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World religions are so diverse that there must be some method to delineate their myriad of practices. There is one method I have found that assists in finding which religions offer truly positivistic spiritual cultivation and which ones are barbaric. Although there is no vegan world religion established as a corporate entity yet, there are individuals as myself who do adhere to the correctly intended practice of religions that are positivistic by finding vegan pathways of practice.

There are three Abrahamic traditions, for example. Genesis 1:29 is the only edict directly promulgated by God to all of creation found in both the Torah and the Bible. In this scriptural tract, God claims that only a vegan diet is acceptable for all humans and only an herbivorous diet is acceptable for animals. This means that one must be a practicing vegan to be in the full presence of God. This edict was made before the fall of man, and so it is done in the purity of God’s true presence. All the words of Prophets, Kings, Judges, Messiahs, Disciples, and others do not compare to this one commandment that emanates directly from God.

By contrast, this passage does not exist in the Talmud. Temples that call themselves Jewish but do not honor the Torah and have replaced the Torah with the Talmud do not honor this singular commandment.

Also from what I have read, it seems Islam, as thought by some Shiite practitioners, apparently was to originally have been passed on to Ali ibn Abi Talib who was a vegetarian because of the original vegetarian intent of this religion. However, not unlike Talmudic Judaism, Islam was hijacked by jealous individuals who destroyed all vegetarian passages, changed the intended lineage, and changing the Majid Koran, the unchangeable Koran to exclude any references to vegetarian practices. I was born in a different culture over one thousand years after these religions splintered. I do not know what really happened and can only report what I have learned from diverse sources. I do not seek to slander Sunni Islam nor Judaism and I cannot speak to the truth of these remarks I have found through research, but they were written by Jews and Shiite practitioners of Islam. I am sure there are people who can argue both sides.

The fact remains that many Jews want to return to animal sacrificing with the building of their third Temple, and at the Haj sacrifices over 1,000,000 animals every year, some of which have been displayed on YouTube. These are obviously not vegan practices.

Christianity in all its diverse forms does not seem to comply with this one commandment ushered directly by the Creator except by some of the Seventh Day Adventists. It amazes me that only one Church of the hundreds of splinter Christian groups and organizations is willing to acknowledge God’s direct commandment as an institution. In my opinion, a vegan Torah honoring Jew and a vegan Seventh Day Adventist are practicing religions that I do not practice, but by being vegan I view them as civilized.

Likewise, Jain, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Confuscianist practices have honored vegetarianism for centuries and in some cases more than a millennium. These religions also honor vegan practices and are slowly making progress towards turning their cultures vegan. They agree that veganism is correct, they often have scriptures, recipes, or other cultural support that indicates the vegan path to be acceptable and when they accept the true nature of their Scriptures they will go vegan. Because of this trend these are civilized religions.

Killing animals is not a God experience. Eating animal or human flesh is not sacred, it is fallen. Religions that accept the vegan imperative also seem to accommodate diversity and equality better and are more humanistic in general. Vegan religion is the only civilized way to practice.

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