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Vegan Buddha has said that all things are impermanent.

How do we create sustainable Vegan Cultures and eventually Vegan Civilizations and one day a Vegan Planet when going vegan can be a transitory phenomenon in one’s life?

Vegan Marriage is impermanent with a 75% divorce rate in the West even if the reception was catered by a Vegan Caterer and if the Vegan Flower Arranger did not use Venus Fly Traps. Vegan Children and Vegan Babies can grow into carnivores for flippant reasons like teenage rebellion, chasing after a boy or girl’s attention, to fit in with peers or because someone told them to do so. Adult vegans who do it wrong by not taking vegan D3 vitamins and vegan sources of B vitamins might give up. Others join and quit regularly for a myriad of reasons.

What is the glue that will make Vegan Lifestyles stick?

The best way to Go Vegan and Stay Vegan is by having a Vegan Tantra, or a Vegan Spiritual Practice. One of the greatest arguments for Vegan Religion is that it helps contour our thinking processes, conjoining the mundane activities of cleaning, cooking and eating veggies with the sacredness of life. By defining one’s cosmology in vegan terms, one is more apt to remain vegan because the vegan experience is then deeper than just a diet or lifestyle choice which can easily change on a whim.

We need to create respectable Vegan Ashrams that practice Vegan Tantra and Vegan Religion, that grow Vegan Food Forests employing both Organic Vegan Natural Farming techniques and Organic Vegan Permaculture. These counter cultural centers could foster many vegan businesses to grow. There could be vegan food businesses, vegan herbal medicine businesses, vegan cloth and clothing businesses, vegan bamboo furniture businesses etc. The community, by all practicing the same Vegan Tantra, would grow together as a unit, with new comers, children and visitors helping it to grow in population. Eventually these Vegan Ashrams could become Vegan Towns, then Vegan Cities and eventually elect Vegan Politicians. What keeps these people mindful is the Vegan Tantra which keeps out the poisons of greed, anger and ignorance and makes sacred love, marriage, family and work.

This cannot happen by following a Vegan Guru. It must be the Vegan Tantra that truly works. I practice such a Vegan Tantra, and there is a big difference between something that truly works versus the false religions and false gurus of our times. Existent non-vegan religions and philosophies will not work.

Then the impermanence is actualized by how quickly the Vegan Way of Life grows.

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