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Vegan Shiva is the highest and greatest devotee to Vegan Love and Vegan God. He arrived first to this planet from the sky and when jealous enemies of truth sent adversaries and obstacles his way, he wore them as jewelry and began to dance upon their ignorance. He turns darkness into light. He draws medicine from poison.

Vegan Shiva is muscular, primitive and engaging. He is often called the Vegan God of destruction, but this is a misnomer. There is nothing to destroy, He just reveals the empty nature of all things. It is his job to end the multiverse when the time ripens to perfection. His alleged dance of destruction is only a natural response to the collapsing of the Great Illusion into its true form, the emptiness. Then when the calmness of nothingness is returned for an eternity or two, the magic sound of His sacred Om gathers strength. Starting faint and in the distance, the Om resonates louder and fuller until it fills the entire void and brings forth light from darkness, and separates the illusions of firmaments and planetary waters from their skies and life begins again with the rising of Vegan Vishnu from the Causal Sea giving birth to Vegan Brahma who is all of creation itself.

He lives in caves, smokes the best ganja and is served the best vegan cuisine on Earth by His devoted wife Vegan Parvati. As a Vegan Goddess, She does not shop at the stores, She does not do dishes, and She has no dishwasher. When her children Vegan Ganesh, Vegan Murugan and Vegan Ayyappa, two of which were born from different women and one which is born from her but with no man, when they are all hungry, and Vegan Shiva is starving from meditating and performing Vegan Yoga Asanas, She decides what to make. She then becomes the beautiful Vegan Woman down the dark alleyway in the poorer parts of Lima Peru who sings to the radio while she cooks her plantains. Suddenly She appears as an old Vegan Tibetan woman making rice near a plaza behind a temple, then She becomes a Vegan Hindu girl making Vegan Curry from native plants near the huts by a river. In a matter of seconds, the food appears and her family eats in their cave, high in the Himalayas, giving thanks and sharing peacefully.

We must pray to Vegan Shiva and ask that he collapse part of the Great Illusion early. We ask that he rid us of the slaughter houses, the carnivorous diets and the aggressive meat eating minds. If he would rid us of these few things we could all work together to recreate a Vegan World with our Vegan Minds and Vegan Hearts and bring forth greater Enlightenment for all to participate in with their life force. Vegan Shiva can bend time, bridge dimensions and collapse the illusions that we think are real. It is time to put Vegan Shiva to task and work with his pure spiritual light to accomplish greatness for all. Simply chant, “Om Vegan Shiva, Om Vegan Shiva, Vegan Hari, Vegan Hari, Vegan Om, Nama Vegan Shiva,” and then make this simple request to end carnivorous behavior. If enough people join in prayer, anything can happen; we can change the world.

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