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I went to donate blood today.

As I did so I considered the connection with veganism, something I have been pondering for a while.

Upon donating blood there are increased amounts of blood available for patients. This means less of a burden on the development of artificial blood plasma; something that would increase the load on the medical industry to produce through and since we still harm our own progress/are not that developed, this would mean an increase in usage of animal experimentation.
Its not so much something anyone chooses, its not "samsara" or any cycles either, its just the flow of life; its a nice + point on ones vegan orientation. Working with the world as it is, instead of living from things as being utopian currently even if towards increased utopianism.

Another thing:
Living vegan is a major bonus factor on blood quality, something there is fear of mentioning, yet its not dangerous since upon the acceptance of this far more would go vegan and there would not be some "vegan blood rape".

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