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Firstly, please excuse me for my English because English is my second language.
Ok, I visit gardenweb forum very often and I wanted to stop people from using barbaric glue traps and many other cruel ways to kill small animals when these animals enter their homes and gardens.
I posted links to show many humane way of solving problem with creatures but I end up getting hateful messages because they much rather to use torture traps and poison to kill creatures.
How can we make these primitive uncivilized people to get civilized like true human?
They call mice, rats, and many other creatures pest but they are precious gift from God who deserve freedom,happiness,and our protection.
How many of you agree with me?
How can we change people who have no love and respect for God's little creatures?
They said we must kill creatures as quickly as possible to protect us from getting diseases and destroying our houses and gardens.
I don't have patient with barbarians.

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    Posted by Mothergoose at 01/18/10 18:59:18

    Is there a way we can just keep the rodents away besides killing them? They are dangerous to have in highly populated communities.

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    Posted by shearwater at 01/19/10 14:21:31

    As those of us who grew up watching Tom & Jerry know, mice are very resourceful so evicting them can be a challenge. What works for some may not work for others.

    To keep rodents out of your home seal all entrances. Wire mesh or steel wool work well. Rats can squeeze through 1 inch holes or cracks, mice through 1/4 inch. Keep the outside of your home clean and free of wood piles and debris. Keep grass mowed. Good sanitation inside is important too - food scraps, trash, pet food, birdseed, easily chewed through food containers are all very tempting and should be kept in rodent proof containers.

    Rodents already in your home can be caught with humane traps and released outside. Sometimes they can be encouraged to leave on their own by placing your cat's kitty litter (they don't like the smell of cat urine) or cotton balls saturated with peppermint oil where they are getting in. Ultrasonic devices you plug into the wall work for some people but aren't as effective.

    Of course if you live in the country native rats, voles, and mice make good neighbors and have every right to live outside. Owls, hawks, weasels, foxes, snakes, and coyotes also like having them around. It's the non-native Norway rats and house mice (both originally from Asia) that cause the most problems and which prefer to live close to humans. For thousands of years they have followed civilization around the world in ships (in the holds of human ships, not their own little mouse ships). Humans are the filthiest species on the planet and this makes us very attractive to rodents.

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    Posted by coolkrishnan at 01/31/10 01:31:42

    Modern lifestyle has created an illusion that we are separate from nature, and hence people view any unsolicited non-human visitors as problems or dangers. This is a self destructive attitude in a way, since we exist because we are part of nature and if we forget this, we won't last long.

    The way we have built our small selfish world causes certain species to proliferate near us and cause 'nuisance' to us sometimes.

    For example, since we hoard sugar and other sweet stuff, ants reach our homes. Similar things can be said about rodents, insects, cockroaches etc.

    I tend to not like too many of these visitors in my home, but I always think of ways to avoid them in a compassionate manner. Hygiene and cleanliness of the house can go a long way in preventing these little visitors in large numbers. Sealing inlets appropriately too helps. "Prevention is better than cure" works here too !

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    Posted by loosly at 07/21/10 15:56:20

    I know just how you feel. It is heartbreaking that so many people are so cruel. The other thing that upsets me is those who just ignore the suffering. They do not put out the glue traps, so they deny it. There are so many alternatives. I had a mouse in my car (turned out to be six), but I patiently set humane traps every day until no one was being caught anymore. I feel so good knowing I did not kill them. I think the fear of rodents is so blown out of proportion. The answer also is cats. Cats can find homes if people will let them be the rodent custodians and cats will do this even when fed well;especially the females.

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    Posted by cookies and cream at 07/22/10 13:04:21

    mothergoose, of course there are!
    they shouldn't kill them. mice and rates are not pests.

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    Posted by cookies and cream at 07/22/10 13:05:00

    mothergoose, of course there are!
    they shouldn't kill them. mice and rates are not pests.

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    Posted by Longdrive at 12/30/12 04:24:20

    Sunshine 7: Helping others to view life differently is often best achieved by example. Wherever possible, let others ask questions rather than setting out to impose your own views. Some cruel people are capable of becoming kinder but they need to discover things for themselves. I am sure that you will think of all types of clever things which will lead people to believe that they themselves did it all themselves! I will share one of my own fantasies: I hide in the forest and one by one shoot the hunters who are killing defenceless animals. It is natural to feel outrage, but such emotions must then be lifted so as to hopefully make the world a better place.

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    Posted by groovychick at 03/30/13 11:50:16

    Why do people believe that they have the right to kill God's innocent creatures? They would not kill a human, so why would they kill an animal? I do not know much about this but I heard about this thing that keeps rats and mice away by making them really thirsty when they eat it or something and they leave and go find water. Again, I do not know much about this but it might help.

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