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According to Hindu and Buddhist understanding of time, we are in the Age of Kali Yuga. The Ages operate in a circle. It all begins with God, then it devolves into the presence of God, then devotion to God, then the Absence of God before rounding the corner and slowly returning to God through the same progression of Ages in reverse order. Kali Yuga, the Age we are in, is the furthest from God.

In this fallen state of consciousness of Kali Yuga, it is as if everyone is sleeping. We need to awaken to the presence of God, to enlightenment, to liberate ourselves and others, to accept the responsibility of our Karma and to purify ourselves. In Kali Yuga, it is as if God is sleeping and cannot reach us because he is busy dreaming. During this Age, materialism abounds and spiritualism declines. Atheism and scientific logic replacing faith and correct conduct are signs of this Yuga as everyone seeks money and not spiritual advancement. Cows and animals are treated badly during this age through factory farming and people turn the tortured and murdered remains of the sacred cow into fun food replete with clowns, toys, bright color logos and theme songs for monetary gain.

Religion in Kali Yuga also goes into decline as do political structures, economics, nationalism, reasons for war, education, and food quality. What increases is technology for war, prisons, terrorism, corruption, and pollution. Religions in Kali Yuga typically kill God, eat God, demand God kills for human, finds God among prostitutes, imprisons God and enslaves for God. This does not mean that religion cannot somehow set things right in the hearts of men, it just means there are strange twists along the path.

Politics no longer is an arena where noble people lead the population to greater awareness and spiritual greatness in Kali Yuga. Instead, the political leaders are murdering megalomaniacs and narcissists that only seek personal profit and gain from their position of power and do not care about the suffering of the people. Elections are stolen, demagogues rise, bad examples for the youth are set and brainwashing begins. In Kali Yuga people are ‘disappeared’ and mass graves are kept a secret until later.

In terms of food, all plant life is genetically altered so that it no longer is pure, rather it has animal genomes artificially injected into it. This ruins any chance of a purely vegan existence. People eat junk food made from chemicals for its main ingredients. People regularly die from the food they eat through heart disease, diabetes and even malnutrition. Food is no longer Prasadam, an offering to God, and instead of being prepared by loving hands, it is produced by machines and resentful people who curse it rather than bless it.

Our only hope is to practice vegan lifestyles infused with vegan spiritual and vegan religious practices. Even though this is an uphill toil filled with failures in Kali Yuga, we must persist. Through vegan religious practices and a vegan lifestyle one may purify enough to at least see the problem clearly and perhaps help to resolve this Cosmic dilemma. It may seem strange to others singing Sai Baba songs on a fruitarian diet or chanting Om Vegan Buddha after a tofu rice bowl or meditating in a Hatha Yoga position before drinking juice and fasting from solid foods, or preferring to eat only bread and water to reach the vegetarian truth about Jesus, but this is how we must struggle as a people to find our truth and our virtue in this Age of Kali Yuga. If enough of us become vegan, we can turn the materialism and scientific rationalism in our favor and transform Kali Yuga into Vegan Kali Yuga. We can do this because the A.M.A. does find the vegan diet as the best diet for health, and because all the religions agree the vegan diet is good for spiritual development and cultivating compassion, and because it is the best way to stop the food and water crisis we face. Through renunciation we can develop a world economy of only plant and mineral products. We can build shelters, practice medicine, build transportation, clothe, and feed the world this way through vegan means and return to a ‘sane and reverent planet’ a phrase coined by Caroline Casey, a famous astrologer of Kali Yuga.

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