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A wise woman once told me the folowing
after hearing atheist men speak on the radio:

"Silly boys, it is easy to explain away God, but I would really like to see them just try to explain away the Goddess."

She was right. Almost every living being is born from a womb. She has given us all bodies, fed us, clothed us, cared for us and given us life.

The great Goddess has billions of names spanning every culture. She is known as Aphrodite, Mother Mary, Medusa, Tara, Quan Yin, Parvati, White Buffalo Woman and so many other names. The Navajo refer to her as Changing Woman. She is the Earth, the Moon, the ocean and the fertile valley. Stone age people would encamp only in front of natural occurring stone or tree Yonis. She is the great protectoress, and she is Lalita the little beautiful girl singing in the fields La Li La La La.

If anyone could appreciate the vegan movement, sparing the animals and bringing good health back to the humans, it is the great Goddess. However there has never really been a Vegan Goddess.

America has Colombia, an ancient Babylonian goddess on its money, state seals and dressed as lady liberty in New York Harbor. However America is only 3% vegetarian. America also over consumes and has international and national problems that leave one wondering if the Goddess is respected here at all.

India with all of its overpopulation hosts a huge vegetarian base of 40-60% of its population. This is where she must dwell. The Buddhist goddess Quan Yin is also vegetarian but she only holds sway in Taiwan.

In the Hindu pantheon of goddesses, and yes there are many, almost every god is accompanied by a goddess consort. The queen of the goddesses, the one who is the most peaceful and who is the great mother of all the other goddesses is Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is also the protectoress of Buddhist monasteries. She is the goddess of form and emptiness. She is the goddess of wealth. She brings moisture to the earth and fertility to the crops. Her consort is Vishnu and since he is often busy, she is always available to all.

However, India is a lactarian culture. Therefore I vote for the widespread support of:

"Vegan Lakshmi"
whose name can also be spelled as
"Vegan Laxmi."

What do you think?

Should Vegan Lakshmi be the green goddess of the vegan movement, representing the great mother who feeds her children correctly? Through Vegan Lakshmi realization all things are living, even the empty void is living, always serving her cosmic dance of recreation. She is the goddess of wealth which will change our economy to serve vegan interests. She brings rain on our crops and fertilizes the field with the help of her cows. She is beautiful and seen in every other goddess for she is their source.

Ladies, this is your forum...speak up please.

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