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In every heart, there is a place that storms with hurt, confusion and loss. The rain pounds hard on the churning sea of devastation. Distant waterfalls and rivers overflow and push giant boulders to the shore as they flood the enormous wave filled ocean torrents with silty brown water to toss into the wild currents. There is pounding thunder that explodes and cracks as the sea of suffering swells. Lightning strikes the ocean of white caps and rolling waves that crest from past painful memories. A sea dragon rises in the confusing ocean tides, kept in place by rip currents and lunging swirls of despair. Lightning strikes so hard that it stays burning with white light above the sea dragon, and in that transcending light a faint image of a person unveils through sea foam and sheets of rain.

Vegan Quan Yin surfs on the dragon’s back with complete composure, poised and peaceful, unaffected by the turbulence and drowning currents. With perfect dignity and concentration Vegan Quan Yin gently pours from a small vase the morning dew collected from wild flowers and herbs in Tu[censored]a Heaven. How is it that this enormous rainstorm, a hurricane of suffering upon the turbulent sea of causality, could possibly need more water, healing waters from above? With simplicity and grace the vase pours and pours and pours until the sadness and the storm dissipate to reveal a placid, loving place in the heart from where one may now do good deeds and feel the blessings of life unfold.

Vegan Quan Yin has brought from these higher planes of healing infinite light blessings upon this world. Thousands of temples, thousands of vegan restaurants, millions of vegans, chanting, meditating, singing and Sutras chanted, filling the air with the sweet fragrance of blossoming flowers in Spring. Vegan Quan Yin does this as lives are saved from fires, drowning and other wrongful circumstances by those that call out this Vegan Bodhisattva’s name. Appearing as a passing smile, the motion of a tree in a breeze, a cloud flying overhead, the song of a bird and the humble and great presence of this Bodhisattva of compassion is present. Although peaceful and perfected in gentle gestures and manners, Vegan Quan Yin hears all the cries of all the sentient beings trapped in the snares of their own Karma.

Vegan Quan Yin also walks through the unfeeling heart of downtown amid the street people, the trash and the passing cars. In Tokyo the name is Kannon, in Hong Kong it is Kwun Yam, in Bangkok it is Quan Im, In Delhi it is Padmapani and in Saigon it is Quan Am and always in every land with every breath and every kingdom with every thought the vegan way is diligently practiced. No matter the alias, the light of compassion opens in every being’s third eye like a thousand rainbows when a glance from Vegan Quan Yin notices you. Everyone is noticed equally and completely during this journey from the sea of sorrow through the cold unfeeling city to the heart of compassion, warmth and joy.

Vegan Quan Yin has a Chinese address. You may find this glorious being there, because there is everywhere. No limit exists in the vegan heart of compassion, and everyone is healed through love and peace when Vegan Quan Yin puts two hands together in the Mudra of Anjali and welcomes your True Vegan Buddha Nature home.

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