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Vegan Buddha spoke of Vegan Emptiness as a meditation realm, a philosophical and moral imperative, and as a force of nature not unlike light or gravity. There are many stages of Emptiness realization. Vegan Emptiness is the highest.

First, let us define Emptiness.

At this point, I could leave the rest of the page blank and call it Zen.


Emptiness cannot be explained, defined, understood, experienced, revealed, known, described, labeled nor measured. To do so is to create ‘Somethingness’ and so it is no longer is 'Emptiness.' Emptiness is the absence of all things, and to give it any description is to limit it to a concept which distracts from its ‘Non-beingness’ and exchanging it for a descriptive ‘Beingness.’

There are, however, differing views or levels of Emptiness. These levels or aspects are processes of acceptance as one prepares one’s mind for greater and truer Emptiness. Every Mahayana Sutra explains a different view of Emptiness, and the Theravada Suttas explain the Dhyanas (Sanskrit) or Jhanas (Pali), which indicates the levels of meditative embracement of this concept and the opening of one’s mind to Emptiness. Emptiness itself, however, is never directly defined by either Mahayana nor Theravada Buddhism but instead they indirectly describe its influence and significance.

Modern science, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity view Emptiness as the precondition for the ‘Big Bang’ and thus it is a source of all life. It is therefore feasible to view Emptiness as alive or at the very least as filled with the potential of life and as an Empty Light rather than a void of Empty Darkness. Even darkness is now being evaluated by astrophysicists to be dark matter, dark energy, anti-matter and other existent phenomenon.

Emptiness is so pervasive in Vegan Buddha’s teachings, that there is no word for preparing one's self in training for Emptiness, the process known as 'Meditation.' There are Jhanas which are levels of meditative experience, but in the past 25,000 years of Meditation practiced in the Vedic cultures of Buddhism, Jain Dharma and Hinduism, with Billions of people doing it, no Sanskrit word to this day exists for this process. That is because Meditation does not exist.

The etymology of the English word ‘Meditation’ speaks of the Non-emptiness experience of thinking and reflecting or perhaps as a medical treatment and so it is not truly referential to the act of correct Meditation:

Latin meditationem (nominative meditatio) a thinking over, noun of action from past participle stem of meditari "to think over, reflect.” One must integrate the original root of ‘meditationem’ from ‘mederi’ "to heal, give medical attention to, cure," originally "know the best course for," root ‘med’ "take appropriate measures."

Indeed, when Vegan Buddha delivered the Four Noble Truths, he presented it as a medical prescription for the treatment of suffering. During the time of Vegan Buddha, healers would sing to the family of the ill person a description of the diagnosis, the cause of the illness, the outcome offered by the doctor’s cure and finally the actual medicinal therapy to solve the problem. When we ‘Meditate,’ we are in fact conducting a Vegan Medical Circle as we sit in the Vegan Dharma, embracing truth. We do this through contemplating Emptiness, not by thinking over, reflecting nor contemplating life as implied by Western ideology interpolated through the Western term ‘Meditation.’

So then, what is the highest view of Emptiness known as Vegan Emptiness? To find Emptiness’ pervasive nature, there can be no obstacles. Obstacles are what causes Emptiness to dissipate from the mind. How can the mind reach such a subtle and pure state of non-attachment, non-ego, non-being, non-Karma, non-suffering and non-obstructiveness with a lifestyle supported by the unjust and unnecessary torture and execution of innocent, unarmed fellow Earthlings for food? One cannot be Empty if one is full of dead carnage in one’s intestinal tract.

True Emptiness is reached by worthy Vegan Practitioners, not by deluded fools who think they can eat animals and use Emptiness as an eraser for their dark deeds. In fact, many people try to overcome self-induced suffering from their own Karma of wrong diet, wrong thought and wrongful actions by addressing Emptiness as a panacea for their Karmic dilemma. Invariably such people only return to their dilemma with no place to hide. It is impossible to evade reincarnation when Karma is left unreconciled. It is easy to fool one’s self and join with other fools and build false temples and false religions that permit vices like the consuming of animal products, yet it is far easier to Go Vegan.

Vegan Emptiness is derived by living a Vegan Lifestyle, practicing Vegan Buddhist ‘Meditation’ whereby no animal products are consumed during this Vegan Sitting Medical Circle of Dwelling in the Vegan Dharma as joined with outward statements revering Vegan Enlightenment. When finally the practitioner awakens from such ‘Meditation’ as one who walks the Vegan Eightfold Path, practices the Vegan Five Precepts and lives by the Vegan Paramitas, correct Vegan 'Meditation' has blossomed.

Finally, the Vegan Practitioner must not be attached to this 'Meditation' process. This is accomplished by relinquishing the act of sitting in the Vegan Dharma and releasing from any Vegan Emptiness realization as illusions of the mind because there is no Meditation and Emptiness does not exist. What did come to pass, is the receiving of Vegan Diksha from one’s interior, selfless and true Vegan Guru of one’s Vegan Buddha Nature.

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