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What kind of experience did you have when you decided to be a vegetarian or vegan?

And why you are vegetarian or vegan?

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    Posted by TheVegetableAddict at 02/17/14 07:44:27

    I first decided to become vegetarian when I had severe eczema. I couldn't handle it. I finally said, "Screw this"! to myself after eating two cheeseburgers. I said a lot more than that later that night, but I don't want to write swear words here.

    But anyway, I decided to gradually stop eating meat, fish, and large amounts of cheese when my skin was enflamed. I began researching the web for health tips and remedies. I eventually watched several movies like forks over knives, food inc., and vegucated. I then tried vegetarianism for 30 days and my skin improved almost instantly. Today however, I'm a vegetarian because for ethical reasons after watching Gary Yourofsky's speech on youtube. Here's the link

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/17/14 08:20:36

    In 1975, a close friend told me about how what processed meats are made of, and I eliminated them from my diet.
    Soon after, another friend gave me a copy of "Sugar Blues" and this aroused my interest in healthy eating in general.

    Then a magazine article about meat gave me reason to give up all flesh for good.

    One of my most important teachers was bushy-tailed "Jacob" who I shared life with from '72-'86. He taught me about animals in general, and I became a vegan in '85. He also inspired me to read hundreds of books, and write a few of my own.

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/30/14 16:02:18

    Vegetarianism was a completely natural switch for me. I was 14 and visiting my Sister at Uni for spring break. One day at the beach I picked up my Turkey sandwich and just before taking a bite I looked into that glistening moist white meat and said aloud, "I don't think I can eat this, I think I'm going to be vegetarian".
    "You can have some of my cashews" my Sister replied. And I never looked back. In fact, 6 years later after an education and an activist community I went Vegan. Even to this day when people ask me why I am veg I can't answer with "For the Animals", or "For my Health". I just tell them it's a natural thing. It's my Religion. And it encompasses compassion, health, fortitude, and a deep underlying feeling of oneness.

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    Posted by ellie4animals4ever at 07/16/15 13:06:41

    We had to do a debate at school and me and the person I was debating with decided on animal testing. I was against, obviously. When I was researching about it I noticed all the other kinds of animal cruelty and decided to learn more about them. I then came across a graphic, heart-breaking video of a cow being slaughtered. Having its neck cut and then still alive afterwards and as it tried to cut up parts of its neck was falling out. Before, I'd always tried to be a Vegetarian but I'd always go back to eating meat but then and there I decided to stop eating meat the very next day. It took me ages to convince my mum to stop giving me fish, though. I love being a Vegetarian, soon to be Vegan, and would never go back!
    Sorry for the graphic part!

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    Posted by Youngveganfaye at 07/17/15 08:33:41

    I went vegetarian gradually, at around age 10 I cut out gelatine, then beef and lamb(I didn't eat those much anyway)then pork,then chicken. I was a pescatarian for a bit and found it extremely hard to give up fish, as my body was craving it. I eventually managed. Also while I was doing that I got interested in healthy eating, purely because of my spots. Now at 13, I have a healthy eating instagram account @cinnamonfoodie, I am an active member on HappyCow, and I am a healthy vegan for the animals, my health, the environment and for ethical reasons and I couldn't be happier!

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    Posted by BabaYaga1964 at 09/09/15 11:39:20

    I started approaching vegetarianism by giving up red meat after repeated stomach pains. Then I thought I had to change my eating habits and renounced eating meat in general. Now I am convinced I did the right thing for my health but also for the sake of environment !

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    Posted by JonParker at 04/27/16 11:05:37

    Hello! I recently made a YouTube video on why I'm vegan so I thought I'd post that here since it's relevant... I know I have a long way to go and a lot more to learn in this area, but I talk about the main reason why I made that choice to cut all animal products out of my diet. Check it out!

    P.S. It's a gameplay commentary so if you don't like video games then all you gotta do is listen! haha

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 04/28/16 02:56:15

    I was in a period of recovery from an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa with binge/purge subtype) and began to think about world hunger and also where my food came from. I read the book "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. I had heard of vegetarians before, but knew next to nothing about veganism until I read this book. I am not a fan of Mr. Pollan and the locavore "humane meat" myth, but the book introduced me to vegan concepts which I found myself agreeing with strongly. I researched more into the vegan movement and learned about factory farming, cruelty and exploitation of animals, but also about the inefficiencies of animal agriculture in terms of feeding a growing population and the environment and pollution. I started thinking about my own way of eating and realized that I was already halfway there. I had digestive issues and had cut out almost all dairy years before as I had a terrible intolerance to it. I hadn't had cheese in years, or milk, and was already drinking soy and almond milks. I ate more beans and far less meat because fatty meat made my stomach hurt. I thought I could really do this, so I picked a date ,and gave myself a week to transition off all animal product consumption (and a little longer for other animal products non food related). I went vegan overnight and it was a smooth transition. But being vegan is a daily conscious practice and I strive to continue to live more in line with my values and in a way that does not exploit others. It is not an absolute. One can continue to grow as a vegan for years beyond the basic letting go of animal products. You vote with your dollar and your choices, but you also try to live more compassionately towards all sentient beings and towards the Earth. I've been vegan for about five years now (since February 2011), and have never looked back. I have also come further in my recovery from my eating disorder than the years I was an omni. I am weight restored and have a healthier mindset towards my body, though I still work through issues of forgiveness for a past trauma that brought on my ED. I also celebrate all the different ways to be vegan. not everyone is interested in eating a pure whole foods low fat or raw vegan diet. Some vegans like variety and some like their vegan junk foods. I will not condemn and judge other vegans for being less than perfect. Veganism is all about ethics for me.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 21:30:23

    I became vegetarian because I never liked meat as a little girl, and ate more and more vegetarian meals until I became fully vegetarian. I also thought it was a more humane and spiritually disciplined thing to do.

    I became vegan for the environment. When I saw films like Cowspiracy, I was devastated, because I was already involved in environmental activism, and felt like a hypocrite. Once I also saw Forks Over Knives, the truth seemed really clear to me. I got the overwhelming spiritual sense that I was always meant to become vegan, and that's probably why I disliked meat as a child and had such a fondness for animals. I also thought it was strange Texas Chainsaw Massacre was my favorite horror film for years before I realized it was about factory farming.

    I did it slowly though. I didn't go cold Tofurky, and this actually helped me to become very well informed about nutrition and recipes, different vegan products or restaurants, and this all made my eventual transition more complete. I mean I now no longer have a desire for animal foods, even if I'm really hungry now, I'm put off by the idea of even eating cheese.

    I had tried going vegan earlier in life, but failed because I was poorly unformed and had no support. That's why now I don't think it's ethical to stay quiet to accommodate the egos of meat eaters. I don't confront friends while they are eating or anything obnoxious like that, but in the big picture I refuse to stay silent as though my personal purity is significant. I used to eat animal products too, I'm not "pure" and I think it's vital to reach as many others as possible.

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