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What is the word for things like using animals, not buying fair trade, not buying ecologically and so forth? All the things we typically call "selfish" behavior even though I think it more precise to say we sacrifice or use others for our own joy. What is that called?

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    Posted by marlicious at 10/05/17 11:34:07

    Concerning animals and food, "carnist", maybe?

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/05/17 20:58:02

    Nah its too specific for one type of what a word is lacking for

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/06/17 20:01:19

    Try egocentric. Egocentricism is very prevalent in our world. Working to be better.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/07/17 19:55:36

    I like the word humancentrism, have been using it for a while. As well as earth-centrism.

    However its not the meaning I am looking for

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/07/17 22:52:43

    Non-ethical consumerism by a humancentric

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 08:26:11

    It's anthropocentrism. Scientists have called this geological epoch of earth the anthropocene era and the anthropocene extinction.

    Humans are literally driving a mass extinction.

    Other words you might find useful to describe this is objectification, narcissism, and insanity.

    I hate secular humanism with the fire of a thousand suns. "Whatever makes you happy!" "World's burning down, we're losing species by the second, whatever makes you happy!"

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