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We are leaving the third dimension and will be arriving into an entirely new dimensional reality soon. We are ascending with two other distant planets at the same time because we have all reached this critical juncture of parallel evolution together. We will be entering the fourth dimension and yet some individuals will transcend this growth experience like a stepping stone and enter directly into the fifth dimension which is the final goal of this process. Some will not make this transition and they will be left behind in the denser third dimensional reality to serve their Karma. The lower the dimensional field the thicker and denser the suffering and confusion, the higher the dimensional field the greater the abundant wisdom and knowledge and so too the lighter are one’s burden and pathway.

Is this shared belief developing in our culture because of a dreadful sense of a fatalistic future where we will be shedding our third dimensional bodies? Is it rooted in ‘rapture’ thinking? Will this happen because of natural disasters and nuclear war or will it be a peaceful, gentle lift off from our dream state to higher awareness?

If lightness of being and less Karma are the goals, and if preparations are now in effect to help this mass transmigration through cosmic dimensional worm holes in the time space continuum, then going vegan certainly is the right thing to do right now. Lightness of being is the vegan way. The food, clothes, building materials, medicines and transportation methods that are vegan support a lighter Karmic reality and certainly brings one closer to higher dimensional thinking and actions. If the lower dimensional realms are where Karma is thicker and denser, then it must be more towards the despicable act of meat eating. If this is truly a ‘rapture’ of vegans, it must be so because how we live is more important than what we believe especially if such beliefs are not supported by correct lifestyle choices. The Vegan Ascension is beginning.

When we arrive, we will meet many others from other planetary pasts that now share this new dimensional field with us. We will grow in wisdom and truth as we find new vegan methods to reach further ascending portals of light bringing us to grow into the fifth dimension. It is all about vibration and purity. When our vibrational level reaches to the frequency of higher dimensional fields through purified vegan lifestyle choices and purified minds and hearts acquired through spiritual practices, we will ascend. Go vegan, practice yoga, commit to meditation, happily start chanting, open to prayer and continue your unending education to lift your vibration with a purified existence filled with correct decisions and arise, elevate and ascend.

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