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Share your views about life,its content ,glad,and sad moments.
What does life mean in your opinion?

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    Posted by AlmostVeggie at 12/28/07 23:14:34

    As a twenty three year old, I don't have much to say about life. But I do believe the journey is much more important than the destination, wherever that may be. I also believe that all paths lead to God, religion is such a waste of time. It only leads to hostility and anger. My pastor once said that going through struggles is one way that God is showing you he's there for you to recieve him.

    Lol, listen to me ramble on.

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 12/31/07 11:47:05

    Well most of you on here know that I am an Atheist. I view life similar to religious individuals; however, I feel that I may value what we have on Earth more than some others. To elaborate on my point, I look at this life as my only life – nothing afterwards, I'm not using this life to make it into a "better" life in "Heaven" or elsewhere. With that said, I feel as though I appreciate this life more, because I am free from the burden of sacrificing this life in the name of religion.

    I feel that there is proof of evolution and no proof of "God", thus, I cannot believe in something without proof, faith or not. I feel that I'd be wasting my time when I can divert my attention elsewhere, like helping people, animals, doing good, etc.

    As I've said elsewhere, it's important to value *all* life, because it's our *only* life and we should all be able to live harmoniously together and experience life along with of all the wonderful things [thoughts, feelings, memories, etc.] that encompass it. That's why I'm compassionate, why I am the way I am, etc.

    Oftentimes when I tell people I'm Atheist, people automatically think "Evil" or "Satanist" when that is far from the truth. I fully believe in a quote by Steven Weinberg, "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

    My intent is not to offend people on this board [religiously], but merely to give a different opinion.

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    Posted by girdhar at 02/14/08 02:24:47

    AlmostVeggie, You are quite right.we must not look at the results and must do th egood things or the things that brings happiness to ours and others life.I also respect the views and honest opinion of Synthebm.but Almostveggie I think you are quite good at philosophy and thoughts.I am sure you will make a long way in the life .I am 21 years today and also not much older to go deep into the thoughts.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 17:28:11

    I'm an atheist as well and will always be one. I personally think it's a tragety that people believe there's a 'god' when animals are being tortured. If there was a god none of this bullsh*t would happen to the most innocent of creatures. Also good people get put through hell too and it doesn't make sense that some kind of 'higher power 'would just let it happen.
    That's my opinion.

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