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Pondered how romantic relationships between vegans are much deeper? We are less disconnected with the entire life meaning we have access to deeper empathic connections (where people would typically shy away from due to the uncomfort caused by being flesh-devouring/udder-abusing/parental abuse/skin thieving/test-objectifying); as such we can bond deeper, better and frankly we likely get less stuck and are more free in our relationships.

Not to mention our ability to connect indirectly and how we bring with us much less things sticking by from other relations into partnerships.

Better at leaving, better at staying together, deeper care for children.

Playing around in thoughts on collective consciousness constructs:
I think Voldemort went vegan...
I wouldn't want his chicken-devourer nose (All those things about the noses of Jews, I ponder about how little it means relative to the childrens childrens childrens childrens ... children of chick-intestine feasters)

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/06/17 17:32:04

    Damn... Should not play around with Voldemort...
    I simply meant that the idea of Jews noses sort of is an illusion considering "you become what you eat"-chicken-wise... I may also have been thinking of German noses...

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