that, certain other higher aspects to be preached might have been taken into consideration. That does not mean that God has encouraged the killing of living beings through non-vegetarian food. He might have kept silent on this issue in order to give importance to other serious issues. God follows the ignorance of the students in order to become friendly with them. To control a running bull, you have to run along with it for some distance before controlling it.

All these are the basic concepts of nivrutti, which are the core of pravrutti. By following the ethics of pravrutti, you will avoid God becoming furious with you. Then, through nivrutti, you can please God. On one hand, you are making God furious by not following the ethics of pravrutti and how can you please God through nivrutti simultaneously?
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    Posted by Longdrive at 12/30/12 06:57:41

    dattaswami1: We all make our own choices and are free spirits should be a truism but alas it is not. One of the greatest freedoms is to be allowed to choose one's own religion (or not), but in great areas of the world that freedom is denied and non-believers and women brutalised. That aside, it sends a chill down my spine when devotees of a religion profess to know the will of God, (or even to speculate on the subject) and even more so when a religion professes to offer the only route to God. Many religious groups claim to hold such a monopoly and of course competing views are often diametrically opposed and embedded in intolerance. Indeed more and more 'religion' seems to used as an excuse to inflict oppression. This rise in religious belligerance tends to alienate many (including myself) and to immediately switch off when a preacher (of any ilk) appears on the horizon. I mean no personal disrepect but perhaps you ought to appreciate that strong sell religion often has the opposite result to what was intended. But likely you already know this. I would personally hate to think that I was vegan because God so dictated. I make my own choices as I suspect do most folk here. But, if you wish to live your life based on what you believe God dictates then such is your choice. Some people prefer thinking, others following.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/26/14 18:43:19

    Not killing is virtuous to both Atheists and Theists.

    Vegan life practices are virtuous to both Atheists and Theists.

    Killing is wrong to both Atheists and Theists.

    Religionists and Agnostics are in accord with the above statements.

    The shock to ones consciousness as their life is ruined by the act of killing, lowering their field of emotions and thoughts, this fact is not dependent upon belief. Perhaps the Theists see the Heavens fill with lightening and the Hells open to swallow them. The Atheists might simply see their actions as not skillful, and they were wrong and foolish and are a loser by killing and thus suffer psychologically. In either case the consciousness of life explains to us all that causing suffering and killing is wrong.

    Atheistically, people who think that the flavor of the resulting meal is reason enough to cause this much harm are deluded, criminal and insane. Theistically, these same people are loosing their temple, their sacredness, their connection to God, they are becoming pawns of Evil and they are loosing their path.

    It is important to note this rare occasions when Theists, Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Religionists and others agree:

    It is indeed wrong to kill.

    It is wrong to willfully cause suffering.

    Vegan life practices are good.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 08/27/14 05:53:52

    Sadly, most Christians interpret "Thou Shall Not Kill" to mean only humans...and then only certain humans...

    ...but quite understandable when you read how God (Jesus's dad?)places humans above all our other neighbors and kin, and instructs his followers to go out and kill the "infidels".

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